How many endings are in Life is Strange?

Officially, there are six different endings you can see, but these are slight variations on two core outcomes you can choose from when it comes to the close of chapter 5. As with previous Life is Strange games
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The plot focuses on Alex Chen, a young woman who can experience the emotions of others, as she tries to solve the mystery behind a tragedy that happened in her life. It is the fifth game in the Life Is Strange series, and the third main installment, succeeding Life Is Strange 2. › wiki › Life_Is_Strange:_True_Colors
, you'll be faced with many choices to make throughout your time in True Colors.

How many Life is Strange 1 endings are there?

Ever since the original Life is Strange concluded with that choice, fans have debated which of the game's two endings was canon. Now, Life is Strange's upcoming comic series will explore what happened next after one ending in particular.

How many endings to life is strange 2?

There are four main endings to Life Is Strange 2 (with three variations) that will largely depend on whether you choose to teach Daniel to use his powers for moral or immoral reasons (though it's not always clear what path you're teaching him to take).

How many different endings in life is strange true colors?

It is a cathartic conclusion that makes excellent use of lighting and color to completely draw you into its every emotion. Though this is only the beginning of the end for Alex. Once that is over, there are six different branching endings that can come about from your choices.

What is the best ending to Life is Strange?

The endings are neither "good" nor "bad" (you could even say that the best ending is the one in which you sacrifice Chloe because it has the best soundtrack during the cutscene). The first ending - Sacrifice Chloe - results in sacrificing your friend in order to save Arcadia Bay from a catastrophe - a tornado.

Life is Strange Episode 5 Both Endings All Sacrifice Chloe & Save Arcadia Bay Polarized

What happens if I sacrifice Chloe?

If Chloe is sacrificed to save Arcadia Bay from the oncoming tornado, Max will use the butterfly photo to travel back to the moment Nathan shot Chloe in Episode 1 of Life is Strange. Instead of stopping him, she will not intervene, and Chloe will die.

Should I save Chloe or Arcadia Bay?

They have a way to fix things, though, as they've got a picture that Max took right before Nathan killed Chloe. With it, the protagonist can return to that time and not use her power as she did before. As a result, Arcadia Bay would survive, but Chloe would die.

Can you end up with Ryan in life is strange?

Make your way to the cart with the roses and interact with it before heading back over to Ryan. Alex can then give Ryan a rose, which will lead to a rooftop invitation. Later, when up on the rooftop with Ryan, players just need to choose a kiss over a hug to lock in a romance with Ryan.

Is Gabe alive Life is strange?

He is level-headed, caring, and everything one could ask for in a big brother. Sadly though, his life is cut short when an explosion in the mountains causes a landslide, which sends Gabe over the edge of a ravine and to his death.

Can you save Gabe in life is strange?

The answer to the question of whether you can save Gabe Chen in Life Is Strange: True Colors is no, you cannot. The reason for this is because Gabe's death is a key plot device that helps further the story along.

Will there be a Life is Strange 3?

The Life is Strange series has encapsulated fans with two fantastic main titles, a prequel, and a spin-off. Now, that the third iteration in the series has been revealed, we've got all the release date, trailer, and gameplay info you need to get excited about Life is Strange: True Colors.

Can you save mushroom Life is Strange?

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to get around Mushroom's death in the game. No matter what choices you make, Mushroom does not make it to the end of the game alive. Truly, it's a heartbreaking video game death if we've ever seen one.

Can you save Rachel Amber?

When popular girl Rachel Amber goes missing, her absence sets the story — about a teenage girl named Max who can rewind time and her best friend Chloe, who is in love with Rachel — in motion. In the end, you learn that Rachel can't be saved, and Chloe may be doomed as well, depending on how you play.

Which ending is canon in Life is Strange 1?

Essentially, Max either preserves thousands of lives or ensures the well being of the one person who matters most to her. According to Dontnod, there is no canon ending.

Should I keep Ethan's secret?

If you choose to keep Ethan's Secret you will essentially let Ethan wander up to the mines alone. He'll do that regardless, but Gabe will be disappointed with you when you read his thoughts later on. It's not a huge consequence, but one that can easily be avoided by choosing the other option.

Should I tell Gabe Ethan's secret?

The best thing to do here is to tell Gabe. It's the right thing to do, and he'll appreciate your honesty. He'll call Charlotte to let her know, and your relationship with both Gabe and Charlotte will improve. If you keep Ethan's secret, there won't be any immediate consequences.

Can you date Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors?

There are two romance options in Life is Strange: True Colors that Alex may choose between. Alex can date either Steph or Ryan, and that's something you'll need to choose by way of different dialogue options. There are two important choices you'll have to make to cinch Steph as a romantic option.

Can you kiss Ryan and Steph?

If you want to romance Ryan, make sure you kiss him. Steph and Ryan are the only two romance options in the game, and choosing one of them here will lock you into a relationship if you decide to go through with it.

Does Max end up with Chloe?

Max and Chloe have formed a new life together in Seattle.

Can I romance Both Steph and Ryan?

Romance has always been an important part of every LiS game, and Life is Strange: True Colors is no different, with you having two romance options this time around: Steph and Ryan. You can romance only one of them, and this is one of the most important decisions you will need to make during your playthrough.

Does Life is Strange 2 Connect to 1?

Although the sequel to Life is Strange takes place after the events of the first game, it is not a direct sequel. Life is Strange 2 revolves around the brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, who decide to flee from their hometown Seattle after a terrible accident.

Why does Life is Strange ask if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

As noted by Koch himself on Twitter, Life is Strange 2 starts out by asking players if they chose to save or sacrifice Arcadia Bay, so this actually suits itself to the player choice. So there is still no "canon" ending to LiS1. Shacknews regrets this error.]

How do I save Kate's life?

Kate message Max and express her disappointment. During the situation on the rooftop, it will be more difficult for you to save Kate. During conversation you will get four dialogue options, but only: "I'm gathering proof" will bring you closer to saving the girl. The rest of them will bring Kate closer to her death.
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