What happens to Warren in Life is Strange?

Warren arrives, but he died during the storm. He's there for a while and doesn't seem like a ghost to Max. He leaves again, leaving Max with Chloe, and both girls jump into a different scene with Rachel Amber.

Can you get with Warren in Life is Strange?

You can either go after the badass Chloe or the kind-hearted Warren. If you're opting for the latter, you need to make several decisions throughout the game to make it a true romance. After all, the guy is already in love with Max before the first episode begins, whereas she only sees him as a friend.

What happens if you kiss Warren in Life is Strange?

If Max kisses Warren, he will tell Max he's wanted to tell her something, but Max cuts him off and tells him she knows.

What happened to Warren Graham?

Warren Graham - aka the “Killie Piper” - was known throughout Kilmarnock for his musical talents. Officers were called to the line in Kilmarnock at 12.58pm on Tuesday, January 25, following reports of a casualty near the tracks. Paramedics also attended, however sadly Warren was pronounced dead at the scene.

What happens if you don't stop Warren from beating up Nathan?

If Max decides not to do anything, Warren beats him up until Nathan lies on the floor, hurt drastically. If this happens, Chloe will take the gun off Nathan but if you decide to stop Warren from beating up Nathan, Nathan will run away with the gun, threatening to tell his father.

Life is Strange - Warren "White Knight" Graham [Character Analysis]

Does Brooke like Warren?

Brooke is a science nerd who likes gaming and reading. She also likes Warren as they share similar interests. She is outspoken and sarcastic, though she comes across as slightly rude, smart-alecky and patronizing. She also tends to become jealous and projects her frustration on other people.

Can you romance Chloe in Life is Strange?

In Life is Strange, Max can romance Chloe, and in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Chloe can romance Rachel. Although these relationships are determined by the player's choices, there are various parts of both games that hint at Chloe feeling romantic feelings towards Max and Rachel.

Is Warren obsessed with Max?

Or could just be that he wants to show off the picture to his friends, as in "Hey, look! Max and I are an item." The above suggests that Warren is obsessive about Max.

Does Warren stalk Max in Life is Strange?

He's stalking Max irl (see: http://cdn.destructoid.com/ul/289581-LiSHeader.jpg and http://i.imgur.com/JwtDnMu.jpg). Note, this happens when Max has just woken up, so it's not like he was looking for her during the day or something. He's also hiding behind the wall and flees when you see him.

How old is Max Life is Strange?

Max is an 18 year-old high school student, who aspires to be a professional photographer. She's geeky, introverted and slightly self-conscious, particularly when it comes to her passion, photography.

Can Max kiss Warren and Chloe?

Be careful out there," and Max has the option to leave, hug, or kiss Warren.

Does Max end up with Chloe?

Max and Chloe have formed a new life together in Seattle.

Should you kiss Chloe in Life is Strange?

Important choice #2

The second important choice is whether to kiss Chloe. Chloe is impressed. Chloe will say that she lets Warren know he has no chances with Max anymore. Max will mention that Chloe will want to kiss some more if they leave together.

How do you get the secret ending in Life is Strange?

In order for you to obtain the secret ending, Rachel needs to know everything that has happened between Chloe and Sera. Therefore, you must tell her the truth. Also, the only way of obtaining It is by telling Rachel the truth. It cannot be done by lying to her.

Are Max and Chloe in Life is Strange 2?

In Life is Strange 2, in Episode 5, if a player had sacrificed Arcadia Bay to save Chloe in the original game, Max and Chloe will be seen in a photograph inside a trailer that belongs to Chloe's step-father, David Madsen.

Should you leave the money or steal the money Life is Strange?

If players take the money, Chloe will be more relaxed and happy. If they choose to leave it, however, she becomes aggressive. The worst thing that happens to those who do steal is a guilty conscience, as evidenced by one of Max's dreams.

Is there romance in Life is Strange 1?

There are two romance options in Life is Strange: True Colors that Alex may choose between. Alex can date either Steph or Ryan, and that's something you'll need to choose by way of different dialogue options. There are two important choices you'll have to make to cinch Steph as a romantic option.

What happens if I don't answer Kate's call?

Ignoring her call gives three wrong options during the third dialogue choice. If two wrong dialogue choices are made during the whole conversation, Kate will jump off the roof.

How old is Mark Jefferson?

The Jefferson support page has what appears to be his birthday. April 11th, 1967. Making him 46 years old.

What did Nathan do to Kate in Life is Strange?

Kate is traumatized by an experience she had at a Vortex Club party on October the 4th, in which Nathan Prescott drugged her and promised he would take her to a hospital for help (an act which he did not follow through on). Kate was caught on camera kissing several strangers, and recalls none of it due to the drugs.

What's in Chloe's pockets Life is Strange?

Cigarettes. Chloe's pack of cigarettes. Chloe carries a pack of cigarettes with wherever she goes. When you click on the prompt "Cigarettes", Chloe will ask how many cigarettes she has in her pockets.

How many cigarettes does Chloe have?

Cigarettes - after the correct answer, Chloe will ask you how many cigarettes are in the pack. The correct answer is seven.

Should I save Chloe or Arcadia Bay?

To get the pair to kiss, players should side with Chloe and show concern for her money trouble and safety throughout the game. If Arcadia Bay is saved, the closing moments of the game show every major character attending Chloe's funeral.

What happens if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

Consequence Of Sacrificing Arcadia Bay

If you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, Max rips up the picture and stands beside Chloe to watch the hurricane. The storm destroys Arcadia Bay, turning most of the buildings into rubble. And in Life Is Strange 2, David Madsen reveals that nearly all of the residents die.

Are Life is Strange 1 and 2 connected?

Although the sequel to Life is Strange takes place after the events of the first game, it is not a direct sequel. Life is Strange 2 revolves around the brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, who decide to flee from their hometown Seattle after a terrible accident.
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