What episode does Fingers get married?

Although he's a series original, the 2-Section soldier hasn't been as central to the show as he is now. In the first episode of the 2020 season, Fingers married Georgie's sister in a lavish wedding attended by the whole gang.

Where did Fingers go Our Girl?

While they carried their beloved platoon member to a helicopter, Sergeant Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) was unable to save her brother-in-law. In the harrowing final moments, Fingers died in a unexpected twist.

Who does Georgie Lane marry?

The BBC One show will return for its fourth run later this month, with a premiere date of March 24 at 9pm for Michelle Keegan's final series as army medic Georgie Lane. Brand new pictures from the upcoming series show Georgie attending the wedding of her former squadron mate Fingers (Sean Ward), as he ties the knot.

What is Fingers name in Our Girl?

Frankie Stille known as (Fingers) was a member of 2 section as a Private he was also the husband of Marie Lane and the brother-in-law and fellow colleague of Georgie Lane. His wife is 9 weeks pregnant with their child.

Is Molly in season 2 Our Girl?

Following its huge success, BBC One commissioned creator Tony Grounds to make an Our Girl TV spin-off, which saw Turner reprise her role as Molly for a five-episode first season before being replaced by Michelle Keegan in Seasons 2 and 3.


Did Molly Dawes marry Captain James?

Turner played Private Molly Dawes during the first series, back in 2014, and although she left the show after that, her character did end up marrying Captain Charles James (Ben Aldridge).

What's Mimi's Secret in Our Girl?

She has lied repeatedly about what her parents do for a living – and this has been picked up on by Prof (Nico Mirallegro). Mimi also bizarrely pretended to call her parents when Georgie said she should speak to them.

Is brains in Season 4 Our Girl?

Simon Lennon plays Private Brains.

Will there be a season 5 of Our Girl?

After four amazing series, BBC bosses decided to cancel Our Girl, following Michelle's departure. During an interview with Radio Times at the time, Our Girl creator Tony Grounds said: "With the finale of series four showing Georgie ready to move on with her life, it feels like the right time for us to do the same.

Is Our Girl based on a true story?

Ahead of tonight's premiere, show creator Tony Grounds has spoken out about the “real stories” which inspire the BBC drama. Speaking to press, including Express.co.uk, Tony revealed: “They're all real stories.

Does Georgie marry Jamie?

While on tour they agree to get married as soon as Georgie gets back. However when Georgie returned home a man is looking for her from Afghanistan and she helps Elvis locate him instead of going to her wedding to Jamie. The pair later decide to split due to their diffrences.

Do Georgie and Captain James get together?

Fans of the show will remember Georgie Lane and her boss, James (Ben Aldridge) finally got together during series three. But the finale episode in 2018 saw the pair, and the rest of 2 Section, jumping off a cliff in a bid to escape an ambush, with their fates not revealed.

Does Georgie marry Elvis Our Girl?

By the end of the second series, Georgie had called off her wedding to Dr Jamie Cole after a highly-charged reunion with Elvis. She ultimately decided to stay single at that point though, choosing to throw herself into her work rather than concentrating on a relationship.

Does Fingers survive in Our Girl?

OUR Girl has devastated fans as beloved character Fingers dies from his wounds after being shot in last week's episode. The harrowing episode opens with his unit getting Fingers into a vehicle to rush the bleeding soldier to a hospital.

What happens to bones in Our Girl?

The guests were safely evacuated however there was no option such option for Bones, he took the full force of the explosion and tragically died staring into the eyes of Georgie, leaving his unit, wife and children mourning his death.

Why was Our Girl Cancelled?

Michelle Keegan drama Our Girl cancelled after bosses failed to secure Jacqueline Jossa to take over her role after exit. AFTER four series, Our Girl has been demobbed. Show creator Tony Grounds confirmed today he was resting BBC1's hit military drama because he felt it had come to a natural end.

Why did Good Girls get Cancelled?

Reps for NBC and Universal Television declined to comment for this story, but one company insider now concedes to TVLine that “creative issues” did indeed factor into the studio's decision not to move forward with a fifth season.

Where is Captain James in Our Girl season4?

During a recent press event, he explained: "[Captain James] left the Army, and has gone back, and tried to make it work with Molly Dawes, who is his wife. [Georgie] thought it was the right decision. She encouraged him, and supported him in that. And she stayed with the army."

Do Georgie and Prof get together?

Georgie Lane is the sister of Marie Lane and Lulu Lane, the sister-in-law of the late Frankie "Fingers" Stille, the ex-fiancée of Jamie Cole and the fiancée of the late Elvis Harte. At the end of series 4 Prof is now Georgie's love interest.

Why did Charlie leave Our Girl?

However, fans will not be seeing him this series regardless as Ben confirmed last year that he couldn't be part of the new series due to filming commitments. “I'm doing another job which would make me pretty much unavailable,” he told the Metro at the time.

What order do you watch Our Girl?

  • Pilot (2013)
  • Series 1 (2014)
  • Series 2 (2016)
  • Series 3 (2017–18)
  • Series 4 (2020)

Was Our Girl filmed in Afghanistan?

Despite plenty of the season being set in the UK, it was actually filmed in South Africa, which could also be used for the Afghanistan scenes.

Who is the real Omar in Our Girl?

Our Girl: Fans left in shock after Rabee is revealed to be the real Omar in thrilling series 4 finale. The latest series of BBC One's Our Girl has now come to an end and the final episode was packed with plenty of drama.

Is Our Girl finished?

The BBC has revealed Our Girl is officially cancelled after series four came to an end. Our Girl will not be returning for a fifth series following Michelle Keegan's decision to quit last year.