What alcohol does Bond drink?

After Champagne, the Vodka Martini is the drink most often consumed by Bond (over 20 times).

What whiskey does Bond drink?

James Bond drinks the Macallan Fine Oak 10 Year Old (as pictured above in the middle) in the bar while 'enjoying death' and watching CNN. In the movie SkyFall (2012) we see M (Judi Dench), James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Silva (Javier Bardem) drink a fine whisky: The Macallan.

What drink does Bond like?

The 'Vesper Martini' is the famous drink ordered by James Bond in both the book and the movie Casino Royale. The recipe for Bond's "Vesper" martini, as described in the 1953 book: 'Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet.

Does James Bond drink gin or vodka?

Although there is a lot of discussion on the Vesper, it is only ordered once throughout Fleming's novels and by later books Bond is ordering regular vodka martinis, though he also drinks regular gin martinis. In total, Bond orders 19 vodka martinis and 16 gin martinis throughout Fleming's novels and short stories.

What vodka does Bond drink?

James Bond and Smirnoff have gone hand in hand for almost 60 years. The close partnership between Smirnoff Vodka and Bond began in 1962's Dr. No.


Does James Bond drink rum?

Rum Collins

It is also sometimes known as the Ron Collins, from the Spanish word for rum and a variation on the Tom Collins. The Rum Collins uses rum and lime juice in place of gin and lemon. This is what Largo offers Sean Connery's Bond when he visits him at Palmyra in Thunderball.

What is Bond's drink in Casino Royale?

Daniel Craig. It's in Casino Royale (2008) where Daniel Craig's Bond orders, in the middle of a high-stakes game of poker in Montenegro, the Vesper, a drink created in Ian Fleming's first Bond novel under the same name: "Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet.

What wine does James Bond drink?

The wine that Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) drink on the train to Montenegro in the movie Casino Royale is a bottle of Château Angélus, Premier Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion '82. The bottle gets a lot of screentime and James Bond and Vesper drink the wine.

How do you make a 007 drink?

  1. 1 part Dry Vermouth.
  2. 1 part vodka.
  3. lemon garnish.
  4. olive garnish.

Why does Bond drink martinis?

While James Bond creator Ian Fleming's biographer Andrew Lycett committed to record that Fleming liked his own martinis shaken because he thought that stirring a drink compromised on flavor.

Does James Bond drink beer?

Heineken has been a partner of the James Bond film franchise since Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), but James Bond himself only drinks the Dutch beer in the latest films SkyFall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015).

How does James Bond like his martinis?

James Bond likes his martinis to be shaken not stirred; however, if you feel that shaking bruises vodka, then prepare it by first pouring dry vermouth in glass followed by vodka and then stirring them together. Ice cubes in cocktail shaker dilutes the drink.

Does James Bond drink bourbon?

But even cinematic 007 has dabbled with bourbons: Brosnan shared a Jack Daniel's with M in GoldenEye, and Timothy Dalton's take on the spy enjoyed a glass of Jim Beam in The Living Daylights.

What is Bond drink SkyFall?

The one used by Mallory is the same as or very similar to the middle one. In the movie SkyFall (2012), Gareth Mallory (played by Ralph Fiennes) and M (Judi Dench) both drink Courvoisier VSOP cognac. First Mallory pours both himself and M a glass in his office, and later M pours herself a glass in her apartment.

What scotch does Harvey Specter drink?

In Suits, for example, Harvey Spector drinks Macallan 18, a preference he shares with James Bond in the film Spectre.

What Brandy does Bond drink?

During dinner on the Orient Express train from Istanbul to Venice, Bond orders a bottle of “Blanc de Blanc” Taittinger Champagne (the same kind sent to author Ian Fleming the same year) for himself, his fellow female agent and a double agent sent to kill Bond.

Does James Bond drink champagne?

Bollinger – ace of diamonds. Bollinger is the obvious place to begin, holding an unchallenged position as the official James Bond champagne for 14 films and four decades. Although not Bond's first champagne, it has popped up in every film since Moonraker (1979), and will again in No Time to Die.

Does James Bond drink Dom Perignon?

Dom Pérignon Champagne has appeared in several James Bond movies and one Ian Fleming novel. The literary James Bond drinks Dom Pérignon in the novel Moonraker, when he has two bottles of the Dom Pérignon '46, suggested to Bond by the wine-waiter at Blades during the dinner with M.

Is James Bond an alcoholic?

There, Bond reportedly consumes 317 drinks. His average weekly intake is 92 units of alcohol, or four times the safe amount for a male adult. Drinking that many of one cocktail would be terribly boring, of course. Fortunately, Fleming's Bond consumes more than martinis.

How did Sean Connery like his martini?

The late Sean Connery played the iconic James Bond, known for enjoying his martinis shaken and not stirred.

What does Daniel Craig drink Bond?

A Vesper Martini – a cocktail made of gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet – is Bond's signature drink. "[I] went home and started mixing myself these drinks," he told the BBC.

What is Bond drink Dr No?

Vodka, mostly. The very first scene prominently featuring a cocktail comes almost 25 minutes into the film when a room service attendant at Bond's hotel makes 007 a vodka martini. After pouring the cocktail shaker's contents into a glass, the attendant hands Bond his drink telling him, “One medium-dry vodka martini.

What does Lillet Blanc taste like?

What does Lillet Blanc taste like? Lillet Blanc is crisp and light, with subtle floral, herbal and citrus notes. It tastes like a semi-sweet white vermouth with intriguing herbal notes on the finish. It's light, refreshing, and incredibly versatile for mixing into cocktails.
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