What are the two things Savitar needed?

  • Iris to die to ensure his birth.
  • Attain omnipresence through the Speed Force. If he is at all times in all places, he would become a literal god.

What is the second thing Savitar needs?

The philosophers stone. this powerful relic was needed to grant Savitar his amazing speed and allow him to travel between universes.

What did Savitar want?

Time: Savitar's plan was to cement his place in reality by giving Barry an excuse to create the time remnant that would eventually become him.

What does Savitar want from flash?

But Savitar also explained that he's not a God yet. He wants to have control of all of time but he needs two things to happen. First he needs to kill Iris so Barry will be driven to darkness and create him. As for the second thing he needs to do?

How did Savitar get his powers?

Well, it turns out that the Philosopher's Stone gave Savitar the power to control minds. And then remember when Cisco saw his dead brother Dante? The Philosopher's Stone also gave Savitar the ability to make Cisco think he was talking to his brother.

What Is The Final Thing Savitar Needs To Become A God? The Flash 3x23 Theories

Why is Savitar's face burned?

When Barry's time remanant ran around the machine that was going to destroy the mulitverse, he burnt up and that is Savitar. When he burnt up from running so fast, you could see his face was burning. That is why Savitar has a weird "pizza" scar on his one side of his face.

What is Savitar's suit made of?

The suit was created using the Philosopher's Stone. Unlike other speedster suits which are typically made of a heat-resistant leather-like material, Savitar's armor is completely metallic, and also covers its occupant from head to toe.

How did Savitar get his scar?

You remember when future Barry told the real Barry that savitar killed all the the remnants he made, but it was a lie savitar didn't kill one of the time remnants but I think he beat him up gave him the scar then after iris died the time remnant came back to star labs but Barry disowned him that he was useless and that ...

Who's faster flash or Savitar?

5 Savitar. The central villain of The Flash's third season, Savitar has outrun every speedster who's appeared in the Arrowverse up until now. He is a massive step up from Reverse-Flash and Zoom as Barry Allen's big bad, and has made the likes of Barry, Wally, and Jay Garrick look positively slow.

Is Savitar faster than Wally West?

5. Wally West - Wally is slower than Savitar as Savitar broke his after he was speed punching him and running around him, he still caught Wally. Some might argue that Wally was only slower as Savitar paranoid him. But he wasn't really paranoid after he came out the Speed Force and was ready to face Savitar.

What is Savitar's top speed?

Savitar can also travel through the timeline meaning he can go about 900 mph or just a bit over Mach 1, he is also able to create multiple speed mirage's meaning he can go at Mach 5.8 or higher.

Is The Flash a God?

The Flash is known for his speed, but his 'time clone' ability effectively allows him to reshape reality and even gain new powers. There is one ability that the Flash possessed in comics that basically turned him into a god.

Is Savitar the first speedster?

But Cisco deduces that once Savitar is imprisoned in the Speed Force in the future, the time remnant goes crazy, goes back in time to become Savitar, creating the lie that he was the very first speedster and amassing his followers — he created a closed loop and endless cycle, which means Savitar will always exist, even ...

Who's faster flash or Godspeed?

1 Kept: Faster Than The Flash

In the comics, Godspeed is a few notches faster than Barry Allen as shown in the above photo where he struggled to keep up with him.

Who is the fastest flash?

1) Flash (Wally West)

Similar to Allen, Wally gains his superspeed through the speed force. According to comics, although Wally West and Barry Allen have equal speed, Wally is considered the fastest speedster.

How did Barry become Savitar?

As revenge, he travels backwards a handful of years to kill Barry's fiancée - creating a Barry desperate and broken enough to create the Time Remnant that would one day become Savitar.

Who does Zoom have locked up?

The Season 2 finale of “The Flash” kept the twists coming, as the show finally unveiled the identity of the mysterious man in the iron mask — and Zoom's silent prisoner was revealed to be none other than the real, Earth-3 version of Jay Garrick, portrayed by John Wesley Shipp — who also played Barry's father, Henry ...

Is s4 Barry faster than Savitar?

Yes, they said in season 4 that Barry was moving faster than any other speedster had previously, and he's probably even faster now than he was then.

Is Zoom a speedster?

Hunter Zolomon was better known as Zoom, a speedster super-villain and enemy to the Flashes. Surviving alterations to the timeline, he dubbed himself The True Flash.

Who is Savitar under the suit?

Savitar reveals his true identity to The Flash, after Barry Allen uncovers the secret that some fans had already solved. It's official: The Flash has confirmed the identity of Savitar to be... Barry Allen.

Is Godspeed a villain?

Donning the identity of Godspeed, Heart becomes a vigilante bent on killing criminals instead of incarcerating them, serving as an antithesis to the Flash. He has been portrayed as both a supervillain and an antihero in the comic books and adapted media since his introduction in 2016.

Who created the Speed Force?

10 The Speed Force was Created by Barry Allen

Back in 2005's The Flash: Rebirth by Geoff Johns, it was revealed that Barry Allen himself was actually the person who created the Speed Force.

How old is Savitar?

Chronologically Savitar is a time remnant created around 2020/2021 when Barry would around his early 30s. His appearance can largely be explained by an actor (who is already arguably Older Than They Look) playing an older version of himself.

How many speedster are there?

Thus far, nine different speedsters from the comics have been introduced on The Flash — with a couple of caveats we'll get into below — which is quite a few given how young the show is. What's more, some of them don't even have their powers yet — though that's bound to come in due time.

Is Wally West a Savitar?

Emerging from the storm of the Speed Force comes an old enemy from Wally's days as the Flash -- Savitar. Debuting in Mark Waid and Oscar Jiminez's The Flash #108 in 1995, Savitar was a test pilot for a third-world country during the Cold War whose plane was struck by lightning, granting him incredible speed.
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