How I cured my lichen planus in mouth?

Oral lichen planus is a chronic condition. There is no cure, so the treatment focuses on helping severe lesions heal and reducing pain or other discomfort. Your doctor will monitor your condition to determine the appropriate treatment or stop treatment as necessary.

How Long Does lichen planus last in the mouth?

In most cases, lichen planus will go away within 2 years. If you have symptoms, such as severe itching or sores in your mouth or genital area, treatment can help.

What mouthwash is best for oral lichen planus?

Daily hydrogen peroxide mouthwash (Peroxyl) or occasional chlorhexidine (Corsodyl) twice per week are examples. If possible, avoid a mouthwash containing alcohol. In severe cases of oral lichen planus, systemic treatment (taken by mouth) may be required for several months or years.

Can oral lichen planus go away on its own?

Lichen planus is not a dangerous disease, and it usually goes away on its own. But in some people, it may come back.

Is aloe vera juice good for oral lichen planus?

Conclusion: The study concluded that aloe vera is effective in the management of symptomatic oral lichen planus with minimal side effects.

Lichen Planus - Burning Mouth Symptoms | Causes | Treatment

What vitamins help oral lichen planus?

Lichen planus disease is a chronic inflammatory lesion without a known etiology. Recent studies have indicated the role of vitamin D on immune system and proposed its anti-inflammatory effects.

What is the best natural treatment for lichen planus?

These include Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) gel; Curcuma longa (turmeric) rhizome; curcumin; Potentilla tormentilla (tormentil) herb; Portulacca oleracea (purslane) leaf; Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root; Tripterygium wilfordii (thunder god vine) root; Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) leaf or root; Alcea rosea ( ...

Is lichen planus lifelong?

It is often painful and sometimes itchy. If it is not treated, lichen planus can cause permanent scarring and possibly cancer. For most women it is a lifelong condition.

What triggers oral lichen planus?

It's possible that, in some people, oral lichen planus may be triggered by certain medications, mouth injury, infection or allergy-causing agents such as dental materials. Stress may be involved in symptoms becoming worse or recurring.

What foods trigger oral lichen planus?

They'll likely hurt the most when you eat or drink foods that are spicy, salty, acidic (orange juice, tomatoes), or alcoholic. Crispy treats and drinks with caffeine can also cause problems. Your doctor can diagnose oral lichen planus by taking a small piece of skin from inside your mouth.

What toothpaste is good for oral lichen planus?

Use SLS-free toothpaste such as Biotene, Pronamel, Orajel for dry mouth, Sensodyne, or Prevident. (Avoid mint flavors.)

Is turmeric good for oral lichen planus?

Turmeric and Tulsi both are effective in management of Oral lichen planus but turmeric is more effective in reducing burning sensation, pain and white lesions compared to Tulsi.

Can baking soda help oral lichen planus?

baking soda and lemon are very much effective in treating OLP. The commonly used homeopathic medicines used for the treatment of OLP are plantaga, mercsol and borax. The non pharmacological approaches used for treating OLP include PUVA therapy, laser therapy, cryotherapy and CO2 laser.

Is Vitamin C good for oral lichen planus?

The TAC levels also was low in patients with lichen planus. Our results indicate that salivary antioxidant vitamin (vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C) levels are significantly lower in patients with OLP. In addition, vitamin C and vitamin E showed a positive correlation.

What should I eat if I have lichen planus?

When the lesions are symptomatic, patients may avoid certain foods that may aggravate the symptoms. They are often on a soft diet, which may be a predominantly carbohydrate diet. Advise patients with oral lichen planus (OLP) that a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables may help reduce the risk of oral SCC.

How long does it take for lichen planus to clear up?

Most cases of lichen planus of the skin clear up on their own within 6 to 9 months. The rash rarely lasts longer than 18 months. However, oral lichen planus and lichen planus that affects the genital area may be more persistent.

Does Covid 19 cause lichen planus?

Despite viruses being reported as a triggering factor in oral lichen planus, very few cases of oral lichen planus after COVID-19 infection were noticed. The immunological and psychological changes induced by COVID-19 infection may explain the tendency to find lichen planus lesions in COVID-19 patients.

Is oral lichen planus precancerous?

Lichen planus affects the skin, mucosa (including the oral mucosa) or a combination of both (4). In 1978, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that oral lichen planus (OLP) is a precancerous condition (5). In this regard, the association between OLP and oral cancer has been extensively studied.

Can homeopathy cure oral lichen planus?

Yes, you could definitely treat it with Homoeopathy very effectively. Lichen planus is self limiting disease so no need of steroids. Homoeopathy medicine can definitely help you with faster recovery. Consult a Homoeopathy doctor nearby.

Is sunshine good for lichen planus?

If the lichen planus is on the regular skin and not very severe, treatment is often not needed. If the lichen planus is caused by the sun (some cases of lichen planus pigmentosus), a strong sunscreen (sun protection factor [SPF] 50 or higher) should be used daily.

How common is oral lichen planus?

Often, it is found only in the oral cavity. Overall, lichen planus affects approximately 2 percent of the population. Although the disorder may occur in all age groups, women over the age 50 years are most commonly affected.

Can oral lichen planus affect the throat?

Oral lichen planus occurs most often on the inside of your cheeks but also can affect your gums, tongue, lips and other parts of your mouth. Oral lichen planus sometimes involves your throat or esophagus.

How do you beat lichen planus?

Steroids have been the drugs of choice in the treatment of lichen planus whether topical or systemic. Their hazards and side effects and contraindications are well known .

Is Honey Good for lichen planus?

Aphthous stomatitis, as well as other oral lesions such as recurrent herpes labialis, recurrent intraoral herpes, atrophic/erosive oral lichen planus, oral candidiasis, and oral psoriasis can be successfully treated with honey.

Does vitamin D Help oral lichen planus?

The effect of vitamin D supplementation on OLP symptoms

Studies that have evaluated the effect of vitamin D supplementation on OLP showed statistically significant improvement in symptoms of OLP patients receiving vitamin D supplementation.
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