Can HomePod Mini Be default Speaker Apple TV?

Starting in the fall of 2021, HomePod mini will be able to be set as the default speakers for your Apple TV 4K. A feature previously restricted to the full-sized HomePod, Apple is bringing default output support to HomePod mini via tvOS 15.

Can HomePod mini be set as default audio for Apple TV?

With Apple TV: From the Home Screen on Apple TV, select Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Output. Select the HomePod or stereo pair that you want to use for home theater audio. With iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: In the Home app, press and hold Apple TV, then scroll down and tap Default Audio Output.

How do I make HomePod mini my default TV speaker?

How to set your HomePod as your default speaker on Apple TV
  1. Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  2. Click Video and Audio.
  3. Click Audio Output.
  4. Click the name of your HomePod. Setting your HomePod as your default audio output may take a few moments to complete.

How do I make HomePod my default speaker on Apple TV?

If it doesn't:
  1. Head to the Settings app on your Apple TV 4K.
  2. If you notice a red badge next to AirPlay and HomeKit, head there first and get that set up, if not skip to step 3.
  3. Select Video and Audio.
  4. Now choose Default Audio Output.
  5. You'll now see available HomePod speakers to set as the default.

How do I use HomePod mini as Apple TV speaker?

Connect HomePod Minis to your Apple TV

Press and hold the home button on the Siri remote to open the control center. Select the audio controls button and a list of available audio devices will appear. You should see your HomePod Mini stereo pair listed as you've named them in the Home app.

How to Setup HomePods as TV Speakers (HDMI ARC & eARC)

Can I use HomePod mini as a Bluetooth speaker?

While your HomePod Mini uses Bluetooth for some connectivity, you can't use one as a Bluetooth speaker. The only way to use audio with a HomePod Mini is by using an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, or an Apple TV.

How do I change the speakers on my Apple TV?

How to change the speaker output on Apple TV
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Audio and Video.
  3. Select Audio Output.
  4. Select your preferred speaker output.

Can you use HomePod and TV speakers at the same time?

You can connect one or two HomePod speakers to Apple TV 4K to enjoy room-filling stereo sound. When you set up a second HomePod as a stereo pair, you get true stereo sound and a more immersive sound stage for your home theater.

Will HomePod mini get Dolby Atmos?

Best answer: Unfortunately, the HomePod mini does not currently support Dolby Atmos. If you want to add Spatial Audio to your home theater, you should look for the original HomePod or a compatible soundbar.

Can HomePod mini Be default speaker?

Starting in the fall of 2021, HomePod mini will be able to be set as the default speakers for your Apple TV 4K. A feature previously restricted to the full-sized HomePod, Apple is bringing default output support to HomePod mini via tvOS 15.

Does HomePod mini work with Apple TV 4K?

If you have an Apple TV 4K and HomePod you can create a captivating home theater experience with a single HomePod or a stereo pair. When you set up home theater with HomePod, you can enjoy Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital 7.1, or Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. (HomePod mini does not support Dolby audio formats.)

How do I change my default HomePod?

Change settings for a HomePod or Siri-enabled accessory

, then do any of the following: Assign HomePod to a different room: Tap Room, then choose a new room. Change the default account for music and podcasts: Tap Primary User, then choose which account should be used when someone's voice isn't recognized.

How many HomePod Minis can you connect to Apple TV?

All replies. You can stereo pair two minis if you like, then on Apple TV you can AirPlay: On Apple TV, press and hold Apple TV App/Home to bring up Control Center. Select AirPlay .

Can I use HomePod mini without iPhone?

Once the HomePod mini is set up, you technically don't need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to use it. That's because you can control the HomePod mini with your voice thanks to its built-in Siri voice assistant.

Can HomePod replace soundbar?

Soundbars need to be able to process audio quickly and in sync with the video being displayed. This is best accomplished with a hard-wired connection. The Homepod does not offer this option. In other words, there is no way to connect an optical or HDMI to get audio.

Can you connect two HomePod mini to Apple TV?

But since its debut in 2018, the full-sized HomePod has gained the ability to become a pretty impressive speaker for your Apple TV. You can pair two of them to your Apple TV 4K and they become a Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

Does HomePod mini have stereo?

You can create a stereo pair with two HomePod mini speakers or two HomePod speakers. (You can't create a stereo pair with a HomePod mini and a HomePod.) To create a stereo pair, both HomePod speakers need to be assigned to the same room. In the Home app on your iOS or iPadOS device, touch and hold a HomePod.

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod?

Around this time last year, Apple officially discontinued the HomePod. The original model has been survived by the HomePod mini, but there isn't a product in Apple's current lineup that fills the gap left by the 2018 model.

Can I use HomePod mini without Wi-Fi?

Can I use the HomePod mini without wifi or internet? Answer: A: Answer: A: A Wi-Fi connection to the Internet is required to set up and configure HomePod.

Can I play Spotify on HomePod mini?

The HomePod Mini will also work with Spotify. We hope you found this Spotify HomePod tip valuable and can now enjoy your favorite songs and playlist on your Apple speaker! Spotify AirPlaying works on your HomePod, Apple TV, and other compatible devices.

What is a HomePod mini used for?

“HomePod mini is the ultimate smart speaker for anyone with an Apple device. It works effortlessly with iPhone to hand off music, answer calls, or deliver personalized listening suggestions, elevates the sound from Apple TV, plays music from a Mac, and so much more.

Can HomePod mini be used for surround sound?

Alongside the launch of the HomePod mini, Apple updated the original HomePod with a Home Cinema mode that lets you set one or two HomePods (paired in stereo) as the default speakers for your Apple TV. And secondly, Apple has given the HomePod support for Dolby Atmos, even all by its lonesome.

Does HomePod mini work with older Apple TV?

If you're running iOS and tvOS 14.2 or later, you can set your HomePod or HomePod mini up as the default speaker for your Apple TV's audio.
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