Is Shadowmere a boy or girl?

Did You Know: Shadowmere was referred to as being female in Oblivion, but male in Skyrim? Interestingly, the only person to refer to Shadowmere's gender in Oblivion was male, Lucien Lachance, while the only person to refer to Shadowmere's gender in Skyrim was female, Astrid.

Is Arvak better than Shadowmere?

Shadowmere or Arvak. I personally like Arvak more, since you can summon him wherever you want, but Shadowmere is stronger in battle.

What is so special about Shadowmere?

Shadowmere has much higher health than a regular horse and an extremely fast health regeneration, making him far less likely to die than normal horses. If enemies are nearby, Shadowmere will actively attack them. He deals very little damage, but can serve as a useful distraction while the Dragonborn attacks from afar.

Is Shadowmere immortal Skyrim?

Fandom. Shadowmere Is immortal because he cant die even if im attacking him.

Where is the unicorn Skyrim?

The Unicorn is a unique horse which can be found near the pond just west of Lost Prospect Mine during the related quest. It is a wild horse and must be tamed by continuing to mount it until it breaks.

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Can I summon Shadowmere?

Use the console commands prid 9ccd8 and moveto player to bring Shadowmere to your location. If this doesn't work, use player. placeatme 0009ccd7 to create a new Shadowmere at your location.

Where does Shadowmere go if you ride another horse?

If you interact with other horse while using Shadowmere he is "deactivated" and goes back to his pond. He can disappear for good on some occasions as well.

Can you lose Shadowmere?

If Shadowmere stops showing up with you whenever you fast travel after you "lose" him, it's possible that he died. When Shadowmere dies he respawns where he died 10 days later and he won't move from there.

Is frost better than other horses Skyrim?

Frost seems to be more aggressive in combat than other horses. He has more health and stamina than regular horses, but less than the Dark Brotherhood's Shadowmere. Even when not actually riding Frost, he will, like any other horse, appear after fast traveling to any location that is not within a walled city.

How do you get the ghost horse in Skyrim?

Arvak's skull can be found due east from the front gate of the Boneyard where Valerica is found. It will be sitting on a pedestal surrounded by ghosts that turn into Mistmen. After obtaining the skull, the soul who was looking for the horse will appear nearby and teach the Dragonborn how to summon Arvak.

How do you preserve Shadowmere?

Complete the quest.

Enter the sanctuary and follow the trail of blood on the floor to find Cicero. Once you find him, attack Cicero to kill him and complete the "A Cure for Madness" quest. From here on, you can now use Shadowmere as your own horse and take it to wherever you need to go in Skyrim.

Can you armor Shadowmere?

All ownable horses, including Shadowmere, may be outfitted with horse armor.

Where did Shadowmere go oblivion?

Shadowmere respawns allways into Ft. Faragut, but ONLY when she´s UNARMORED.

What happens when Shadowmere dies?

If Shadowmere is killed, waiting in a main city for 10 days then returning to where he died should respawn him on both PC and console versions. IIRC, it's more like 30 days and he respawned at the dark brotherhood.

Will Shadowmere come back to life?

Shadowmere is not essential and can die, unlike his counterpart in Oblivion. However, 10 days later, he will respawn at the location of his death. If Shadowmere dies in a river or lake, he will respawn after 10 days in the black pool near the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Where is Shadowmere after frost?

If she doesn't appear, check the small lake in front of the falkreath sanctuary. If not, try buying another horse and kill it. Shadowmere should become your default horse then and might "respawn" when you fast travel.

What happens to frost when you get Shadowmere?

If you own him and you were to mount another horse (at least another horse you own) he will remain at the location you left him so far as I can tell. I use Shadowmere (who seems to do the same thing) and I just parked Frost at a stable so at least he would be safe. He has stayed there since.

Can Shadowmere stay in a stable?

If you want to park Shadowmere, simply ride him to the location in which you would like him to stay put, then dismount. Next, summon Arvak, mount him, then dismount. Shadowmere should stay exactly where you parked him until you're ready to ride him again.

How do I get the Daedric horse?

There are two methods when it comes to how to get the Daedric Horse in Skyrim: heading to the Deadlands as part of a questline in The Cause, or getting lucky with loot tables and finding it elsewhere in the world as a Spell Tome.

Can Shadowmere go to solstheim?

Shadowmere doesn't appear in Solstheim. Travel back to Skyrim, and you should be good. If he doesn't appear in the shipyard near Windhelm, which is where you go after fast traveling to Skyrim from Solstheim, just fast travel to anywhere in Skyrim.

Where is Shadowmere after Arvak?

Go to Falkreath and left your new horse there. Run to the Sanctuary and use Aura Whisper or Detect Life. If you're lucky Shadowmere should appear on the road above the Sanctuary or near the pool. If she doesn't appear, repeat step 2 and 3 again and she will appear eventually.

Can you get Shadowmere without joining Dark Brotherhood?

The simple answer to your question, without cheats, is no. The game is specifically scripted to give you Shadowmere once you have completed the Dark Brotherhoods quest related to the horse.

Do you have to ride Shadowmere to Dawnstar?

You don't have to ride any horses. I've bought horses and got a free Stormcloak horse. When I do fast travel, the horse(s) are always there at the end of the trip, but I often leave on foot anyway to do some stealth archery on unsuspecting wolves, bears, spiders, bandits, etc.
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