Is part 5 of Money Heist the last?

Money Heist final season and spin-offs
Money Heist season five is the final outing for the show, but a spin-off series starring Pedro Alonso, who played Berlin on the hit crime drama, has been confirmed by Netflix.

Is part 5 of Money Heist the last season?

The Spanish TV series is set to end with its fifth and final season- Money Heist season 5 Vol. 2. It will stream on Netflix from December 3, consisting of the final five episodes. Created by Alex Pina and produced by Vancouver Media, the show wrapped production on its last chapter on May 14.

Is there a part 6 to Money Heist?

Technically, no, there won't be a season 6 of Money Heist. Netflix announced last year that Money Heist season 5 would be the final season of the Netflix original series.

Is there more Money Heist after part 5?

As Netflix released Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 on December 3, 2021, audiences may be wondering if there will be another season. Sadly, it was already announced in July 2020 that Money Heist season 5 would be the show's last.

Is Money Heist Part 6 the last season?

This week marks the end of Money Heist, and with its final episodes comes the end of an era. We've seen these red-clad antiheroes rob the Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain.

The End of The Heist (Season 5 Episode 10) | Money Heist/La Casa de Papel | Netflix

Is Money Heist a true story?

The premise of Money Heist involving the Professor and his ragtag team of idiosyncratic robbers who carry out the dangerously ambitious 11-day heist is purely fictional, bereaved by the creative ingenuity of the showrunner Alex Pina. However, the show does derive certain elements from real life.

Why was Money Heist Cancelled?

Money Heist- Reasons behind the cancellation

According to the creator and executive producer, Alex Pina, it was difficult to generate the next season because of the exploitation of the characters. Alex Pina has said, “We've made over 2,000 minutes of fiction with two heists.

Is this the end of Money Heist?

After five seasons, "Money Heist," or "La Casa de Papel" as it's known in Spain, said goodbye as the second half of the fifth and final season hit Netflix on Dec. 3.

How many seasons of Money Heist will there be?

All the details on why Money Heist is ending after five seasons on Netflix. International phenomenon Money Heist has concluded its blockbuster run on Netflix, with the latter half of season five wrapping up the story of the iconic Salvador Dalí gang.

Where is Money Heist filmed?

Thanks to Netflix and the success of Money Heist, the production budget has helped the filmmakers shoot in international locations for Money Heist Season 3 and 4, while the first two seasons were primarily filmed in Madrid, Spain.

Is Money Heist coming back?

Money Heist season five is the final outing for the show, but a spin-off series starring Pedro Alonso, who played Berlin on the hit crime drama, has been confirmed by Netflix. Berlin: A New Series is set to premiere in 2023 and will see Alonso reprise his role of jewel thief Andrés de Fonollosa.

Does The Professor get the gold back?

Ending explained. Yes, The Professor and his heist team get the gold back from Rafael in the end.

How much did Netflix pay for Money Heist?

Do you wonder how much Netflix paid to buy 'La Casa de Papel'? According to UK's Express website, the streaming platform only paid two dollars. The news was reportedly also confirmed by Andy Harries, head of Left Bank Pictures, during a Q&A with BAFTA.

Is the Royal Mint of Spain Real?

'National Coinage and Stamp Factory – Royal Mint', FNMT-RCM) is the national mint of Spain. The FNMT-RCM is a public corporation that is attached to the Ministry of Economy and Business.

Is Money Heist hit or flop?

Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, was a massive flop in Spain. The show almost ended, as it was being scraped and was given the order to be never resurrected again.

Is Raquel a traitor?

Some users have pointed out that she was not a traitor, but just taken by the police against her will. Another user called gramfer replied: “Nah, she burnt all bridges. A traitor would give everybody up before the new robbery, at least the Professor.”

How much do heist actors make?

Arturo. Enrique Arce aka Arturo takes $80,000 (Rs. 59,00,000) per episode.

Does Netflix own Money Heist?

In December 2017, Netflix acquired the exclusive global streaming rights for the series. Netflix re-cut the series into 22 episodes of around 50 minutes' length.

What is the most watched show on Netflix?

Netflix's most watched shows, ranked
  • The Witcher (season 2) -- 484.3 million hours.
  • 13 Reasons Why (season 1) -- 475.6 million hours.
  • Maid, a limited series about a young mother fleeing abuse -- 469.1 million hours.
  • You (season 3), a psychological thriller -- 467.8 million hours.

What happens at the end of Money Heist part 5?

While Colonel Tamayo's attempts at defeating The Professor fell flat, Alicia Sierra finally managed to join hands with the mastermind, considering it was the only way to prove her innocence. The gold was transferred to the stormwater tank and Benjamin began converting the precious grains to gold bricks.

Does Alicia find the gold?

Eventually, The Professor has to give up his search as he is needed at the bank, so he tells Sierra (who has joined the gang) to find it for him. After researching the land registry, Alicia Sierra realizes that Tatiana and Rafael buried the gold under a newly purchased land plot.

Why does Rafael return gold to Professor?

While it is never truly revealed in the show, we believe that the note was a kind of promise to Rafael that if he gives up the gold, a portion of it will be sent to him. Maybe The Professor believed it will only be fair to share the stolen gold with Berlin's son, and that will be the best way to honor his dead brother.

Is Berlin still alive?

In the final minutes of part 2, Berlin sacrifices himself so that the gang can escape, dying under police fire. Despite his death, he appears in a main role in part 3 through flashbacks to several years earlier, showing his original planning of the Bank of Spain heist and being married to a woman named Tatiana.
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