Should I hug or kiss Steph?

When you meet up with Steph after the show, choose to kiss her. If you choose to hug instead of kiss, your relationship will remain platonic. Steph and Ryan are the only two romance options in the game, and choosing one of them here will lock you into a relationship if you decide to go through with it.

What happens if you kiss Steph?

You can choose to hug Steph or kiss her. If you choose to kiss her, that will finalize your choice to enter a romance with her. While these are the pivotal moments that you need to perform to ensure Steph is in a relationship with Alex, you can also take part in a few other fun moments with her throughout the game.

Can you romance Steph in life is strange?

Make your way to the cart with the roses and interact with it before heading back over to Steph. Alex can then give Steph a rose which will lead to a rooftop invitation. Later when up on the rooftop with her, players just need to choose a kiss over a hug to lock in a romance in Steph.

Is it better to choose Steph or ryan?

The decision really comes down to personal preference. Both of the plans are identical. The only difference is whether Ryan or Steph will be the distraction for Diane. Just choose the one you personally find the most attractive because the plan will play out the same regardless of your choice.

Can you kiss Steph and Ryan?

To seal the deal and officially become romantically involved with her, agree to meet up with her after the show. When you talk with her again, you have to pick the Kiss option. If you select the Hug option, you will remain platonic friends.

Life Is Strange: True Colors - Kiss Steph Vs Hug Steph

Should I give a rose to Steph or ryan?

If you want to deepen the relationship with Ryan or Steph, go to get the yellow rose. You can take the rose to Ryan, he's standing by the stage. Steph is waiting for you in a portable radio station, where she has a great time listening to music. If you want, you can interrupt her and give her a rose.

Should I keep Ethan's secret?

If you choose to keep Ethan's Secret you will essentially let Ethan wander up to the mines alone. He'll do that regardless, but Gabe will be disappointed with you when you read his thoughts later on. It's not a huge consequence, but one that can easily be avoided by choosing the other option.

What happens if I choose Steph to distract Diane?

When Alex calls on whoever she chooses as the hotter distraction, there will be a slightly different scene between them and Diane, but both will succeed in distracting her. It's framed as a major decision to the immediate story, but it's actually just a way for players to indicate who they would like to romance.

Can you date Ryan in life is strange?

Make your way to the cart with the roses and interact with it before heading back over to Ryan. Alex can then give Ryan a rose, which will lead to a rooftop invitation. Later, when up on the rooftop with Ryan, players just need to choose a kiss over a hug to lock in a romance with Ryan.

Should I choose Ryan or Steph to distract Diane?

You're not really picking who you think would be better to distract Diane, you're picking who you think is more attractive and thus more distracting for Diane. So if you want to romance Steph, pick her; if you want to romance Ryan, say that he should be the distraction.

Can Steph and Alex end up together?

Players can still go through the romance options with Steph but not end up with her. The kiss on the roof is the key to solidifying Alex and Steph's love. Doing so will ensure that Steph is with Alex, whether she decides to stay or go, at the end of the game.

Does Steph leave life is strange?

This is done by picking up a rose and giving it to one of them. Whoever you choose will meet Alex on the roof of the Black Lantern. If you choose not to give a rose to either of them, Alex won't get romantically involved with anyone. In the end, Alex will stay in Haven and Steph will end up leaving.

Is it better to tell Gabe or keep Ethan's secret?

Telling Gabe is obviously the more morally acceptable option to choose since he is doing something dangerous. After telling Gabe about Ethan's plans, he will be noticeably upset but reassure you that you did the right thing. He will then call Charlotte and let her know about Ethan's plans.

Can you save Gabe in life is strange?

The answer to the question of whether you can save Gabe Chen in Life Is Strange: True Colors is no, you cannot. The reason for this is because Gabe's death is a key plot device that helps further the story along.

Can you date Warren in life is strange?

You can either go after the badass Chloe or the kind-hearted Warren. If you're opting for the latter, you need to make several decisions throughout the game to make it a true romance. After all, the guy is already in love with Max before the first episode begins, whereas she only sees him as a friend.

How do you kiss Ryan?

Take a rose and give it to Ryan. He'll then ask you to meet him on the rooftop later. When you're on the rooftop, you can choose to hug or kiss Ryan. Seal the deal with a kiss!

Who distracts Diane Life is strange?

Steph Vs Ryan (Distract Diane Gameplay) | Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Should I take Charlotte's anger Life is strange?

Although leaving Charlotte alone may have players feeling helpless, it is the best option to pick because of its positive consequences in later chapters. Alex will not get angry at Steph and Ryan, and Charlotte will have all of her emotions when players come across her again.

How do you get Ryan to side in life is strange?

Avoid Taking Away Charlotte's Anger In Chapter Three — This allows Ryan to be more involved during your investigation into Typhon as you don't scare him and Steph off. Get Everyone Else To Side With You — If he sees everyone else believe you at the Council Meeting, Ryan is more convinced that you're telling the truth.

Should I tell Gabe about my powers?

If you instead tell Gabe about your powers, Alex will talk about how she sees people's auras and can feel what they are feeling. Gabe will talk about how she is a superhero, and the conversation will stay on that topic. Gabe will not give you the matchbook in this path.

What happens if you tell Gabe?

The best thing to do here is to tell Gabe. It's the right thing to do, and he'll appreciate your honesty. He'll call Charlotte to let her know, and your relationship with both Gabe and Charlotte will improve. If you keep Ethan's secret, there won't be any immediate consequences.

Is Mac lying Life is strange?

Ryan blames himself for his death, but Mac reveals that he was part of the operation and claimed that there was no call. Ryan finds out that Mac is actually lying (to which Alex can support Ryan's claim or not), leading to a heated argument with everyone else, eventually forcing Jed to break it up.

What happens if you give a rose to Ryan Life is strange?

Alex will have the option to give a flower to either Ryan or Steph before going onstage. If Alex gives Ryan a rose, signifying their feelings for him, he'll ask Alex to meet him on the roof. On the rooftop, during their conversation, players will be given the option to hug or kiss Ryan.

Do yellow roses exist?

Today, yellow roses are used in some of the most popular flower bouquets. As rose lovers divert from their typical red or white roses, yellow hues have become mainstream for their positive and lighthearted energy. The yellow rose's luminosity and spirit make it the perfect gift for friends and family.

How do you reassure Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors?

There are two important decisions in Life is Strange: True Colors that players must make to ensure they enter a romance with Steph: give her a rose, and kiss her on top of the rooftop during the Haven Spring Festival.
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