Apple’s new watchOS 7. With sleep tracking, hand washing detection and more.

With the unveiling of the new version of iOS and macOS, Apple also announced some tweaks and updates in their next version of watchOS, i.e., watchOS 7.

With watchOS 7, Apple is dropping support for Series 1 and Series 2. So, only Series 3, 4, and 5 will be the ones to get this new version.  You’ll need at least an iPhone 6S or later running iOS 14 to support watchOS 7.

watchos 7

Apple renamed their Activity app and it’s now called Fitness. With watchOS 7, Apple is enabling a feature called Face Swapping. For this feature, it will be very easy for users to share their watch faces with others. Right now, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, handwashing is a big deal and with the latest watchOS 7, Apple will use Machine learning to determine when you are washing your hands. The watch’s microphones will be used to listen for the sound of splashing water to confirm that you’re actually washing your hands and it will start a countdown timer to make sure that you are washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. A pretty good feature indeed.

The watchOS is also set to track a range of dance types. The Watch will use its gyroscope and accelerometer, mixed with heart rate data for this, which is really dope.

watchos 7 hand washing

Perhaps, the most requested feature for the Apple Watch is also there. Yes, I am talking about native Sleep Tracking in the Apple Watch. According to Apple, the native sleep tracking feature will let users set a bedtime and wake-up alarm, using the existing Apple Watch vibration alarm.

A new Wind Down mode is also present which will work in tandem with the iPhone to enable a series of app shortcuts for snoozing notifications, setting an Apple Music playlist, turning on a meditation app like Calm, and activating smart home pre-sets through the Home app. But the point to be noted here is that with Sleep Tracking, how will the battery life be? This is indeed a very big concern for many.

watchos 7 sleep tracking

The new watchOS also supports cycling directions and fitness tracking and all these features will be bundled with the new Fitness app.watchos ios 14 fitness app

Images: Apple

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