What does Caliban call alcohol?

Stephano (/ˈstɛfənoʊ/ STEF-ə-noh) is a boisterous and often drunk butler of King Alonso in William Shakespeare's play, The Tempest. He, Trinculo and Caliban plot against Prospero, the ruler of the island on which the play is set and the former Duke of Milan in Shakespeare's fictional universe.
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calls Caliban a “brave monster,” as they set off singing around the island. In addition, Stephano and Trinculo give Caliban wine, which Caliban finds to be a “celestial liquor” (II. ii. 109 ).

What does alcohol symbolize to Caliban?

To Caliban alcohol symbolizes acceptance. So far in the book this is the first thing that has been shared with him since Prospero taught him his culture.

What does Caliban say?

I'll show thee the best springs. I'll pluck thee berries. I'll fish for thee and get thee wood enough. A plague upon the tyrant that I serve!

Who are referred to as drunkards in Tempest?

Stephano (/ˈstɛfənoʊ/ STEF-ə-noh) is a boisterous and often drunk butler of King Alonso in William Shakespeare's play, The Tempest. He, Trinculo and Caliban plot against Prospero, the ruler of the island on which the play is set and the former Duke of Milan in Shakespeare's fictional universe.

What does alcohol represent in The Tempest?

When drunken buffoons Stephano and Trinculo give Caliban his first taste of liquor in The Tempest, it is symbolic of the first time a European colonist gives alcohol to a Native American in the New World.

Caliban Character Analysis

How does Caliban behave after drinking wine?

Caliban curses and describes the torments that Prospero's spirits subject him to: they pinch, bite, and prick him, especially when he curses. As he is thinking of these spirits, Caliban sees Trinculo and imagines him to be one of the spirits. Hoping to avoid pinching, he lies down and covers himself with his cloak.

What curses does Caliban shower on Prospero?

1. What curses does Caliban shower upon Prospero? Caliban curses Prospero by saying that may all infections in which the sun sucks up from bogs, marshes, and low ground, affect Prospero. Let them affect Prospero all over his body.

Why does Antonio call boatswain a drunkard?

Answer: 1) Antonio blamed a bunch of drunken, incompetent sailors ( the wide-chopped rascal). The boatswain is the wide chopped rascal. He call him so because he cheated on them.

What is Stephano referred as?

Answer. (a) lord: here referred to Stephano by Caliban. (b) compassed: accomplished. Extract 3. Remember.

What wish does Antonio have for these drunkards?

ANS: (a) Antonio shows negative signs . He said that they are going to die because of these drunkards.

What did Caliban call Prospero?

He calls him a coward. This naturally infuriates Trinculo. (iii) When does Ariel intervene to contract Caliban? Answer : When Caliban says that he will hand over Prospero to him when he sleeps, Ariel, in the voice of Trinculo, intervenes and says that he (Caliban) is telling a lie.

What does Caliban look like?

Caliban: His Physical Appearance

He is 'freckled,' a misshapen knave', 'not honoured with a human shape. ' Prospero calls him 'thou tortoise. ' Trinculo stumbling upon him describes him thus: “A strange fish… Legged like a man!

What makes Caliban angry?

Caliban is very angry with Prospero, he says “first was mine own king; and here you sty me,” Caliban believes that he has been taken advantage of by Prospero.

How will the effects of alcohol likely affect Caliban Stephano and Trinculo?

How will the effect of alcohol likely affect Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo? What humor is created in this scene? The alcohol will most likely cause the 3 of them to experience a lapse of judgement.

Is Caliban a native?

Both Caliban and Ariel are natives of the island, and hence can be thought of in terms of Montaigne's cannibals.

What does the tempest symbolize?

The tempest that begins the play, and which puts all of Prospero's enemies at his disposal, symbolizes the suffering Prospero endured, and which he wants to inflict on others.

Who is called coward by Caliban?

How does Trinculo tease Caliban? Trinculo teases Caliban by calling him a liar at whatever he says. He also calls him a drunken fish and a coward who has drunk a lot of wine. 5.

Had a tongue with a tang?

For she had a tongue with a tang, Would cry to a sailor “Go hang!” She loved not the savor of tar nor of pitch, Yet a tailor might scratch her where'er she did itch.

What does Caliban think Trinculo is?

Caliban thinks Trinculo is a spirit; Trinculo thinks Caliban is either a man or a fish that looks as if it had been struck by lightening; and Stephano thinks that Trinculo and Caliban are a 4 legged, 2 headed monster that lives on the island.

How does Antonio curse the boatswain?

Answer. Answer: Sebastian and Antonio curse the Boatswain in his labors, masking their fear with profanity. Some mariners enter wet and crying, and only at this point does the audience learn the identity of the passengers on-board.

Why does the boatswain lose his temper?

(ii) Why does the boatswain lose his temper? Answer : The boatswain loses his temper when the royal passengers begin to order him and the other crew members. He does not like to be ordered at this crucial moment. So he asks every passenger to go back and remain in his cabin.

Why does Miranda repent?

Miranda was attracted by Ferdinand and had more concern towards him. Prospero wanted to test Ferdinand and gave a severe task to perform. The King of Naples, and Antonio the false brother, repented the injustice they had done to Prospero. Prospero forgave them and restored his dukedom, Milan.

What does Caliban swear at the end of the scene?

Caliban drunkenly watches the happy reunion of Stefano and Trinculo and decides that Stefano is a god, dropped from heaven. Caliban swears devotion to this new "god," and the three leave together, amid Caliban's promises to find Stefano the best food on the island.

Who is the monster with four legs?

stephano is the monster with four legs.

How did Prospero punish Caliban?

Caliban appears at Prospero's call and begins cursing. Prospero promises to punish him by giving him cramps at night, and Caliban responds by chiding Prospero for imprisoning him on the island that once belonged to him alone.
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