What is the point of a foam cannon?

A foam cannon is a piece of car washing equipment that mixes the perfect amount of car wash soap, water, and air to generate thick suds, then shoot them all over your car using the power of a pressure washer.

What are the benefits of using a foam cannon?

5 Benefits of Using a Foam Cannon vs Hand Washing
  • Easier lubrication for removing dirt. ...
  • Foam creates a slick surface to easily wash dirt away. ...
  • Reduced risk of scratching paint. ...
  • Foam cannons help to avoid cross-contamination. ...
  • Speed.

Is a foam cannon necessary?

The reality is that you probably don't need to use a foam cannon unless you enjoy using it. It might add a little safety with some extra lubrication on soft paint, but it's really more of a novelty item.

Do you have to scrub your car if you use a foam cannon?

Using a pressure washer and a foam cannon can greatly speed up your car wash process. You can even just use foam soap and a pressure washer to clean lightly soiled vehicles, without any scrubbing with a wash mitt.

What is the difference between a foam gun and a foam cannon?

Whereas a Foam Cannon will lay down a thick shaving-cream-like layer of white foam over the entire surface, the Foam Gun with a water hose simply does not have enough water pressure to create such a thick foam, but it will still cover the surface in thick suds to help loosen and lift dirt more easily.

Do Foam Cannon's Really Work - Yes & Why!

Can I use regular car wash soap in a foam cannon?

Can You Use Regular Car Wash Soap in a Foam Gun? Regular car wash soap and car shampoo can be effectively applied with a foam gun. Car soap mixes with water in the foam gun's canister to produce a frothy mixture. The frothy mix is then released onto the car via a spray nozzle for a pre-wash preparation or a quick wash.

Should you rinse car before snow foam?

We always rinse first: that way you dislodge as much surface grime, mud and brake dust etc as possible allowing the foam to work on the more deep-seated dirt.

What soap do you put in a foam cannon?

While all soaps might produce some sort of suds, there are some formulas that are just made to create thick foam. All Chemical Guys soaps except Rinse Free are engineered for use with a foam cannon or foam gun.

Is snow foam a gimmick?

No, Snow Foam is not a gimmick. Using Snow Foam as a part of your washing process significantly reduces the risk of scratching the paint on your car because it helps to soften the dirt on your car and make it easier to rinse off.

Does foam clean better?

The answer is no. The amount of foam has almost no effect on the cleaning ability of the product. Having a lot of foam isn't vital for actually doing the cleaning, it's mostly for aesthetic. In fact, in some cases, the presence of foam will reduce the ability to clean.

How long do you leave snow foam on?

You simply spray the car until it's coated in foam, leave it for five-minutes (not in direct sunlight), then return to rinse it all off with the regular lance back on your pressure washer. During those five minutes, the foam should lift off the nastiest bits of dirt, taking the grime with it when it's power-washed off.

How do you use snow foam without a pressure washer?

You can apply a snow foam to a car without a pressure washer by using a hand-held foaming pump sprayer or a foam cannon which attaches to directly to a garden hose. The snow foam can also be applied to the car using a regular spray bottle which will achieve the same cleaning effect, but without producing any foam.

Do you dilute soap for foam cannon?

To get thick foam from your foam cannon, you must choose a car soap which is high sudsing and highly concentrated. Diluted car soaps will result in a watery foam and not the thick 'shaving cream' consistency that everyone loves! Try adding approximately 6-7 oz (200mL) to the bottle and fill the rest with warm water.

Does snow foam remove wax?

Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam is also pH-balanced, so it won't remove wax or affect paint, clear coat, chrome, aluminum, plastic, or rubber parts. The best way to take advantage of snow foam's pre-wash capabilities is to spray it onto your vehicle with a snow foam cannon or foam gun connected to a pressure washer.

How often should you use snow foam?

As you should only need around a cap full of shampoo per bucket rather than an inch or so if not more that would need to go into the snow foam lance bottle. A 5 litre bottle of snow foam should last you around 6-8 months if not more depending on how often you wash your car(s).

Can you snow foam a soft top?

crack on, absolutely no issue with foam on a convertible roof, make sure it's rinsed thoroughly though.

What can I use instead of snow foam?

A car shampoo is designed to be used after snow foaming and rinsing the vehicle. The shampoo is mixed with water in a clean bucket, and then gently wiped over the panels on the car using a microfiber wash mitt, to remove all the remaining dirt and grime.

How much soap do you use in a foam cannon?

Here's how it works: Mix 1 – 3oz of your favorite Chemical Guys soap and water into the canister of the foam cannon. We always use warm water because it helps the aerate mixture better. Reattach the canister to the head of the foam cannon.

How do you get thick foam?

Many people forget about this step, but it's key to getting thick snow foam; put your snow foam liquid into the snow foam lance bottle and mix it with some warm water. This will help the liquid activate, giving you the thick, clingy foam that you're after.
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