What can friends see on Goodreads?

On Goodreads, the way to set your profile to private is to use the just my friends setting. If your profile is private, i.e. set to just my friends, only your Goodreads friends can see your profile. This includes your profile data, bookshelves, profile comments, and your friend list.

How do I hide my activity on Goodreads?

Just navigate to your edit profile page, go to the feeds tab, and unselect the checkboxes for actions you don't want to be published.

Can people see the books I've read on Goodreads?

GR Friends can see your shelves and the books on them. That's pretty much the entire purpose GR was created for. The only way to prevent others from seeing your shelves is to make your profile private and delete your friends. GR Friends can see your shelves and the books on them.

Can you make your books private on Goodreads?

Unfortunately Goodreads doesn't offer the ability to make bookshelves private. One of the reasons we started Goodreads was to see our friends' reviews and share our own. In the meantime, a suggested workaround is creating a secret group, and using its bookshelves to document books you'd like to keep private.

Can you see if someone viewed your Goodreads profile?

You can view anyone's stats on the site by going to their profile page and clicking the "Stats" link underneath their shelves.

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How do you see someone's reviews on Goodreads?

Second, there are several ways to follow someone who allows it.
  1. Go to their Profile Page and click on “follow reviews” just to the right of. ...
  2. When reading one of their reviews, click on “follow reviews” tab at the bottom.
  3. If you are not aware of any books they have read, a quick way to check this out is to.

What does it mean when someone is following your reviews on Goodreads?

Think of 'friendships' on Goodreads as two-way relationships, while 'followings' are one-way. Friends will see your reviews, and you'll see their reviews. However, when you only follow a site member, you'll see their reviews, but they won't see yours (unless they choose to follow your reviews in return).

Who can see my Goodreads?

On Goodreads, the way to set your profile to private is to use the just my friends setting. If your profile is private, i.e. set to just my friends, only your Goodreads friends can see your profile. This includes your profile data, bookshelves, profile comments, and your friend list.

Are Goodreads messages private?

Goodreads takes reasonable measures to keep messages that you send to other Members through the Service private between you and the recipient.

How do I remove a friend from Goodreads?

Here's how to remove a friend on the Goodreads desktop site:
  1. Click on your profile pic in the header and select Friends from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click edit friends on the top of the page.
  3. Click on the x next to the friend you'd like to remove.
  4. Once you're done, click on done editing on the top of the page.

How do you hide updates from friends on Goodreads?

You can:
  1. Click on your profile picture in the header and select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Navigate to your Settings tab.
  3. Select Feeds.
  4. You can check and uncheck from there, what you wish to be updated and posted on your feed.

Can I hide my friends on Goodreads?

No, you can't hide the list from friends.

What is a top friend on Goodreads?

Our top friends feature allows you to choose a select group of friends whose updates you want to see first. To start using top friends, click on the Friends tab and then click the edit friends button. Use the check-boxes to choose your top friends.

Is Goodreads safe?

The social networking site now has millions of users who rate and review books, find recommendations for new ones and track their reading. But over time, Goodreads has also become a hunting ground for scammers and trolls looking to con smaller authors, take down books with spammed ratings, cyberstalk users or worse.

Can you message someone on Goodreads?

Here's how to send a direct message to another Goodreads member: Click on the "message" icon in the header to the left of your profile picture. Click on "compose." In the "to" field, start typing your friend's username, then select the correct name from the dropdown menu.

Whats the difference between friends and following?

If you accept their friend request, they automatically follow you and you follow them. Friends will also show up in your network on the community. Follower: does not need approval to see posts, but you don't follow them.

What's the difference between friend and following?

Control Reach and Relationships With Facebook Friends and Followers. Facebook friends are for close connections, while followers allow posts to reach wider audiences. Users can select the friends, people, and pages to follow to curate their News Feed and consume content of interest on Facebook.

Can anyone follow you on Goodreads?

You can either be following someone or be their friend, not both, with one exception: authors who have a blog and/or are members of the Goodreads Author program. In either case, you will see their reviews on your homepage when you have the appropriate filter settings.

What happens when you follow an author on Goodreads?

In the style of Twitter, members of the site can now follow the updates of people they admire without having to form a typical "friendship." When you follow another Goodreads member, you can see the books they add and their reviews, but as a follower, there is no pressure to reciprocate.

How do you see your followers on Goodreads?

Access via desktop, click on the little profile picture on the top right hand side and select 'Friends', the click on 'My Followers', You will then see a list of followers on the right hand side of the name there are a few options, one being 'remove from your followers' . I hope this helps!

Who should I follow on Goodreads?

The Most Followed People on Goodreads
  • Stephen King.
  • Bill Gates.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Colleen Hoover.
  • Rick Riordan.
  • James Patterson.
  • Neil Tyson.
  • John Green.

What happens when you unfriend someone on Goodreads?

Removing someone as your friend on Goodreads won't notify them. iOS: Tap on the More icon on the bottom right. Tap on Friends and search for the person you'd like to remove from your friends list.

How do I add friends on Goodreads?

If you already have the profile link for someone you'd like to friend, just navigate to their profile on Goodreads, then click add as a friend beneath the about me section.
On this page you have several options to add friends:
  1. Using your Gmail or Facebook contacts.
  2. Clicking on Friends of friends.
  3. Browsing friends.

What is StoryGraph?

The StoryGraph is a platform to help track your reading and choose your next book based on your mood and your favorite topics. The platform is inherently simple and provides a variety of data insights to provide analysis and informed recommendations.

What does it mean to shelve a book on Goodreads?

That means that on that date you added it to a shelf, in your case it was to your “to-read” shelf.
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