Are they actually married on Love Is Blind?

From the pods to engagements to the altar, this show has actually produced multiple successful marriages. The Love Is Blind successful couples are an exclusive bunch.

Are the marriages on Love Is Blind real?

According to show creator Chris Coelen: “Yes, it's a legally binding marriage”. So, the Love is Blind weddings we see are not just put on for the cameras. Whilst Chris confirmed this to Bustle, there's already some proof that the weddings are real.

Who is still married from married from Love Is Blind?

As for "Love is Blind" Season 2, there were also two couples who chose to stay married and as of today, have stayed together. Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson and Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely both disclosed that they were still together at the Season 2 reunion.

Are Amber and Barnett still married?

Love Is Blind couple Matt Barnett and Amber Pike from season one of Netflix dating show are still happily married — and by the looks of their Instagram accounts — are a pair of travel bugs.

Are Gigi and Damian still together?

Unfortunately, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers are no longer a couple. Viewers assumed the couple had called it quits after the season one conclusion. But, much to their surprise, they disclosed that they were still together on the reunion episode in March 2020.

Love Is Blind Season 1 Couples Where Are They Now

Is Giannina and Damian married?

Are Damian and Giannina still together? After plenty of ups and downs while participating on the dating show, during quarantine in 2020 and while filming Love Is Blind: After the Altar—which included some very jaw-dropping cameos, thanks to Damian's inappropriate invite—the two have officially parted ways.

Are Mark and Jessica still together?

Following their time on the hit Netflix series, Jessica and Mark both moved on in their respective love lives. In September 2021, Jessica announced that she was engaged to Benjamin. Mark, for his part, started dating Aubrey Rainey. They got engaged in November 2020 and share two sons.

Did Barnett cheat on Amber?

One of the three girls Barnett got to reject.) and Mark hooked up. He also cheated on her while they were dating with his current baby mamma. Later, at the party, Amber weirdly gets very defensive of Mark, but it really just seems like an excuse to make L.C., a kinda-sorta maybe ex of her husband's, feel bad.

Do Amber and Barnett have babies?

Love Is Blind's Amber & Barnett Just Revealed the Real Reason They Haven't Had Kids Yet. Warning: Love Is Blind: After the Altar spoilers ahead. Those who have seen Love Is Blind may be wondering where the cast is now.

Are Damian and Francesca together?

"Francesca and I are not dating or romantically involved but remain friends." As seen in the Love is Blind: After the Altar reunion, Damian went to lunch with Francesca, where they exchanged flirtatious compliments over a few glasses of wine.

Who pays for the weddings on Love Is Blind?

A production rep on the show told Women's Health that the couples do pay for the majority of their nuptials, saying, “Of course production supplies some of the basics, but because these are their real weddings, it's up to them as to how to spend their money.”

Is Kelly and Kenny still together?

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

Kelly and Kenny called it quits after the health coach said no to forever together. Kenny has since gotten engaged to Alexandra Garrison. Meanwhile, Kelly has continued to stay focused on her career and is currently single.

Are Damian and Gigi still together 2021?

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

After Giannina and Damian called it quits on camera, they later gave their relationship another chance. In 2021, the twosome once again pulled the plug on their romance. Damian, who was briefly linked to Too Hot To Handle's Francesca Farago, now appears to be enjoying the single life.

Did Amber Barnett get a job?

In February 2021, TheThings caught up with Barnett from Love Is Blind to see how he and Amber were faring over a year after Love Is Blind first aired. He revealed in the interview that Amber was working in a restaurant a few days a week, which is most definitely a job!

Does Matt Barnett have a baby?

Love is Blind couple, Amber and Barnett are not expecting a baby. The couple celebrated their second anniversary in November last year. Despite having cold feet on their wedding day, both Amber and Matt (a.k.a.

Does Kelly marry Kenny?

Viewers met Kelly and Kenny during the first season of Love Is Blind, which debuted in 2020. The pair got engaged in the pods, but in a shocking twist, Kelly said “I don't” at the altar. Though she didn't get her happily ever after, the Georgia native doesn't have many regrets from the reality show.

Why was Jessica's family not at the wedding?

Batten later revealed that her parents were divorced, saying, “I'm too much of a realist to take this big of a chance … I'm not going to do it.” That could mean that it was logistically difficult for her parents to attend, and/or that the experience of her parents' divorce informed her choices.

What does Barnett do for a living?

When searching for the Love is Blind business online, his Instagram is the top search. This potentially means it manages his own social media and any business enquiries for him and his wife. Barnett also works for a construction company, a job that is time-consuming and but also well paid.

Is Jessica on Love Is Blind an alcoholic?

“That is something that I tend to do if I'm nervous, I drink a little bit more,” she admitted. “But actually I've had a lot of people reach out to me like, 'Are you an alcoholic,' or something like that, and I actually don't drink very often. I take several months off a year.

Are Nick and Danielle still together?

Danielle and Nick are still married. In fact, Danielle revealed that over the Christmas holidays, Nick's uncle surprised her with a family wedding ring.

Are Lauren and Nate still together?

Before that, we didn't have much save for one of Nate's recent Instagram Stories, in which he made a vague reference to "my girl" when talking about Lauren. And then the reunion dropped, and we got a full-on confirmation. We learn that Lauren and Nate remain engaged and have gone to therapy together.

Who is Giannina dating?

Giannina Milady Gibelli and Blake Horstmann are finally Instagram-official. The “Love Is Blind” star posted a pic of herself posing with “The Bachelorette” alum in Spain via her Instagram Story on Sunday, months after Page Six confirmed they were dating.

Are Damian and Francesca still together 2022?

Sadly, the pair are no longer together after their relationship came to an end around the time Damian struck up a friendship with Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago.

What nationality is Giannina from Love Is Blind?

Love Is Blind's Giannina Milady Gibelli has signed with CAA, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned. The Venezuelan native, who is bilingual in English and Spanish, found a connection with Damian Powers on the new reality hit, which Netflix recently renewed for two seasons.

Where is Jessica from Love Is Blind?

After Love Is Blind finished airing, Jessica decided to make a major life change and move to California from her home in Atlanta, Ga.
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