Can you see the sinkhole at the Corvette Museum?

Explore the Sinkhole and Cave
Discover what lies below the floor of the Museum's Skydome with this 3D interactive tour. Use your mouse to explore the cave below, or if you have a VR headset, click the goggle icon in the bottom corner after starting the 3D showcase.

Does the Corvette museum still have a sinkhole?

With three of the eight Corvettes having been restored, and most of the sinkhole having been filled (a viewing window over a 48” manhole as well as outline on the Skydome floor of where the sinkhole was are the only visible signs that remain of the hole), the Museum decided for the fifth anniversary to give the curious ...

Where is the sinkhole in the Corvette Museum?

On February 12, 2014, a massive sinkhole opened up beneath the National Corvette Museum's Skydome in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The approximately 30×40 foot hole was caused by the roof of a previously unknown cave beneath the museum collapsing under the weight of the building.

How many Corvettes were lost in the sinkhole at the Corvette Museum?

Eight display cars were swallowed into the ground, but fortunately there were no reported injuries as a result. (Update: This post was originally published on 2/12/14 when a sinkhole swallowed eight Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

How many Corvettes are still in the sinkhole?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — A sinkhole formed Wednesday under the National Corvette Museum here, swallowing eight cars, according to its executive director. Sometime before 5:30 a.m. CT, the sinkhole started to form, authorities believe.

Top Stories Of 2014: Sinkhole Opens Up At Corvette Museum In Bowling Green

What happened to the Corvettes that fell in a sinkhole?

Out of the Sinkhole: Corvette Museum Has Restored the Last of the Damaged Vettes. A sinkhole swallowed eight rare Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum. Now, the final car has been restored.

How did they fix the sinkhole at the Corvette Museum?

At the edge of the sinkhole Corvette display you will not want to miss our 48″ manhole that leads into one side of our cave. During the sinkhole repair process we were able to add the manhole to provide us access to the cave, and you can peer into the window to see the floor of the sinkhole, over 30 feet down!

Did the tornado hit the Corvette Museum?

National Corvette Museum Spared Any Significant Damage During December Storm, NCM Motorsports Park Receives Damage. During the historic storms on December 11, 2021, the National Corvette Museum was spared any significant damage.

How long does it take to go through the Corvette Museum?

When planning your trip, most visitors allow 1-2 hours for their visit to the Museum. Of course, if you are a Corvette or classic car buff, you may want to allow more than that! Pets are NOT allowed in the Museum.

Did the Corvette Museum get destroyed?

No One Injured; Factory Roof Damaged

The nearby National Corvette Museum, in a statement, says its collection of historic 'Vettes “was spared from significant damage.” A track at the facility will require repairs and has canceled events indefinitely.

Can you drive a Corvette at the Corvette museum?

Choose from one of our manual or automatic Corvette Z51s to drive on the track. The Corvette Experience consists of three 20-minute on-track sessions alternating with three classroom sessions. Drivers will be behind the wheel of a 2017 Corvette Stingray Z51 for laps around the 3.15 mile road course, built for speed.

Can you take pictures in the Corvette museum?

While cameras and video equipment are welcome at the Museum, cameras are NOT allowed at the Plant.

What is the rarest Corvette?

The Eight Rarest Corvettes of All Time
  • 1.) The 1963 Corvette Grand Sport.
  • 2.) The 1969 Corvette ZL1.
  • 3.) The 1970 Baldwin Motion Phase III GT Corvette.
  • 4.) The 1963 Corvette Rondine.
  • 5.) The 1986 “Copper Metallic” Corvette.
  • 6.) The 1971 Corvette ZR1.
  • 7.) The Zeclat Corvette – 1930's Streamliner.
  • 8.)

What happened to the Corvette plant in Bowling Green Kentucky?

GM had idled the plant, where it builds the popular sports car, after a violent tornado swept through Kentucky early Saturday morning, damaging the facility. The tornado caused a fire on the roof and damage to the exterior, including damage to an employee entrance, GM has said.

Did the Corvette plant get damaged in Bowling Green Kentucky?

The cars were damaged when a massive tornado struck the General Motors's plant where the C8 Corvette is built in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Although the toll of the deadly tornado was worse in other areas, the factory suffered major damage, including its roof and employee entrance catching on fire.

Is the Corvette factory damaged?

Many 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray orders have been delayed into the 2022 model year production. Now it appears more than 100 of the production vehicles have been damaged beyond repair. The plant switched to building 2022 model year Corvettes in September.

What caused the Corvette sinkhole?

In the museum's case, the sinkhole was caused by the dissolving of the limestone in the ground which caused pockets to open underneath the surface. Eventually, the weight of the building caused the top layer of soil to collapse.

How many Corvettes are in the museum?

The interior of the 115,000-square-foot building uses curved walls, geometric design and full-scale diorama displays to tell the story of the Corvette's past, present and future. More than 80 Corvettes from every era since 1953 are displayed, with each display changing periodically.

Is the Corvette museum worth it?

We really enjoyed our visit and seeing all the Corvettes there. We really enjoyed our visit and seeing all the different things there. It was a great self guided tour. It starts out with a short movie about the Corvette.

Are Corvettes invisible to radar?

Corvettes are only "a little" stealthy to radar because of their size. Part of it has to do with shape, but only if you're in a pack of other cars, then the radar will pick up the largest object in the pack. If you're the lone car on the road forget about it, you're hit.

Who owns the first Corvette ever built?

What is known — or at least thought to be known — is that VINs one and two of the 1953 Corvettes no longer exist. VIN #3 sold for over $1 million about 10 years ago and is owned by a Chevrolet dealer and collector in Montana. That makes it the oldest production Corvette known.

How much is the cheapest Corvette?

Chevrolet Corvette 1LT

The entry-level Corvette LT1 is priced at $60,900 for coupe models and $68,400 for convertible models.

Why is Corvette Museum in Bowling Green?

The National Corvette Museum was established as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation with a mission of celebrating the invention of the Corvette; preserving its past, present and future; and educating the public about Corvette. The Museum opened in 1994 and is a 115,000 square foot facility located on a 55 acre campus.

How much damage was done to the Corvette Museum?

The Breakdown:

A total of $175 million was attributed to physical damage. That includes property, equipment, and vehicles. There is another estimate for $50 million that accounts for interruption of business, including the time it took to repair and set everything back up for normal and safe production.

How old do you have to be to drive a Corvette at the Corvette Museum?

Must be 18 years or older and have a valid drivers' license to participate in Corvette Touring Laps. Participants must sign a Vehicle Damage Policy and Indemnity Agreement. Must be 14 years or older to ride as passenger.
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