How do I tell my mom I got my first period?

Take a deep breath, walk up to her and say something like, "This is really embarrassing, but I need to talk to you about my first period." She might be surprised, but your mom can get to the point right away — and she'll probably do her best to make the conversation as painless as possible.

How do I tell my mum I got my period?

How to tell your mum you've got your period?
  1. Keep it casual. Maybe the idea of a big sit-down with your mum seems intimidating. ...
  2. Write it down. If it's hard for you to start a face-to-face discussion, leave your mum a note where only she'll find it, or even send her a text. ...
  3. Be direct.

How do you tell your mum you got your first period?

Write a simple note stating something like "Mom, I started my period" or "Can you buy me some tampons/pads?" Place the note in a place where only she will find it, such as in her purse, her makeup kit, or her underwear drawer. Make sure the note is short and to the point so that there is no confusion.

How do you tell your getting your first period?

What are period symptoms and how do I deal with them?
  1. Cramps (pain in your lower belly or lower back)
  2. Bloating (when your belly feels puffy)
  3. Breakouts (getting pimples)
  4. Sore breasts.
  5. Feeling tired.
  6. Mood swings (when your emotions change quickly or you feel sad, angry, or anxious)

How do you ask for a pad?

You may be embarrassed to let, say, a teacher or the school nurse know you need to buy pads or get them from the office. You can try writing the request down on a slip of paper if you're not comfortable saying it out loud. Write something like, "I had my period and I need a pad. Can I please go to the office?"

How To Tell Your Mom You Started Your Period!!!

Do I need to tell my mom I got my period?

It's important that you stay calm and not panic when you get your period! Although it is completely normal, it is quite a big deal, so don't be afraid to tell your mom. However, you should give yourself time to process the changes happening to your body.

Can a 4 year old get her period?

In the United States, a child may get their first period when they're about 12. However, anytime between 10 and 15 is within the average range. It's not entirely unusual for a first period to happen as young as 8 or as old as 16.

What is first period called?

Your first menstrual period is called menarche. It usually happens around age 12. But it is normal to start as early as age 9 or as late as age 15.

How much do you have to weigh to get your first period?

Most girls get their first period between the age of 9 and 16, and puberty normally begins around the age of 8 to 14. Most girls will not start menstruation until they weigh at least 100 pounds. Puberty hormones lead to girls developing breast, hips, pubic hair, and growing in height.

How do I hide my period from my mom?

Use toilet paper.

Wrap a lot of toilet paper around the bottom of your underwear. To play it safe, you can actually tape the toilet paper pad to your underwear with regular Scotch tape so it stays in place. For added protection, add paper towels, or a Kleenex, since they absorb a lot more than the toilet paper.

At what age do periods start?

Your periods will start when your body is ready. This is usually between age 10 and 16, or 2 years after your first signs of puberty. Possible reasons for delayed periods include being underweight, doing lots of exercise (including dance, gymnastics and athletics), stress and a hormone imbalance.

Is it normal to get your period at age 11?

Most young people will have their first periods when they're between 11 and 14½, but anywhere from 9-16 years is considered normal. Periods are likely to start soon if your child has: had a major growth spurt.

How do I celebrate my daughters first period?

Your daughter's first period: Dos and don'ts
  1. Confront the menarche. Be there when your daughter gets her first period. ...
  2. Listen to her. ...
  3. Be warm, reassuring and accepting. ...
  4. Don't dramatize. ...
  5. Avoid overwhelming her with demands. ...
  6. Don't focus too much on period problems. ...
  7. Encourage body positivity. ...
  8. Celebrate.

How do you talk to a girl about her period?

Starting the conversation:
  1. Ask her whether she's heard about puberty and find out what she knows so far. ...
  2. Sharing your own experiences about when you started your period, whether they're long or short, heavy or light, will help her feel more comfortable.

What should I tell my 10 year old about periods?

The earlier you begin talking to your child about the changes to expect during puberty, the better. Don't plan a single tell-all discussion. Instead, plan on a series of conversations. If your child asks questions about menstruation, answer them openly and honestly.

Do boys have periods?

Guys don't have periods because they don't have a uterus, but their bodies develop and change too – the changes are just different. For example: their voice changes and they develop hair on their face and other parts of their bodies. So, although guys don't get periods, their bodies do go through changes too.

At what age do periods stop?

Menopause is the time that marks the end of your menstrual cycles. It's diagnosed after you've gone 12 months without a menstrual period. Menopause can happen in your 40s or 50s, but the average age is 51 in the United States.

What do you do if you get your period at school?

Get supplies that you feel comfortable using.

If you are in class, ask to be excused to the bathroom or the nurse's office. Ask a friend who menstruates if they have an extra pad or tampon you could borrow. If they don't, grab some small change just in case you need to use a vending machine to purchase supplies.

How do I ask my mom about my period?

Your First Period: How to Tell your Mom
  1. Keep it Casual. It could just be the idea of a big sit-down talk that's intimidating. ...
  2. Write it Down. If it's hard for you to start a discussion in person, leave your mom a note where only she'd find it (in one of her dresser drawers or her purse maybe). ...
  3. Be Direct.

Should I help my daughter insert a tampon?

Your daughter can mentally run through the process of inserting a tampon and what she will need to do. Share the different positions she can try like putting one leg up on the toilet or standing with her knees slightly bent. Tell her to do whatever feels comfortable for her.

Can you pee with a tampon in?

Here comes a big sigh of relief for a lot of people out there; you can pee with a tampon in. Peeing with a tampon in won't harm you or do anything to disrupt your period, all it'll do is make the string of your tampon wet – and you can just move the string to the side before you pee.

Can you wear 2 pads at once?

To put your mind at ease, or if your period is especially heavy this month, try covering the entire area of your pants by using two pads instead. Still leaking? We hear you, it happens to the best of us.
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