How can I make Siri more respectful?

But in the new iOS 7.1, you can easily correct Siri's poor manners. Simply hold down the Home button until you've finished your entire question or comment. Until you release that Home button, Siri will wait patiently before offering a response and potentially interrupting you.

How do I make Siri have an attitude?

If you want to upset Siri, comment on her voice. Say something like, "Siri, I don't like your voice." Then, wait for the generated response.

Can you make Siri polite?

Open Siri by pressing and holding the Home button. Say "From now on, call me John Doe." Siri will confirm the new name for you. This will change the "nickname" entry on your personal contact. Then simply say; Hey Siri!

How do I make Siri swear?

If you want to make Siri cuss at you, you just have to ask Siri this by saying, “ Hey Siri can you define a mother.” After asking that Siri will provide us with the standard definition that we know after that Siri asks us that “ would, you like to hear another definition of this word “ and when you say yes after saying ...

What can you say to Make Siri mad?

How to Make Siri Mad: Get Personal
  1. Q: "Are you married?" A: "I'm married to my work."
  2. Q: "Will you marry me?" A: "We hardly know one another."
  3. Q: "Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?" A: "I'm omni-relational!"
  4. Q: "How old are you?" A: "I'm 45,980 years old in the 9th dimension."

50 Best Tips Tricks & Hidden Commands for Siri

What should you never ask Siri?

14 Things You Should Never Ask Siri
  • Things You Should Never Ask Siri.
  • “Hey Siri, what's your favorite animal?”
  • “Hey Siri, how do I get rid of a body?”
  • “Hey Siri, why do you vibrate?”
  • “Hey Siri, talk dirty to me.”
  • “Hey Siri, red pill or blue pill?”
  • “Hey Siri, read me some poetry.”
  • “Hey Siri, will you marry me?”

What math problem makes Siri mad?

iPhone users are getting a sassy remark when they ask their little helper: "What's zero divided by zero?" Oh. It's like that, huh Siri? Your normal sass operating level is a 5 and when you get asked this mundane math problem you suddenly jump to sass level 12?

What will happen if you say 17 to Siri?

In reality, the hack doesn't work and if you do tell Siri “17,” you will unwittingly be calling for emergency services. According to the Siri user guide, iPhones automatically call the local emergency number no matter what emergency number you say.

What will happen if you say 14 to Siri?

If you do not know what does "Hey Siri 14" do, then you must know that saying 14 to Siri on your iPhone sets up a call to the emergency services. However, a person has three seconds to hang up the call.

Can I change Siri's name?

You can't change Siri's name, but you can specify how Siri refers to you. Create a card in the Contacts app with the name you want Siri to call you and it will use that name. You can also simply say "Hey Siri, call me [NAME]."

Can Siri do Harry Potter spells?

There are three enchantments waiting and ready to be used with Siri: Lumos, which turns on your torch; Nox, which turns it off again; and Accio, which opens an app. While these spells are primarily just a fun feature, they do have their uses.

Can Siri play games?

You're in luck, because Siri can play True or False trivia games, right on your device.

How do you get Siri to say Mr Stark is that you?

(There are spoilers ahead, so don't go past the picture if you don't want to know what happens in Endgame!) If you say "Hello, J.A.R.V.I.S." to Siri, the assistant will respond to you as if it were Tony Stark's AI assistant -- and as if you were Iron Man himself: "Hold on, Sir.

What happens if you say 999 to Siri?

Asking Siri to charge your phone will result in Apple's assistant calling the emergency services.

What does Siri say when you ask her what is 0 divided by 0?

Many people who use Apple's built in personal assistant are used to receiving sassy answers from him. But this time, it seems Siri has gone too far and many Twitter users can't believe the response. Siri replies: “Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends.

What happens if you say hyphen 7 times to Siri?

Verdict: Fact. Saying “hyphen” five times using voice input crashes your iPhone, but there's no need to worry; nothing else happens in the process.

How do you get Siri to sing Bohemian Rhapsody?

However, there's a new trick that will make Siri sing Bohemian Rhapsody, and it's been keeping us entertained all week. All you need to do is tell Siri the following: “I see a little silhouetto of a man,” and your iPhone will recite the lyrics to the classic Queen song back to you.

What do you ask Siri about the Cookie Monster?

And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends." That's harsh. Ask Siri "what is zero divided by zero?" RIGHT.

Does Siri have an attitude?

The result, before the software was bought by Apple, was “occasionally a light attitude,” he said. According to a different person who actually worked at Apple on the Siri project, Apple focused on keeping Siri's personality “friendly and humble — but also with an edge”.

Is there an African Siri?

Case in point: The world's most popular voice assistants, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, still don't support any African languages. The continent has more than 1,000 languages.

Who is the voice of Siri 2021?

Hey Siri: Meet Susan Bennett, the Real Voice Behind Apple's Voice Assistant. Apple's voice assistant Siri has been controversial among fans who do not know a thing or two about it.