What is a razor in Red Rising?

Lorn au Arcos. The primary weapon of Golds in single combat, the Razor is a symbol of Gold's right to rule. As such, the punishment for any other Color caught using one is heavy. For an Obsidian, the punishment for merely touching the weapon is death by starvation.

How strong is Darrow?

The strength of his grip outclasses that of Titus, the largest member of House Mars. He was able to hold his breath underwater for over eight minutes and could withstand multiple Gs of force without passing out or vomiting. It is mentioned that Mickey's skills were so great that Darrow physically outmatches most Golds.

What is a stained in Red Rising?

The Stained are a class of Obsidian but are more monstrous and hardy than others. They can use advanced weapons such as IonBlades and are built like tanks, not reacting even when wounded. In Golden Son, Darrow meets a Stained called Ragnar.

Who is Darrow's wife?

Eo, Darrow's wife whose hanging for treason ignites his desire for revenge against the Golds. Nero au Augustus, the ArchGovernor of Mars who orders Eo's execution. Virginia au Augustus, daughter of the ArchGovernor and leader of House Minerva at the Institute.

Is Sevro in Dark Age?

Dark Age. Some time after returning from Venus, Sevro and Victra received a ransom demand for Pax and Electra from Sefi who had manage to aquire them after their escape from the Syndicate.

The Razor, the Weapon, the Symbol- A Peerless Lore Holo (Spoiler Warning)

Is Titus a red?

Titus uses the word "bloodydamn" and Darrow pieces together and realizes in shock that Titus is also a Red.

Is Sevro alive?

Sevro is killed, and his body is brought along. When they arrive, they see that the Jackal is there as well as Aja.

What does EO say to Dio?

Before her hanging, Eo secretly told Dio of her pregnancy and pleaded her not to tell Darrow, which drove her sister to tears. Darrow only finds out about Eo's pregnancy during a meeting with Harmony two years later, much to his grief. This revelation is what refuels his desire to bring down The Society.

Why does Roque betray Darrow?

In Golden Son, their relationship undergoes a massive rift. Roque loses faith in Darrow, believing him to not care for his friends and to hide his true intentions. He betrays Darrow after discovering him to be a Red, and condemns Darrow to captivity and torture.

Who is the ash Lord in Iron Gold?

Magnus au Grimmus, a.k.a. the "Ash Lord" (Gold): former ArchImperator and supreme commander of the Sovereign's fleet, he and his allies are the remaining holdouts against the new Republic.

What is an obsidian in Red Rising?

Obsidians (Also referred to as Crows) are part of the lowColors. They are a 'monstrous race, only bred for war.' Obsidian is the only color to ever rebel against the Gold elite (until the Rising). After the "Dark Revolt," they were forced to live in the polar regions of Earth and Mars.

What was in the box in golden son?

His family went to war with another and everyone in his family died but him and he grew up with the victorious family. Later he asked for one of their daughter's hand in marriage only to kill her, and present her head back to them in a box.

Who is Volsung FA?

Volsung Fá is the leader of the Ascomanni. We first meet him in Dark Age. We find out later in the book that he is a Gorgon who works for Atlas au Raa, according to Xenophon, and is supposedly the father of Ragnar Volarus and Sefi the Quiet.

How tall are golds in Red Rising?

They can hold their breath for at least 5 minutes and have increased cognitive capabilities which is further enhanced by brain implants. Additionally, they all are of a height of at least 2 meters (6.5 feet) or taller. To be under 2 meters is considered short among Golds.

Why does Darrow get hanged?

The next morning, the Greys come for Darrow – to hang him for cutting down his wife's body. He is hanged in front of all the Reds.

Did Sevro know Darrow was a red?

From there, it's a series of great moments and reveals. Not only does Sevro now know who Darrow really is, but he's all in on Team Ares. We later learn that Sevro's actually part Red, which only makes him feel like more of a true brother to Darrow than he was before.

What was Darrow's gift to the Jackal?

He pulls a short gold baton up from his lap. With the press of a button, the baton extends to a scepter. One with the skull of a jackal overtop the pyramid of the Society. I had it commissioned for him more than a year ago.

Who is the Jackal red rising?

Adrius au Augustus, better known as The Jackal, is the second son of Nero au Augustus, Mustang's twin brother, and a Gold of the Martian house Augustus.

Who killed Lorn AU Arcos?

Lorn au Arcos - Rage Knight of the Society for over 60 years, legendary Razormaster and creator of The Willow Way. Killed by Adrius au Augustus.

Is giorno a Joestar?

The protagonist of the fifth JoJo's Bizarre Adventure arc, "Vento Aureo," Giorno Giovanna is the son of Dio Brando. However, because he was conceived when Dio was wearing Jonathan Joestar's stolen body, Giorno is technically a Joestar. He's also a JoJo (GioGio), with a Bizarre Adventure of his own.

What is heaven JoJo?

Heaven, for DIO, is the idea of a world essentially without fear of the unknown, as shown by Made in Heaven, who's ability is to be able to accelerate time to the point of a universal reset, which allows people to subconsciously know what is fated for them to happen as they have all ready lived it.

What was EO's dream in red rising?

"It's not just some dream, Darrow. I live for the dream that my children will be born free. That they will be what they like. That they will own the land their father gave them."

Is Quicksilver a son of Ares?

While being interrogated, Quicksilver reveals that he was in fact one of the founding members of the Sons of Ares, having provided Fitchner with funding and resources in the resistance movement's early days.

What are howlers in Red Rising?

The Howlers are a group led by Sevro au Barca. They were initially formed during Darrow's year at The Institute, and consisted of the lowDraft "dregs" of House Mars.

What does Omnis vir lupus mean?

Omnis Vir Lupus - Everyone a Wolf.