How do I return my SHEIN order?

  1. Sign into your SHEIN account.
  2. Find the order in My Orders, click the "Return Item" button.
  3. Select the item(s) you would like to return, indicate the reason, and submit.
  4. Select return method: return by USPS or UPS return label. ...
  5. Mail out the package at your nearest USPS or UPS location.

Does SHEIN pay for return shipping?

Once you've initially returned items from an order, you'll have to pay $7.99 to return any additional items. SHEIN will also let you use your own shipping method at your own cost if you'd rather make your return that way.

How do I print a return label?

Here's how:
  1. Select the History Tab.
  2. Select the order you want to prepare a Return Shipping Label for.
  3. The Order Details panel will open. Click Return Label. The Return Label window will open. Select Print-at Home Label, either USPS Return Label,

Do you have to return SHEIN in original packaging?

Items returned must be unused, with the original packing. We do not accept returns on items that have been worn, damaged, washed or altered in any way. 3.

Does SHEIN use child labor?

Despite users flooding the comment sections of videos of Shein hauls about these rumors, the company claims it “never engages in child or forced labor.” In addition, its website states: “We regularly evaluate and address human trafficking and slavery risks in product supply chains through in-house inspectors who are ...

How To Return Items To Shein!

Do you get your money back if you cancel an order on SHEIN?

So, the answer to “Will I get my money back if I cancel my Shein order?” is: “Definitely, yes!” If there's an option of order cancellation, you always get your money back on Shein.

What is the return address for SHEIN UK?

Address: SHEIN Distribution UK Ltd., at Highlands House Basingstoke Road, Spencers Wood, Reading, United Kingdom, RG7 1NT, Roadget Business Pte.

What courier does SHEIN use UK?

Shein delivery to United Kingdom

Customers will receive orders via Shein's courier partners like Yodel and NOT need to deal with any custom affairs.

Who delivers SHEIN packages UK?

for the United Kingdom, deliveries are made by YODEL. for the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), delivery is handled by the providers Naqel, Fetchr and Aramex, the delivery time for this region is estimated between 5 and 8 working days.

How long do SHEIN refunds take?

The refund is sent within 7 days following the date your return parcel was received. The refund sum is sent to your Shein Wallet or the account you paid from.

Where is the cancel order button on SHEIN?

Women's & Men's Clothing, Shop Online Fashion SHEIN. How do I cancel my order? You can cancel your order on the 'My Orders' page before it ships out. Note: We're not able to cancel an order that has been shipped.

Can I cancel a SHEIN order after it ships?

Cancel a SHEIN order already shipped

If your order has already been sent and you want to cancel it, you must enter the return process. This means that you have to wait for the order to arrive and then make the return.

Who is the owner of Shein?

Chris Xu, Shein's founder and CEO, has also become a permanent resident of the city-state, according to a document.

How are Shein workers treated?

In November 2021, findings from a Public Eye report alleged that the fast-fashion giant has been lacking in complying with labour laws, according to WWD. On top of that, the brand also allegedly makes its employees work for 75 hours per week and that their work location has lots of fire hazards.

Does Shein steal your information 2021?

Is Shein legit? Yes, this is a real company… and a big one. It is not some phishing scam looking to steal your credit card information. The items you order will match the photos on the website.

Why is SHEIN Cancelled?

Shein is getting cancelled on Twitter after people came across its figure graphic phone case. Here's a look at what people have been saying. The picture has been shared on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. It is unclear who first shared the pictures.

What is SHEIN's phone number?

For more information regarding the investigation and the actions SHEIN is taking to protect customer information, please refer to our FAQ at or contact us at 844-802-2500.

Where is the SHEIN wallet?

You may view your wallet balance by signing onto your account and clicking “My Wallet” under “My Assets” or at checkout. You may apply your SHEIN wallet balance to a purchase on SHEIN only subject to the Terms .

Where does SHEIN ship from?

But the large international customer base made them resort to International warehouses. Even so, not all clothes you order from Shein are shipped from a warehouse near you. Other items still get shipped from China. The vast majority of products are still shipped from China.

Can you trust SHEIN website?

Is Shein a scam? Shein is a reputable online retailer. If you're shopping from the US they have a great return policy (free return shipping on the first return package from your order within 30 days). Shein is one of the fastest growing online retailers (making the front page of the Wall Street Journal in summer 2021).

What happens if my Shein package never arrives?

Shein order lost

If your order was not delivered to you within a reasonable time, you have to: Make sure your customer protection time did not expire. Take photos from a parcel tracking system proving your order was not delivered. Contact Shein support service in any convenient way and follow their instructions.

Why does Shein take so long?

The Chinese website has its suppliers all over China, the order is delivered to Shein's warehouses. If items that you have ordered are already in the Shein warehouse, then, they can be shipped faster. Many customers may worry about their orders can be delayed because of the distance between their places and China.

Does Shein deliver to your door?

This will vary depending on the timing of when the order is placed as well as the company handling your package. One should also bear in mind that there could be delays with clearing customs which impact delivery timelines. Delivery will be done to your doorstep, to the address specified when you placed your order.
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