Brave Browser Review!

TThere is no doubt that Chrome enjoys monopoly in the market share for browsers. In both Android and Windows, Chrome is the default for almost everyone and there is nothing wrong in it because it’s the best available browser. But now, people are aware about how much data Google is collecting from them. In recent times, privacy has become a big concern for people and the tech giants have lost their trust. So, things are changing because people are trying different options as they want to explore if there are more suitable options available for them.

Recently I tried the Brave Browser and I have many things to say about it.

Previously I was using Chrome in both Android and Windows and I switched to Brave in both the OS. Brave is based on the open source Chromium so; the UI remains the same. Yes, there are some extra features and we will be talking about it in the coming lines.

In comparison to Chrome, Brave is faster and less resource hungry. Certain features like bottom toolbar is by default in Brave and you don’t need to tinker with chrome-flags. As it is based on Chromium, chrome-flags can always be altered accordingly.

One thing which I liked very much in Brave is the ad-blocking feature. It’s the main highlight in Brave as when we browse, we don’t encounter ads. It works like a charm and no extra work is needed to enable it. In turn Brave rewards the user when user sign up for BAT (Basic Attention Tokens). It’s basically a cryptocurrency which is given when the user clicks and views an ad. This BAT can then be used to tip different creators across the web who have signed up for receiving it. This can also be converted taken into bank accounts after converting it into respective currency. This feature is only limited to Desktop version. This whole transaction thing is done in collaboration with Uphold. Don’t worry, you can always turn off this feature for a complete ad free experience.

Brave BAT Tokens
Brave BAT Tokens (source :

Brave has a toggle switch to automatically upgrade an unsecured address into HTTPS. It’s the only browser I have come across that has fingerprinting protection. You can change these settings for individual sites. It also supports different search engines for normal and private modes. It also blocks third party cookies.

The only thing which bugs me about Brave is that a complete sync feature is missing. As of now, only bookmarks can be synced. But from sources, we have got to know that a full-fledged sync is coming soon.

All in all, Brave is definitely one of the best replacements for Chrome and it has proved its efficiency. I am happy using it in both Android and Windows and I will continue to use it until I find another good alternative to try.

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