Is Foxy a good guy in FNAF?

He is most likely good. When he runs to you I think he is trying to say "hello", but when he gets there, his voice box,(being broken) lets out a scream.

Does Foxy try to help?

tl;dr: Foxy is probably trying to help out someone who might be a victim like him, but sucks at it. Sure there's no direct storyline to support it all but his behavior and just how dfferent he is makes me reconsider how he's not so much a "villain" or "evil", and just how he's just an antagonist.

Is Foxy evil in FNAF?

This is likely because unlike the other animatronics, Foxy does not jump into the player's face. This had lead people to once believe that Foxy was not actually evil and just checking on the guard, giving him a heart attack in the process by accident. This has been disproven in later games.

Why is Foxy damaged?

It's possible the decaying body damaged Foxy and with the building being threatened with closure and lower amount of income that must of happened, Foxy was never repaired. We also know that he was always twitchy as Phone Guy tells us in FNAF 2. So his endoskeleton was always kinda broken.

Is Foxy left or right?

Classic Foxy

He has a hook for his right hand and his left hand has been worn down to the endoskeleton. He also bears an eye patch that is folded over his right eye, although he is usually seen with it above his eye rather than covering it. Unlike the stereotypical fox, Foxy doesn't have a tail.

Why Foxy is NOT a Good Guy! - Five Nights at Freddy's

Why is Foxy out of order?

Foxy is Out Of Order because of his endoskeleton. Basically it's because the endoskeleton was so twitchy and glitchy, (as said in the book "FNaF: The Silver Eyes") that the owner of the restaurant had to make Foxy Out Of Order. The restaurant owner didn't actually notice it himself first.

Did Foxy cause the bite of 87?

While the bite is still debated about which animatronic did it as the answer is still unconfirmed, the most likely culprits are: Withered Freddy, Withered Foxy, and Mangle.

Why does the Freddy mask not work on Foxy?

The working theory is that Foxy's endoskeleton is very twitchy and doesn't have proper recognition software installed. Therefore, he views everything as the same entity, but he is susceptible to lights due to his malfuntioning photoreceptors being too sensitive to it.

Is Foxy's jaw dislocated?

As we see in the parts and services camera, withered foxy has his jaw closed so yeah, his jaw isn't broken either. I don't think we ever actually see mangle with its mouth closed. Except while it is in the vent. However, it is safe to say that the vent is forcing mangle's jaw closed.

Who is the scariest FNAF character?

Withered Bonnie

Creator of the franchise, Scott Cawthon, considers Bonnie to be the scariest animatronic in the game and has said he's even had multiple nightmares surrounding the rabbit.

How do you stop Foxy nightmares?

Both Nightmare Foxy and Freddy only pose a threat to the player if they enter a certain location (the Closet in the case of Nightmare Foxy, and the East Hall Corner in the case of Freddy), both can be prevented from entering this location by constantly monitoring them, and both will not leave this location once they ...

What is the deadliest animatronic in FNAF?

Springtrap is one of the most aggressive characters in the series, Golden Freddy can teleport and turn into Golden Heady, and the Marionette was able to give life to most every animatronic in the series.

How fast can Foxy run?

Using a simple converter, I figured out Foxy runs 27.27 miles per hour, or 43.89 kilometers per hour. That is extremely advanced technology for 1993, the fastest robot of it's time.

How do I get rid of Foxy?

Foxy- Keep flashing your light on him and open your camera and he will go away.

Why is Foxy's jumpscare different?

We all know that Foxy does not have a proper jumpscare, he just sort of leans into the room and screams at you. The original theory says that this is due to a malfunctioning voicebox and it kills you via natural means such as a heart attack.

How do you know if Foxy is coming?

Foxy is unique in the way that he will emerge from Pirate Cove faster or slower depending on how often the player has the camera open. If the player opens the camera too little he will emerge faster, until he has left the cove. He runs down the West Hall and to the Office.

How come Foxy can see through the mask?

Or dismantled Foxy. It's facial scanners are broken so it can see through your disguise.

Why is Freddy fooled by the Freddy mask?

The reason most animatronics are fooled by the mask is obviously because they think it is a animatronic but would it not be suspicious to see the same 'animatronic' in the office doing work. This shows animatronics don't have very good AI except Foxy and the Puppet.

Is FNaF based on a true story?

Cheese being an inspiration for the Five Nights at Freddy's games is detailed in the following Game Theorists video, where they draw some eery similarities between the backstory of the games and a real-life tragedy that occurred at a Chuck E. Cheese's location in Aurora, CO in December 1993.

Is the bite of 83 real?

Fredbear on the other hand was fully removed, that's why Golden Freddy (a.k.a Fredbear) only appears as a brief hallucination in the office and isn't physically present in FNaF 2. So, there you go, bite of '83 debunked, bite of '87 confirmed... yay!

Who possesses Golden Freddy?

Golden Freddy is a major character in The Silver Eyes. Unlike the games, He is possessed by a boy named Michael Brooks. In The Silver Eyes, he is also implied to be the mascot suit used to lure the children to the back room.

Why is foxy not in the game?

As per the Reddit user, HovercraftCautious17 states Pirate animatronic in the Fazebear pizzeria was not getting enough attention anymore from their consumers so they may have decommissioned him in FNAF Security Breach.

Who is Ennard possessed by?

Ennard is an endoskeleton, containing most of the animatronics from Sister Location within him after Night 5. Due to including Circus Baby, Ennard was mostly controlled by Baby/Elizabeth Afton.

Who is mangle possessed by?

It is theorized that Mangle is possessed by an unknown child who was killed by William Afton, much like the other animatronics.
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