How do you say beautiful in Scottish?

Female | A quintessential Scottish name that will never go out of fashion, Bonnie is the Scots word for beautiful, pretty, stunning and attractive.

What is the Scottish word for sweetheart?

Acushla comes from the Irish Gaelic cuisle, which can mean "darling" but more literally means "pulse" or "vein." It's an adaptation of the Irish Gaelic a cuisle ("oh darling"). Cuisle was sometimes also paired with ma to give us macushla ("my darling"), as well as our next term of endearment....

What is the Scottish word for Cute?

Cute, n. Also: cuit(t, coot; kute, kuitt.

How do you say awesome in Scottish?

Braw. Braw is a classic piece of Scottish slang. In the iconic comic strip Oor Wullie, the titular character frequently uses it to describe all things nice, brilliant and fantastic. Someone may have 'braw banter', or the view from your hotel room may be braw.

How do you say my darling in Scottish?

Scottish Gaelic terms of endearment
  1. mo ghràdh - my love.
  2. mo chridhe - my heart.
  3. mo leannan - my lover, my sweetheart.
  4. m'eudail - my darling, my dear.
  5. a thasgaidh - my darling, my dear.

How to say "beautiful" in Irish Gaelic

What is a Scottish term of endearment?

M'eudail – Darling/Dear. Mo ghraidh – My love. Mo luaidh – My darling. Mo leannan – My Sweetheart. Chridhe – Heart.

What does a bonnie lass mean?

Pretty or beautiful. A pretty young women could be described as “a bonnie lass”, an attractive man as “a bonnie lad”.

What is the Scottish word for girl?

What is this? Alright, hen (Scottish word for girl) or pal (Scottish word for friend)?

What's the most Scottish thing to say?

Perhaps the most famous Scottish sayings of all time is “Auld Lang Syne”.

What does Bree mean in Scottish?

Bree definition

The definition of a bree is a Scottish term for a watery soup or broth. An example of a bree is a simple soup given to a beggar who asks to be fed.

What does Scottish word Yin mean?

Derived from wee, meaning little, and ane meaning one, wean is a word most commonly used in the West of Scotland to refer to a young child, and is sometimes also spoken as wee yin or 'little one'.

What does braw lad mean in Scottish?

Definition of braw

1 chiefly Scotland : good, fine. 2 chiefly Scotland : well dressed.

What does Peerie lass mean?

Definition of peerie (Entry 2 of 2) Scottish. : small a peerie lad.

What does a Nighean mean?

Nighean. A term of endearment for a woman, that can mean daughter, young woman, or lass. Leannan. Another term of endearment meaning sweetheart, or beautiful woman.

What is the Celtic word for love?

'Grá' is the Irish word for love

In Irish, depending on the context, spellings of words also change. Therefore, very often, you will see different spellings of the same word. For example, the word for love is 'grá,' and in some contexts, it is spelled 'ghrá. '

Is lass used in Scotland?

A lass is a girl. Your Scottish folk dance teacher might announce, "Lads line up on that side, lasses on this side!" Lass is an old-fashioned way to say "young girl," and it's more common in parts of Britain than in the US.

Is lass Irish or Scottish?

Still prevalent in Scottish English, Irish English, North East England, and Yorkshire. Sometimes used poetically in other dialects of English.

What does Skye mean in Gaelic?

Isle of Skye (Gaelic Eilean a Cheo)

The Isle of Skye has its origins in the Norse word for clouds ('sky') with the suffix 'ye' meaning 'island' – literally 'Island of Clouds'. The Gaelic name for Skye 'Eilean a Cheo' also means 'misty isle'.

What does dunderhead mean in Scottish?

​a silly or stupid person.

How do Scottish say love you?

I love you in Scottish slang? A translator tells me they would say 'a loue ye'. So more or less the same, just with a sexy Scottish accent!

What is a cuddy in Scotland?

a donkey; a horse. The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) defines this as a donkey or ass but to some Scots speakers it's a general term for a horse of any description.

What do they call a baby in Scotland?

Bairn is a Scottish or Northern English word for child.

What is a Glasgow kiss?

A Glasgow Kiss [n.] A headbutt or a strike with the head to someone's sensitive area.

Why is Och Aye noo offensive?

“Och aye the noo!”

This is one of those Scottish phrases that can be heard in countless parodies aimed at poking fun at the Scots' dialect and accent. Its direct English translation is “Oh yes, just now”. And, while some Scots may chuckle along with you, it is considered quite offensive by others.