Can you resurrect Paarthurnax?

After speaking with her, open the console by pressing ` and type the following line without the quotes: 'setstage MQPaarthurnax 50' (you don't need to capitalize), 6. Merely talk to Delphine again and click 'About Paarthurnax...' and tell her he's dead and you're done!

Does Paarthurnax come back?

If Paarthurnax is killed before Dragonslayer is completed, the epilogue's script will not appear in-game. Upon returning to the Throat of the World, several dragons will fly overhead but Paarthurnax will not be there.

Is there anyway to keep Paarthurnax alive?

You can't. You have to go confront Paarthurnax to continue the main story. There is no way to cancel this quest. However, Paarthurnax speaks to you and offers you alternatives to killing him, which you may take him up on.

What happens if Paarthurnax dies?

If Paarthurnax dies:

Arngeir retracts the Greybeards' hospitality, and it is no longer possible to ask him for the locations of word walls. Paarthurnax will no longer be around to provide meditation bonuses to certain shouts. If you already have a bonus, it will not go away; you will just be unable to change it.

Is it better to kill Paarthurnax or not?

It's better to not kill him. The Greybeards care about the voice and and dragonborn and the prophecy. The Blades all they care about is the dragonborn and alduin and paathurnaax.

Skyrim SE - How to resurrect Paarthurnax & Speak to Greybeards [PC ONLY]

Is killing Paarthurnax optional?

Bound by their oaths as Blades, they refuse the Dragonborn further assistance until Paarthurnax is slain. This quest is optional; it does not need to be completed in order to finish the main quest.

Is killing Paarthurnax canon?

^Not exactly. Killing Paarthurnax itself is a minor detail, but you can't join the blades unless you kill him. If the dragonborn is chronicled as joining the blades in the next game we can assume that they killed Paarthurnax.

Do I let Odahviing go?

This occurs upon leaving the great porch without capturing Odahviing first. The only way to fix is to go back to an older save. If attacked while Odahviing is trapped in Dragonsreach, no damage is done to it and the dragon will do nothing. Upon release, it becomes hostile.

What word should I learn from Paarthurnax?

Raise a Floppa - The Loop. Paarthurnax at the Throat of the World can help the Dragonborn meditate on three Words of Power: Fus, Feim and Yol.

Can the Greybeards be killed?

The Grey beards are marked as essential. So no you can't kill them.

How do you spare Paarthurnax without mods?

After speaking with her, open the console by pressing ` and type the following line without the quotes: 'setstage MQPaarthurnax 50' (you don't need to capitalize), 6. Merely talk to Delphine again and click 'About Paarthurnax...' and tell her he's dead and you're done!

How do you stay with the blades without killing Paarthurnax?

Before you meet Paarthurnax, take 3 followers to Delphine, ( those who you don't care about ) Esbern will give you a location of a dragon, go kill it, grab the bones and scales, get that unique potion what gives you a permanent effect and then the Blades will be totally useless.

Who is better the blades or the greybeards?

If you want more shouts then side with the Greybeards. If you want an army and abilities to fight dragons better, the Blades.

Is Paarthurnax alduin's brother?

Paarthurnax is a dragon who is the leader of the Greybeards, and the younger brother of Alduin. He resides on the Throat of the World, awaiting Dovahkiin.

Can Paarthurnax fly you to Skuldafn?

At this point in the game you might have accepted and completed a quest from the Blades telling you to kill Paarthurnax. This would make it impossible for you to go to Skuldafn then. So, yes, he could, but only if he could, in which case he wouldn't.

Can I loot alduin?

After Alduin appears, the Hall of Valor will be permanently locked and the Dragonborn cannot return. There is a brief moment where the option to loot Alduin's body appears before he disintegrates, although he cannot actually be looted.

Why does Paarthurnax call you Krosis?

When Paarthurnax, Odahviing and tamed dragons engage in discussion with the Dragonborn, they tend to say "Krosis" to reflect a negative emotion that cannot be remedied, similar to the human phrases "too bad," "alas" or "what a shame." For example, when Paarthurnax is asked about Dragonrend he says, "But I do not know ...

What is better to be born good Paarthurnax?

“What is better: to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”

Can you ride Durnehviir?

Certain named Dragons cannot be tamed (Alduin, Sahloknir, Paarthurnax, Durnehviir, and the Skeletal Dragon in Labyrinthian).

Can you return to Skuldafn?

The description for this mod states: This mod allows you to return to Skuldafn on the back of any tamed dragon, Odahviing or Durnehviir once you've finished the main questline. Also allows you to get the unique dragon priest staff or return to Sovngarde.

What level should I be to fight alduin?

In other words, a character with top-tier equipment and lots of spells will have an easier job killing Alduin at level 30 than a character with cloth armor and no spells at level 60.

Can serana become a blade?

Cicero and Serana are the only followers that can't become Blades. It is possible to begin this quest without killing Paarthurnax by talking to Delphine after the completion of Alduin's Wall.

Which civil war ending is canon Skyrim?

As an imperial sided individual, I have to say that it's most probable that the canon ending either belongs to the Stormcloaks victory or Season Unending.

Is TES blade a cannon?

Is it taking place in the Canon? Sure. TES Canon is a VERY weird nut to crack though and the metaphysics of the universe kinda puts Blades into Canon Superposition: it both is and isn't Canon in every instance until events/circumstances/etc… effect or are mentioned in other games.
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