Is Kirby a void termina?

Void Termina is the final Boss of Kirby Star Allies. Known as the 'Destroyer of Worlds', he is a being made of pure chaos conjured from the Jamba Heart by Hyness in order to destroy the galaxy. Void Termina initially appears as a gorilla-like humanoid and is capable of changing his form as the battle goes on.

Is void termina related to Kirby?

Void Termina, also titled as Destroyer of Worlds or True Destroyer of Worlds and referred to as the Dark Lord by Hyness, is the reincarnated form of the god of the Jambastion Religion and the final boss of Kirby Star Allies.

Is Astral birth void Kirby?

Is that Zero3? Void, titled as Astral Birth, (Sometimes refered to Astral Birth Void) is a boss appearing in Kirby Star Allies. He is the final boss of The Ultimate Choice on the Soul Melter EX difficulty, replacing both Void Termina's fourth phase and Void Soul.

What is Kirby the god of?

Here's your single lesson, the sole doctrine you need carry in your bosom to protect you against all evils: Kirby is your Savior. Kirby is our Savior. Only he has the power to protect us from fallen Seraphim who command, uh, giant hands that…

Is Kirby a chaos deity?

Star Allies: Kirby might be a reincarnated version of an ancient universe destroying chaos god who somehow ended up as good and now has to kill another chaos god who was previously locked away by ancient advanced aliens but was now brought to life by a deranged cultist who attempted to sacrifice himself and his loyal ...

Void Termina | What is Kirby Canon?

Is Meta Knight a Kirby?

While he appears to be of the same species as Kirby, his exact relation to Kirby is not known for certain. Meta Knight is the leader of a group of soldiers known as the Meta-Knights (note the hyphen) which includes Axe Knight, Mace Knight, Trident Knight, Javelin Knight and Sailor Dee.

Who is Magolor soul?

Magolor Soul is the final boss of Extra Mode in the game Kirby's Return to Dream Land, being fought after Magolor EX is defeated. He has a much more menacing appearance in this form than his old one, such as being more of a bluish-black color, and having a more elaborate crown with a spikier build.

Why does void soul look like Kirby?

Void Soul takes forms of both Kirby and Dark Matter, suggesting that he might be related to them. Much like how Void Termina's core is colored pink like Kirby, Void Soul's coloration is white, mimicking the American box art for Kirby's Dream Land (in which Kirby was depicted as white).

Are Kirby and zero related?

Trivia. It is stated in the Japanese-exclusive 20th Anniversary Kirby Pupupu Encyclopedia that Zero is the leader of Dark Matter. Despite its close resemblance to 0², and the latter also seemingly leading Dark Matter invasions, no relationship between the two has been officially confirmed.

What happens when you 100 percent Kirby and the forgotten land?

Reward for Getting 100%

Once players hit 100%, a splash screen will pop up showing Kirby with some other characters from the game. Also, the player's file icon on the save data screen will show a winking and rainbow-colored Kirby. That's everything. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is available for the Nintendo Switch.

Is Kirby void in Kirby?

Kirby is a positive reincarnation of Void, while Dark Matter is negative.

Who is Marx Kirby?

Marx is a Kirby series character who first appeared in the SNES game Kirby Super Star as one of the game's two main antagonists, the other being King Dedede. He is final boss of the subgame, Milky Way Wishes and the Arena.

Does Kirby have lore?

Kirby has developed a lot of lore in his long history and there's actually a lot of things to catch up on that might be important. That might be surprising for the series that seems so cute and cuddly, but the callbacks and connections are a big appeal to fans.

Is Kirby a child?

His age is never directly stated, although he is referred to as a "little boy" in the English manual for Kirby's Dream Land, described as a baby in the anime, and was referred to as being a "jolly fellow" in Kirby Super Star.

What species is Kirby?

Kirby's species, or Kirbies, are a sapient balloon-like race of inhabitants of the Planet Pop Star.

What is under Meta Knights mask?

In older games and in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, he is seen throwing his cape aside, revealing that his wings are underneath the cape. However, in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Meta Knight throws off his cape, but he uses the cape again after he is defeated.

What is Kirby void?

Void, titled as Astral Birth, is a boss appearing in Kirby Star Allies. He is the final boss of The Ultimate Choice on the Soul Melter EX difficulty, replacing both Void Termina's final phase and Void Soul.

Is Kirby Eldritch?

Kirby is not an eldritch horror, he is responsible for the destruction of the previous universe and only by cruelty allowed some of its inhabitants to survive.

Is Kirby a pink demon?

Kirby is a short spherical pink creature with two stumpy arms and two red feet. He has two ovular blue eyes with black pupils.

What is Miracle matter Kirby?

Miracle Matter is the boss of Ripple Star in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It is the final boss of the game if Kirby does not have all 72 (74 if the shards Kirby and Ribbon found in the second movie sequence are counted) of the Crystal Shards. After defeating it, it will explode, revealing a final, large Crystal Shard.

What is gooey from Kirby?

Gooey is a friendly piece of the villainous Dark Matter, a form of which is usually the final boss in the Kirby games. He is Kirby's best friend. Like Kirby, he uses Copy Abilities but he licks enemies instead of swallowing them in order to gain their ability.

Is Queen Sectonia a wasp?

Queen Sectonia is the main antagonist and final boss of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. She is a decorated and prodigious bee-like creature whose ambitions are rooted in egoism and vanity.