About Us

Hi there, welcome to P&S. It stands for Priyanshu, Nirmalya and Sayan. We’re three college buddies from Kolkata, India.

And before I get into our story, here’s something about all of us (FYI I’m Sayan, I’m writing this one, so I pretty much get to write whatever I want about my teammates, which is kind of cool, I just hope they never see it 🙃).

So, first up

Priyanshu – He’s kinda the formal as heck guy I’ve ever met, he takes his stuff very seriously, also he’s the guy who prevents me from driving everyone nuts! 

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next up

Nirmalya – He’s the serious and also the quietest guy among us. He speaks less, like really less, and when he does, it’s all business. But he’s amazing at his job so I can’t really complain either. So, yeah…



Sayan – I’m kinda the chilled out guy, I kinda make sure all the gears keep rolling and the work gets done. I’m also the guy who constantly annoys both of my team members, but hey I work hard too (according to me, at least).

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And now…

Story Time 

We have a crazy amount of curiosity in Tech and Business. We love learning about all the bleeding edge tech, how all the big corporations run, what’s their secret sauce behind all their success and how they work and function, also what’s happening around the world. So, to fulfil our never-ending quest of finding things that fascinate us we started P&S to share all the things we find fascinating, cool and also worth spending time upon. In case you’ve got the same interest like us or you love knowing new things then P&S is THE place for ya to discover all that sweet sweet goodness. Make yourself at home and browse around, find the stuff you like and also feel free to leave your suggestions about what you think of our work & what we should do more to make our content better. Until then, See Ya! Happy Browsing. ❤