Can Red Velvet date?

None of the Red Velvet members were interested or have been in an open relationship since they made their first presence in K-pop culture, but they have spoken dating and rumors before.

Is red velvet joy dating Crush?

“Crush and Joy have recently started dating from being a close sunbae and hoobae,” P Nation and SM Entertainment said in a statement, according to According to reports, the two had a senior-junior relationship at first, but only lately began dating.

Are SUHO and Irene still dating?

On August 24, 2019, Dispatch reported that Suho and Irene are currently dating. In response to the report, their entertainment confirmed that the two are meeting each other and have a good feelings. According to Dispatch, Suho and Irene has been in a relationship since last year.

Are Red Velvet members married?

After 11 months of pretending to be married, Red Velvet's Joy & BtoB's Sungjae are now going their separate ways. The "We Got Married" pair's pretend marriage came to an end on the episode that aired on May 7. Ahead of the finale, the two hosted “Bbyu Music Central” where they sang for one another for the last time.

Is Red Velvet Wendy straight?

The personal life of idols in the K-pop industry are always very restricted, even when it comes to personal relationships. Red Velvet's Wendy, however, did not bother to speak openly about her bisexuality during the radio show “Wendy's Youngstreet”.

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of Red Velvet

Who is Red Velvet Yeri Crush?

Red Velvet member Joy and South Korean R&B singer Crush are in a relationship, as confirmed by their agencies. Earlier today (August 23), South Korean news outlet Sports Chosun first broke the news with a report about the duo's relationship.

Who in Red Velvet are dating?

Red Velvet's Joy and Crush are confirmed to be in a relationship. It's official: Red Velvet's Joy and Crush are dating. SM Entertainment and P NATION, the stars' respective agencies, confirmed the news on Monday, August 23.

Does Seulgi like Jimin?

Fans have gathered what they claim is evidence proving BTS' Jimin and Red Velvet's Seulgi rumored relationship to be completely false.

Who has a Crush on Irene?

During Irene's acceptance speech after winning the Top 10 Award at the Melon Music Awards 2016, EXO's Chanyeol was captured reacting to Irene's beauty by mouthing “Ah…She's pretty.” After noticing he was on camera, he quickly buried his head in his hands from embarrassment, but by then his possible crush on Irene was ...

Is EXO Suho getting married?

The EXO member first announced his marriage in January 2020, four months before welcoming their first child in April. The K-pop idol is currently completing his military service following his enlistment in October 2020.

Did Prada remove Irene?

Since then, Irene has been removed from the advertisement poster for the cosmetic brand Clinique. The brand Prada is now in a difficult situation as their two brand ambassadors are now involved in very unpleasant controversies. Irene and Chanyeol were named as the brand ambassadors on September 18th of this year.

Who left Red Velvet?

Joy was unable to perform with the group due to scheduling conflicts with the filming of Tempted. On April 29, 2018, Red Velvet held their first fan meeting at the Rosemont Theater in Chicago, to an audience of 4,000.

Which Kpop idols are dating?

Here are some K-pop celebrities dating each other and breaking the Internet with their love.
  • Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol.
  • Crush and Joy.
  • Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-ho.
  • Hyuna and Dawn.
  • Ryeowook and Ari.

Who is Korean singer Crush?

Shin Hyo-seob (Korean: 신효섭; born May 3, 1992), professionally known as Crush (크러쉬), is a South Korean R&B and hip hop singer-songwriter and producer. Crush often uses Jazz musical instruments in his style of music, implementing modern tunes.

Who dated Seulgi?

Seulgi has never been on a date with anyone according to her Radio Star interview (among others). In the past, when Super Junior's Kyuhyun talked to Seulgi even before she made her first presence with Red Velvet, the two almost got occupied in a dating rumor.

Who is Jimin's GF?

Jimin tweeted out a new selfie of himself and his "girlfriend" Min Yoon Ji (aka. Suga), and both look absolutely adorable together, right down to their matching uniforms.

Who is Irene best friend in Red Velvet?

Irene has revealed that she is quite close with Blackpink's Jennie and that previously they had gone to the same salon. They also go out and eat together.

Is Tzuyu in a relationship?

Reports said that Tzuyu is single and is not a girlfriend to anyone. She is not dating anyone even in secret or behind closed doors. The individuals of the opposite sex who seemingly have a “relationship” with the TWICE member are her “fanboys,” as she has a lot of them.

Are Minho and Irene dating?

kpopredict on Instagram: “RED VELVET Irene and SHINEE Minho are dating.

What is the age limit for Kpop idols?

Some trainees start as young as 11 years old, but many don't get discovered and join a company until they're in their late teens, so don't despair if you're a little older! Many K-pop trainees and idols are Korean, but it's not an absolute requirement to be Korean - people of all ethnicities and races can audition.

Is Joy Red Velvet engaged?

She thought their relationship would fizzle out after the sweet night they spent together, but in the blink of an eye, she became his girlfriend, and they even agreed to get married. The day that she received his proposal and an engagement ring was the happiest of Sung Mi Do's life.

Who is leader of Red Velvet?

Bae Joo-hyun (Korean: 배주현; born March 29, 1991), known professionally as Irene, is a South Korean singer, rapper, and actress. She is the leader of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet and a member of its sub-unit Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi.

Who is the oldest in Red Velvet?

Seulgi and Wendy are both 25 years old, and it is a surprise that they were both born not only in the same year but also in the same month, February. Seulgi was born on the 10th day of the month, while Wendy was on the 21st. The leader of the group, Irene, is the oldest among the others.
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