How does Mad fat diary end?

The moving finale to one of E4's most cherished teen dramas saw Rae Earl suffer a relapse from her illness, turn down ex-boyfriend Finn and leave Stamford alone. But it wasn't all bad for Rae as she accepted a place at Bristol University and left her old life behind with all the strength she needed.

Does My Mad Fat Diary have a happy ending?

Season 3 tied up all the loose ends and gave us a very happy and uplifting ending, although I'm sure I speak for many fans when I say it's left us hungry for more.

Do Rey and Finn end up together My Mad Fat Diary?

She then develops feelings for him. In the finale, Finn uses his finger to spell "I love you" on Rae's back. They begin a romantic relationship at the start of Season 2. They split up but get back together at the end of series 2 and are together during series 3.

Who does Finn end up with in My Mad Fat Diary?

Rae crushes on him and then realizes she loves him, and in the final episode of the series, Finn tells Rae he likes her using their secret language. In Series 2, their relationship officially becomes a romantic one and they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Who does Rae end up with?

She marries Karim Bouchtat in the finale of series 1. She becomes pregnant during the second series and gives birth to a girl in the finale of series 2. Ian Hart as Kester Gill, Rae's therapist who helps her deal with her issues.

My Mad Fat Diary 3x03 FINAL

Do Liam and Rae get together?

Liam and Rae share a kiss later on in the series as their relationship becomes close but even yet they're still not in a relationship. Then Liam pops Rae's cherry in the 6th episode of series two but after that Rae just wants to be friends because she's still in love with Finn.

Is Finn in Season 3 of My Mad Fat Diary?

The last episode saw Rae (Sharon Rooney) at the brink of despair, with her family in a state of crisis, her relationship with Finn (Nico Mirallegro) tarnished by his indiscretion with Katie Springer (Faye Marsay) and her connections with therapist Kester (Ian Hart), seemingly lost.

Does Rae go to uni?

The moving finale to one of E4's most cherished teen dramas saw Rae Earl suffer a relapse from her illness, turn down ex-boyfriend Finn and leave Stamford alone. But it wasn't all bad for Rae as she accepted a place at Bristol University and left her old life behind with all the strength she needed.

What happens to Chloe in My Mad Fat Diary?

Rae discovers that Chloe has gone back to Ian as she believes she doesn't deserve any better than to be used for sex and to be his servant. In the final episode, Rae builds up the courage to confront Ian and talk to Chloe and convince her to come home.

Do Rae and Chloe stay friends?

They're still friends, but Rae can't fully trust her anymore. You're absolutely right that Chloe calling Rae out first was a low blow, but she could have been trying to see if Rae would reveal something about France, or maybe even if she would try to lie about her sexual experience.

What happens in My Mad Fat Diary?

Set in the mid-90s at the height of cool Britannia, My Mad Fat Diary takes a hilarious and honest look at teenage life from the perspective of Rae - a funny, music-mad 16-year-old who, despite an eccentric mother and her own body image and mental health issues, has a huge lust for life, love, and trying to get laid.

What is wrong with Tix in Mad fat diary?

Tix (Series 1 & 3)

15 year-old Tix was the girl that Rae hung out with at the psychiatric ward in Series 1. She had quite strong mental health issues (for example, she never wanted to be touched) and was looking at Rae's rehabilitation as hope that she can one day leave the ward too. Sadly, she died in the end.

Is Rae Earl a real person?

Earl was born and raised in Stamford, Lincolnshire. She attended Stamford High School. She obtained a degree from Hull University and won the university's Philip Larkin literary prize in 1994.

Is Rae wearing a fat suit?

The first takes place in the first season; We are in Rae's imagination. Rae stands in front of a mirror and reaches behind her head. It is revealed that there is a zipper on the back of her neck- she unzips it and her body becomes a fat suit that she takes off and steps out of.

What happens to Chloe in My Mad Fat Diary Season 3?

Her best friend Chloe (Jodie Comer) is in hospital, unconscious after being injured in the car crash. To make things worse, Chloe's parents blame Rae for their daughter's accident and will therefore not allow Rae to come and visit her.

Is there a season 4 of My Mad Fat Diary?

The next series of E4 drama My Mad Fat Diary will be the last, Channel 4 has confirmed. The show will not be returning after the third series which will air in the summer – although there is the promise that its heroine Rachel 'Rae' Earl (Sharon Rooney) may find more love in the final run of the drama.

Did Rae sleep with Liam?

Episode 6 left us with Rae spending the night with Liam. This turns out to be the first time she has had sex. There is the awkward moment of waking up the next morning, and we see that both Rae and Liam slept with their clothes on during the night.

What was wrong with Danny two hats?

Danny “Two Hats” (on account of the two hats he wears to stop brainwave interference), is a sweet co-resident at Rae's hospital. He suffers from many unexplained illnesses, which can be assumed along the lines of OCD or paranoid schizophrenia.

How old is Rae in My Mad Fat Diary Season 1?

Plot. Series 1 follows the story of 16-year-old Rae, a funny, psychologically-damaged teenager with an odd family. Although she is not what she considers "normal", she has aspirations and desires just like her best friend Chloe.

What illness does Rae Earl have?

What defines Rae Earl, then? She thinks for a moment. “I am Rae. I do have obsessive compulsive disorder – it's under control, but it's there.

Does Rae go to Knebworth?

Synopsis. Rae is invited by the boys to go to Knebworthwith them to see a band called Oasis perform. She's happy they got her a ticket until she asks Chop why he invited her, to which he replies because they consider her "one of the lads." She goes outside and is shocked to see Chloe in a car with their PE teacher, Mr.