What does Berlin inject?

While Berlin is alone in an office, his right hand begins to shake. He is about to inject himself with a dose of Retroxil, a drug used to treat Helmer's myopathy, when Tokyo bursts into the room by force to tell him call The Professor and reveal that he had Denver kill Mónica.

What is Berlin's disease in Money Heist?

In a flashback of Berlin and the Professor in Italy, Berlin reveals that he has Helmer's Myopathy, a condition that his mother had as well.

What did Stockholm inject herself with Money Heist?

Helsinki mumbles about morphine, but Stockholm ends up having a panic attack and injects morphine into her arm. The character is slowly falling apart since she shot Arturo. It's sad to see this character so broken in seasons 4 and 5.

Is Berlin The Professor's father?

Berlin and The Professor are actually brothers, despite having different surnames (maybe they only share their mother/father). It was confirmed by the creator of the show in an interview with Vertele.

Who is the smartest in Money Heist?

You can't deny the fact that Sergio and Raquel (Itziar Ituño) are the smartest pair in the whole of Money Heist. After joining the team, Raquel was able to bring valuable insight from her police force years, but she is also knowledgeable in numerous regular life skills.

How to self-administer Enoxaparin Injection.

Did Palermo love Berlin?

Berlin. Palermo was in love with his best friend Berlin for ten years, so much so that he suffered severely from depression after his death, turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism. During an argument, Nairobi accuses Palermo of being so weak that he has never been able to tell Berlin that he is in love with him.

Is Tatiana and Alicia same?

Alicia and Tatiana are the same

Despite Sergio warning Berlin about revealing it all to her, Berlin trusted her. Also, since the way Alicia handled the negotiations with The Professor, as if knowing his minutest move beforehand, it won't be wrong if both the women turn out to be one.

Who is Berlin's wife?

Berlin. Tatiana and Berlin get married in Berlin's Wedding. During the wedding, Berlin sings "Ti Amo". She is a part of Berlin's first heist together with his prodigal son, Rafael.

Did Denver and Monica have a baby?

Mónica and Denver are living together in Indonesia, where Mónica gave birth to her son Cincinnati.

Are Denver and Manila cousins?

According to the Money Heist Fandom, Denver and Manila are listed as cousins. This relationship, however, has been debated amongst fans on the Money Heist subreddit. Denver and Manila are reported to have been very close when they were children, with Moscow commenting how they were almost like siblings.

Are Manila and Denver related?

She and Denver have been close friends since childhood, with Moscow mentioning how they were like siblings. Because she is a transgender individual, she eventually transitioned as Julia, which Denver and Moscow did not know about until they saw her again.

What did Arturo do to Monica?

Arturo never did anything for Monica. After the surgery, he started kissing Monica all over without even taking note of her injuries or her feelings. He proved that he only saw Monica as a sex object since he didn't stop when Monica didn't kiss him back.

What medicine does Berlin take?

Eventually his heart muscles won't be able to keep up. He only has a few months to live. He has to take Retroxil(medication) every few hours to be able to function throughout the heist.

What drugs does Berlin take in Money Heist?

While Berlin is alone in an office, his right hand begins to shake. He is about to inject himself with a dose of Retroxil, a drug used to treat Helmer's myopathy, when Tokyo bursts into the room by force to tell him call The Professor and reveal that he had Denver kill Mónica.

Is Berlin a drug addict Money Heist?

Andrés de Fonollosa a.k.a. Berlin

Like their mother, he suffers from Helmer's myopathy. He uses drugs to control the pain and tremors, but the disease has left him with merely three years left to live. Instead of despairing at his fate, Berlin chooses to live like a man with nothing to lose, chasing thrills and riches.

Is Ariadna in Money Heist a student?

Ariadna is an employee of the mint who is taken hostage. Not much is known about her background, however she takes Sertraline, an anti-anxiety medication. During the heist, Ariadna witnesses hostages being intimidated and taken away.

Why Alicia Sierra join the heist?

Turns out it was them who were in charge of hiding the gold below a house. But since Sergio didn't want anyone to know where it was, he had given Alicia the duty to find the “robbers” who stole the gold. Alicia used her smartness to uncover the truth and the gold treasure.

Does The Professor get the gold back from Tatiana?

He returns the gold but it's just gold-plated brass.

Who is the father of Alicia's baby in Money Heist?

Germán. Germán was Alicia's husband, and father of her child. At the time of the Bank of Spain Heist, Germán had passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Is Sierra and Tatiana related?

Sierra and Tatiana are sisters

The theory Sierra and Tatiana could be siblings in the show comes from how similar they look.

Is Berlin Alicia's husband?

Berlin is Alicia Sierra's husband. We all know that Berlin was suffering from a mysterious disease. In season 4, Alicia reveals that her husband, German, died of cancer.

Who was Martin to Berlin?

Martin Bormann, Hitler's deputy, has been the most wanted man in Europe for 27 years. Of the major war criminals who were arraigned before the international military tribunal at Nuremberg in 1945, he alone could not be found. His death in Berlin was reported, but could not be confirmed.

Why did Palermo helped Gandia?

He wanted to screw up the situation out of spite, and that's what he did. The repercussions of Palermo's choice end up being pretty seismic for the series, since Gandia, once freed, goes on to commit no shortage of atrocities, including shooting the team's beloved Nairobi (Alba Flores) in the head.

Why does The Professor flick his glasses?

Some fans said that Alvaro Morte does it purposely to bring a unique trait to the character; few guessed it to be a part of the script; however, someone stated that Alvaro doesn't wear specs in real life, so when he portrayed this character, he used to keep adjusting it to feel comfortable.
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