Are shake and Deepti together?

The veterinarian, who got engaged to Deepti on the Netflix series before they called it quits, revealed that his now-ex was his “best friend” while they were filming. “Even though I knew our relationship wasn't going to end in marriage, I didn't want what we had to end either,” Shake continued.

Are Deepti and shake still together?

Based on the finale and now the reunion, Deepti and Shake are not together.

Does Deepti marry shake?

Did Deepti and Shake get married? Nope. At the altar, when asked if she could commit to being Shake's wife, Deepti said, "I hope you know how much mean to me and the impact you've made on my life, but no, I cannot marry you. I deserve somebody who knows for sure, so I'm choosing myself.

What happened with Deepti and shake?

Suffice it to say, after all of his hurtful comments, Deepti ultimately ended up declining to marry Shake at the altar and choosing herself instead. Now, in an interview with PEOPLE's Every Day podcast, Deepti revealed that she hasn't taken his criticism to heart either.

Who does Deepti end up with?

Deepti got engaged to Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, 33-year-old veterinarian and house DJ, while Kyle got engaged to Shaina Hurley, a 32-year-old hairstylist.

Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion | Shake Claims Love Is Blurry | Netflix

Does Kyle and Deepti get together?

Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati didn't end up with their respective fiancés on Love is Blind, but the pair may have found love outside of the pods.

Are iyanna and Jarette still together?

Iyanna and Jarrette are happily married (and killing it professionally, too). Months later, Jarrette and Iyanna continue to prove that their bond is strong. “Me and Iyanna are still happily married, and I just started a new job at my company about two months ago,” Jarrette says.

Is Deepti in a relationship?

Shake and Deepti got engaged on season 2 of the Netflix hit but called it quits at their nuptials in the finale. Kyle, for his part, didn't make it to his wedding day with former fiancée Shaina Hurley and has since said his “biggest regret” was not proposing to Deepti in the pods.

Is Shake dating anyone?

If you're a fan of Netflix's Love Is Blind, then you already know season 2's Abhishek 'Shake' Chatterjee has started a lot of drama since his time on the hit dating series. That said, as of March 2022, the Chicago, Illinois, native is officially taken after going Instagram official with his new girlfriend, Emily.

Do iyanna and jarrette get married?

Jarrette, a 32-year-old project manager, and Iyanna, a 27-year-old program coordinator, met and got engaged in The Pods on Love Is Blind season 2, and got married at their wedding in the finale.

Did iyanna and Garrett get married?

Despite their rocky start, these two did get married on the show in an adorable ceremony. "We have so much more to do, but, oh, my God, this is a great start," Iyanna told the cameras after the pair swapped vows. "I just married the woman of my dreams.

Did iyanna and jarrette get married?

After meeting in the dating pods and getting engaged sight unseen, Iyanna and Jarrette became one of two couples who tied the knot on the season 2 finale of Netflix's Love Is Blind.

Are iyanna and Jarette pregnant?

To sum up, Iyanna did undergo weight gain, and she seems to have changed her hair. However, she is still as beautiful as ever. And no, Iyanna from Love is Blind is NOT pregnant!

Are Janette and iyanna still together?

Congrats to the happy couple!

Did Shayne and Shana get together?

To put some other rumors to rest, Shaina and I are cordial and have hung out in group gatherings with the cast (with Natalie), but we have never had nor will ever have a romantic relationship.

Does Mallory and Salvador get married?

Fan favorites Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez had one of the sweetest moments at the altar. Despite the pair deciding to not get married, they were nothing but respectful about it.

Are Shaina and Shayne dating?

Shaina Hurley responded to Shayne's squirms by doing a whole lot of squinting, and she ultimately declared, "We were always just friends. There was nothing ever romantic afterwards.”

Who does Shayne marry in Love is Blind?

However, the night before their wedding, Natalie and Shayne, 32, had a massive argument — one which Natalie wasn't able to shake on their big day. "It was about a lot of different things," Natalie says of the fight, which unfolded without cameras around.

Are Natalie and Shayne dating?

However, during the reunion, Natalie and Shayne shared that they are not currently together. They did give their relationship a second try shortly after the show, but their emotions were too raw from their pre-wedding fight for things to work out. Natalie Mina Lee.

Does jarrette propose to iyanna?

After having some time to reflect, Jarrette decided to propose to Iyanna since he had a strong connection with her as well. Even though Iyanna wasn't happy about being Jarrette's second choice, the pair ended up being one of the strongest couples to come out of Love Is Blind season 2.

Where is Deepti now?

Today, Deepti is single and living with her parents in Chicago (yes, despite the rumors about Kyle). In some ways, she's right where she started. In other ways, she has emerged with a completely new perspective on life.
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