Is Cardboard safe for guinea pigs?

A guinea pig's teeth grow continually throughout his life, so chewing is essential to keep them worn down and prevent dental problems. Guinea pigs' digestive systems allow them to chew wood and wood-based products such as paper and cardboard without any ill effects.

Is it OK for guinea pigs to eat cardboard?

As a general rule, gnawing on cardboard is safe for guinea pigs. But, eating and swallowing large amounts of it can be fatal. Gnawing on too much cardboard over time may cause intestinal blockages in guinea pigs – which could lead to death if not treated quickly enough.

Are toilet paper rolls OK for guinea pigs?

Yes, guinea pigs can chew on toilet paper rolls. And it's perfectly safe as long as your furry friends aren't making a meal of the toilet paper roll. Nibbling kind of comes with the territory for cavies. They'll chew almost anything that they can get their paws on.

What materials are guinea pig safe?

That's because grass, wood, and wood products are really the only material that is natural, healthy, and safe enough for guinea pigs to chew on.

What do you put on the bottom of a guinea pig cage?

The best items to put on the bottom of a guinea pig cage are absorbent, soft, and odorless. Hay, paper and aspen shavings, 100% wood pellets, and fleece meet those basic requirements. Used alone or combined with other materials, all are good options to cover the bottom of a cavy enclosure.

Guinea Pigs Eat Cardboard | GuineaDad

Can I use a towel for guinea pig bedding?

Got some old towels somewhere in your home? If so, you can totally throw them in your guinea pigs' cage and use them as bedding!

Do guinea pigs need to be covered at night?

Guinea pigs sometimes sleep with their eyes open, so the darkness a cage cover provides is ideal for them. However, since these animals sleep for short periods, they are awake and alert during various times throughout the night.

Can guinea pigs chew on sticks from outside?

Untreated wood sticks or blocks are fine for your guinea pig, with the exception of pine and cedar which have strong odors, making for discomfort and possible lung damage. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls are also fine, but take off as much of any remaining adhesives prior to use.

What toys do guinea pigs play with?

What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Play With? This Top 10 List Will Give You Some Great Ideas!
  • Crumpled paper or paper bags.
  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Tunnels.
  • Hay or grass chew balls.
  • Chew sticks.
  • Fleece accessories.
  • Stuffed socks.
  • Stuffed tubes with hay.

Are shoe boxes safe for guinea pigs?

Here's another easy toy you can make for your guinea pigs using a cardboard shoe box. As with anything else you give your piggies, just make sure to remove all potentially chewable materials (such as labels, packaging tape, or stickers). We cut out two large holes and put hay inside for the piggies to munch on.

Can guinea pigs play with paper bags?

Boxes and Bags

Cardboard boxes and brown paper bags are simple toys that can entertain your guinea pig for hours. Cut a hole in the side of a cardboard box so your pig can run in and out of it.

What do guinea pigs love the most?

Your pig will be perfectly happy with high quality pellets and hay and treats of fruits and vegetables. For a special snack, try mixing some rolled oats into your guinea pig's pellets or stuff a small cardboard tube with fresh hay.

What Colours can guinea pigs see?

Unlike most rodents, guinea pigs -- also called cavies because of their scientific name, Cavia porcellus -- do see colors. They are not color-blind; they see most colors accurately. They also rely on their other senses, such as hearing and touch, which are more developed.

What do guinea pigs like to sleep in?

While they don't sleep much, guinea pigs still need a secluded, comfy spot to snooze. Place a sleeping box or cuddle cup in your furry friend's cage and line it with some soft hay or paper bedding to keep him comfy. Get a large sleeping box for more than one guinea pig to share.

Can you give guinea pigs pine cones?

Owners who do choose to offer pine cones will wash them in hot water then bake them in an oven at low temp to dry them out, evaporate any residual oils and to kill bacteria/fungus. If the toy was made specifically for guinea pigs, it is likely fine.

Can guinea pigs chew on plastic?

Adult Guinea Pig

They have always be fine with chewing on it and it has never caused them any health problems.

Can guinea pigs eat paper?

Yes, guinea pigs can safely eat small amounts of paper and paper products as long as it's free of ink, glue, chemicals, and toxic substances. But, purposely feeding large amounts of paper to guinea pigs can result in problems such as obstruction of their digestive tract, leading to health concerns.

How can I tell if my guinea pig is cold?

How Do I Know If My Guinea Pig Is Too Cold?
  1. If you notice your cavy's ears, nose, or feet are cold to the touch, then their body temperature is too low.
  2. If you have a thermometer, you can use it in their enclosure to see if they're too cold. ...
  3. They'll also shiver and huddle together (if you have more than one).

Do guinea pigs need grass to run on?

Hay and grass

Remember, guinea pigs need hay and/or grass for their digestive systems to function properly. Also, their teeth are always growing, and eating hay helps wear them down to keep them at the correct length and shape.

Do guinea pigs get cold at night?

Your Guinea Pig's Preferred Climate

Some rodents, like ground squirrels or Eastern chipmunks, hibernate when the weather turns cold, but guinea pigs don't. Instead, guinea pigs are most comfortable in air temperatures of about 65°F to 75°F. Anything below about 60°F is probably too cold for your pig.

What can I use instead of bedding for guinea pigs?

Guinea Pig Bedding Alternatives
  • Fleece.
  • Shredded Cardboard.
  • Hay.
  • Straw.
  • Shredded Paper.
  • Newspaper.

Can you use puppy pads for guinea pigs?

Puppy pee pads are safe for guinea pigs, but they should be layered underneath another type of bedding, so the guinea pigs don't chew on or eat them out of boredom. Avoid any pee pads with added scents or solutions, as these are often toxic if ingested.

What's the best bedding for guinea pigs?

The main bedding substrate options for guinea pigs include fleece cage liners, cloth, paper and wood shavings. Fleece cage liners: These are fast becoming a very popular option especially for indoor housed guinea pigs. Not all fleece liners are the same.