Can you save Rachel in Life is Strange?

When popular girl Rachel Amber goes missing, her absence sets the story — about a teenage girl named Max who can rewind time and her best friend Chloe, who is in love with Rachel — in motion. In the end, you learn that Rachel can't be saved, and Chloe may be doomed as well, depending on how you play.

Can we save Rachel?

In order to save Rachel and get the best ending in House of Ashes: Cut the Rope: During the sequence where Rachel takes a tumble off the cliff face and you have to choose whether Eric cuts the rope, cut it. You can choose not to cut the rope, meaning Eric dies and Rachel survives and doesn't get infected.

Is Rachel alive Life is Strange?

This puts her in a whole new timeline where events couldn't be more different: Rachel Amber, who is missing prior to the start of Life is Strange, is alive and in a relationship with this timeline's Chloe, while Max is nothing more than an old friend re-entering Chloe's life.

Is there any way to save Chloe in Life is Strange?

If Chloe is sacrificed to save Arcadia Bay from the oncoming tornado, Max will use the butterfly photo to travel back to the moment Nathan shot Chloe in Episode 1 of Life is Strange. Instead of stopping him, she will not intervene, and Chloe will die.

Why did Rachel disappear in Life is Strange?

Neither Chloe or the police had been aware of Rachel's abduction by Mark Jefferson, who kept her drugged and held up in a bunker. She was accidentally killed by Nathan Prescott with a drug overdose some time between the months April and October 2013.

Life is Strange Theory: Max could have saved Rachel

Is Rachel the DOE?

The Doe in Max's vision of the storm. The Doe appears during Max Caulfield's vision of the Storm of October 11, 2013 in the first episode of Life Is Strange, "Chrysalis". The doe is believed to be a personification of Rachel Amber's soul.

Why did Rachel cheat on Chloe?

Why cheat? Because she was using Frank to get at his drugs. While Rachel was able to seem quite charismatic and caring, she was already letting her addiction guide her decisions… leading her to betray Chloe's trust.

What happens if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay instead of Chloe?

If you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, Max rips up the picture and stands beside Chloe to watch the hurricane. The storm destroys Arcadia Bay, turning most of the buildings into rubble. And in Life Is Strange 2, David Madsen reveals that nearly all of the residents die.

What is the best ending to Life is Strange?

The endings are neither "good" nor "bad" (you could even say that the best ending is the one in which you sacrifice Chloe because it has the best soundtrack during the cutscene). The first ending - Sacrifice Chloe - results in sacrificing your friend in order to save Arcadia Bay from a catastrophe - a tornado.

Who survived Arcadia Bay?

In Life is Strange 2, David reveals that all the Arcadia Bay residents had died in the storm (leaving him, Max, Chloe, Victoria, and presumbly Jefferson the only survivors), meaning that Kate may be among them.

Is Rachel Amber the storm?

Rachel Amber did not create the storm. It was her mother: Sera. - Gaming News Games Guide.

Who killed Rachel in Life is Strange?

Jefferson reveals that Rachel was in love with him and that she loved having pictures taken of her. He also reveals that Nathan accidentally killed Rachel with an overdose whilst trying to impress Jefferson (whom he saw as a father-figure) by taking pictures of her drugged (as Mr.

Did Rachel have powers?

Rachel didn't have powers until she met Chloe, that we know of. And Max didn't have powers until Chloe was shot in front of her.

Can Rachel survive after being infected?

During a portion of The Assault, players will act as Salim and have to partake in QTEs. When engaging in these, there'll be a choice in which monsters to attack. Make sure that Salim shoots the monster that is attacking Rachel so that she doesn't become a victim to it. Rachel will become infected, but she will survive.

Should Rachel be cocooned?

Rachel will be placed inside the cocoon and left underground. If Rachel does not want to get placed inside a cocoon, it leads to a QTE where she struggles and runs away from the squad. Assuming she's able to escape, she will later reappear in Semper Fi, completely transformed into a demon-zombie-vampire hybrid.

Should you cut Rachel's rope?

The rope will end up breaking and Rachel will still fall. If you decide to cut the rope, Rachel will plummet into the chasm and Eric will mourne. Doing this is perhaps the best option because Eric will survive. This will allow him to perform an autopsy on a creature later on.

Which ending is canon in Life is Strange?

According to Dontnod, there is no canon ending. During a PAX West 2018 interview with USgamer, Life is Strange Writer Christian Divine was asked if the studio has an opinion on the game's canon conclusion.

How many endings are in life is strange true colors?

Life is Strange: True Colors has six distinct endings, each of which can also play out in a few different ways depending on several factors. In order to get the best possible ending, protagonist Alex will need to convince the most prominent members of the Haven community that she's a trustworthy person.

Why does Life is Strange ask if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

As noted by Koch himself on Twitter, Life is Strange 2 starts out by asking players if they chose to save or sacrifice Arcadia Bay, so this actually suits itself to the player choice. So there is still no "canon" ending to LiS1. Shacknews regrets this error.]

Can you save Chloe's dad Life is Strange?

Chloe's father can no longer hear the locator beeper going off, so he won't take the fatal car journey in this reality. Players will have successfully saved William, and the episode will end soon—but not without offering up a surprise to two.

Are Life is Strange 1 and 2 connected?

Although the sequel to Life is Strange takes place after the events of the first game, it is not a direct sequel. Life is Strange 2 revolves around the brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, who decide to flee from their hometown Seattle after a terrible accident.

How many endings does Life is Strange have?

Officially, there are six different endings you can see, but these are slight variations on two core outcomes you can choose from when it comes to the close of chapter 5. As with previous Life is Strange games, you'll be faced with many choices to make throughout your time in True Colors.

Did Rachel actually care about Chloe?

The extent of Chloe and Rachel's relationship is never made clear in Life is Strange: Season 1, but it does appear from various actions and comments that Chloe had a crush on Rachel, whether that crush was unrequited or not. Rachel cared about Chloe to some degree to send her postcards that said, "Miss you.

Did Rachel cheat on Frank?

In the 3rd episode of the original LiS Chloe finds out that Rachel was cheating on her with Frank.. but later when Max and Chloe discover her body it's almost like she doesn't care that Rachel cheated on her.

Was Rachel using Frank?

Rachel priority slowly began leaving Arcadia Bay and not leaving Arcadia Bay with Chloe. So she hooked up with Frank, using him, cheating Chloe and hoping that his drug dealing affairs went well so they could leave Arcadia Bay.
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