What city has the most stolen cars in 2021?

20 Cities with the Most Car Thefts Per Capita
  • Merced, California. ...
  • Yuba City, California. ...
  • Topeka, Kansas. Population: 231,969. ...
  • Odessa, Texas. Population: 166,223. ...
  • Modesto, California. Population: 550,660. ...
  • St. Joseph, Missouri-Kansas MSA. ...
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico. Population: 918,018. ...
  • Bakersfield, California. Population: 900,202.

What is the most stolen car in 2021?

America's Top 10 Stolen Cars
  1. Ford Full-Size Pickup. Stats. Number of thefts: 44,014.
  2. Chevrolet Full-Size Pickup. Stats. Number of thefts: 40,968. ...
  3. Honda Civic. Stats. Number of thefts: 34,144. ...
  4. Honda Accord. Stats. Number of thefts: 30,814. ...
  5. Toyota Camry. Stats. ...
  6. Nissan Altima. Stats. ...
  7. GMC Full-Size Pickup. Stats. ...
  8. Toyota Corolla. Stats. ...

What cars do Thieves target?

Carfax complied a list of the most commonly targeted vehicles in the United States:
  • 1985-2021 Ford F-Series pickup trucks (F-150, F-250, etc.)
  • 1989-2020 Honda Accord.
  • 2007-17 Jeep Patriot.
  • 1990-2022 Ford Econoline vans.
  • 1999-2021 Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks.
  • 2005-21 Chevrolet Equinox.
  • 1997-2020 Honda CR-V.

What's the hardest car to steal?

10 cars that are hardest to steal
  • Jaguar XF. ...
  • Nissan Leaf. ...
  • Hyundai Tucson. ...
  • Audi A4. ...
  • Land Rover Discovery. ...
  • Lexus HS 250h. ...
  • Tesla Model X. ...
  • Mercedes Benz GL 550 by TAC. The Mercedes Benz GL 550 by the Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) has a (literal) bulletproof exterior so you won't have to worry about gun-toting thieves.

Which car is the easiest to steal?

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in America
  • GMC Pickup (Full size) ...
  • Toyota Corolla. ...
  • Nissan Altima. ...
  • Toyota Camry. Number of thefts: 16,906. ...
  • Chevrolet Pickup (Full-size) Number of thefts: 31,566. ...
  • Ford Pickup (Full-size) Number of thefts: 36,355. ...
  • Honda Accord. Number of thefts: 36,815. ...
  • Honda Civic. Number of thefts: 38,426.

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What color car gets broken into the most?

Surprisingly, green cars are the most popular among car thieves according to recent research by Monash University Accident Research Centre.

What city has most carjackings?

As of 2021, the American city with the highest number of carjackings is Chicago. Chicago began experiencing a surge in carjackings after 2019, and at least 1,415 such crimes took place in the city in 2020.

What is the stolen car capital of the United States?

1. Albuquerque, New Mexico. In keeping with its ranking last year, Albuquerque emerges once again as the city with the highest rates of auto theft in the United States, which are 3.64 times higher than the national average.

What city has the highest carjacking?

In fact, homicides in the city accounted for almost half of the increase in 2016 homicides throughout the United States. As for carjacking specifically, 1,800 carjackings were reported in Chicago last year, which is by far the highest figure recorded in any United States city.

What is the most stolen car part?

Here are the top 10 items most likely to be stolen from vehicles (Not in any particular order…)
  • Third Row Seats.
  • Rims and Tires.
  • Truck Tailgate.
  • License Plate/Tags.
  • Catalytic Converters – An easy steal that yields a resell profit due to precious metals.

Can a push button car be stolen?

Answer provided by. You'd think newer technology would protect a car from being targeted for theft, but unfortunately, push-start cars can be stolen. Modern cars are getting smarter, but so are car thieves. For keyless entry cars, thieves use something called a relay attack device to steal push-start vehicles.

Are new cars easy to steal?

If a thief has the right knowledge and equipment, modern cars can be incredibly easy to steal, and stealing them is actually getting easier rather than harder. The very technology that was supposed to make cars more secure is actually making life easier for criminals.

What is the most secure car?

  • Toyota GR86.
  • Toyota Camry.
  • Toyota Corolla Sedan and Hatchback.
  • Toyota GR86.
  • Volvo S60.
  • Volvo S90.
  • Volvo V60 Cross Country.
  • Volvo V90 Cross Country.

Are keyless cars harder to steal?

Any vehicle that has both keyless theft and keyless entry is more vulnerable to theft than a vehicle without either. A large number of new cars have keyless entry either as standard or as an optional extra, and there are thousands of used vehicles already on the road with this technology.

How do cars get stolen without keys?

Signal jamming

A device transmitting on the same radio frequency as remote key fobs is used to jam the signal that locks the car. The gadget might be in the pocket of a crook in a car park, or left in hiding place near a driveway being targeted.

What state has the most stolen cars per capita?

According to our analysis of government data, the top 10 states for stolen vehicles were Alaska, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, California, Oklahoma, and Washington. Alaska, by far, stands out though, with roughly 22 vehicles stolen for every 1,000 registered vehicles.

What cars are being carjacked the most?

Despite the Honda Civic being similarly popular as the Toyota Camry, carjackers stole more than twice as many Civics as Camrys in 2020. On a per-vehicle basis, the Civic had 94% more thefts than the Camry and even 27% more thefts than the Accord.

Why is car theft so high in Colorado?

The Colorado State Patrol said in a news release part of the increase in auto thefts is due to owner apathy or complacency. "Many owners leave their cars unlocked, spare keys inside the car, or even leave their cars locked with the keys inside," officials wrote in a news release.

Which cars are least likely to be stolen?

Here's a list of 15 cars that no sane car thief would want to target.
  • 15 Tesla Model S.
  • 14 Jaguar XF.
  • 13 Tesla Model X.
  • 12 Land Rover Discovery.
  • 11 BMW X3.
  • 10 Nissan Leaf.
  • 9 Audi A4.
  • 8 Mercedes-Benz GL 550 By TAC.

What color car is easiest to maintain?

The Easiest Colors to Care For

Most variations of gray or silver are the lowest maintenance colors, followed by whites and other lighter-shade hues. Gray and silver colors don't show dirt, swirl marks, or scratches.

What are the safest colors for cars?

White. We've referenced the safest color car on the road. That color is white. White cars are 12 percent less likely to be involved in an accident than black cars at any time of the day under any conditions.