What rank was Magnum in the Navy?

Active duty. He served ten or more years as an officer in the United States Navy, rising to the rank of lieutenant before resigning from the service in disillusionment in 1979. Magnum was a Vietnam War veteran and a former POW who believed his wife Michelle died in bombing during the final pull-out from Saigon.

Did Magnum go to the Naval Academy?

In the original "Magnum, P.I.", Thomas Magnum was a 1967 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, played QB for the Midshipmen (MVP of the Army-Navy game), served 3 tours of Vietnam as a SEAL and was awarded the Navy Cross.

Is Thomas Magnum a Navy SEAL?

The new Thomas Magnum is an Ex-Navy Seal who served in Afghanistan and moved to Hawaii to be a private investigator with a group of his friends.

Why did Magnum rejoin the Navy?

Magnum decides to return to active duty in the Navy, at the rank of Commander, in order to give Lily a more stable home.

Did Magnum ever meet Robin Masters?

It is also implied that she may be related to Robin Masters; in the reboot, Magnum describes Masters as having been "embedded with the troops", making this the first instance that either Magnum or Higgins has actually met Masters. Unlike the original Higgins, Juliet is more taciturn and curt and does not ramble.

What rank was Magnum PI in the Navy?

Was Tom Selleck in the military?

He served from 1967 to 1973. He later appeared on California National Guard recruiting posters. The military left a strong impression on Selleck, who recalls his service with pride, "I am a veteran, I'm proud of it," he said. "I was a sergeant in the U.S. Army infantry, National Guard, Vietnam era.

Does Magnum marry Higgins?

"Yeah, a lot goes into planning a wedding," Magnum replies, "which may come as a surprise to you because you didn't really pull your weight when we planned ours" -- a reference to their quickie engagement so Higgins could remain in the States and receive a green card. (They never did tie the knot.)

Did Higgins wear toupee?

I can just hear Higgins saying this to Magnum. Hey N, One thing is that John Hillerman wore a hairpiece throughout the show, so it wasn't done awhile after this, but rather that he decided NOT to wear his hairpiece here.

Why did Magnum wear a Tigers hat?

It was actually Tom Selleck's idea to gave the character that particular cap, as he's a big fan of the team. Tom Selleck is originally from Detroit and has been a supporter of the Detroit Tigers since childhood.

Why does Jay Hernandez have a 78 tattoo on his arm?

The '78 Tattoo on Magnum P.I. Simply Refers to the Actor's Birth Year. It's natural to try and find deeper meaning in something, especially when someone's making a permanent mark on their body.

Did Magnum P.I. serve in the military?

He served in both the SEALs and Naval Intelligence during his Navy years, and as such maintained many contacts in both "communities". In the episode "Solo Flight" he is seen wearing the rank insignia for a lieutenant commander. By the final episode of Magnum P.I.

Did Jay Hernandez serve in the military?

Was Jay Hernandez ever in the Military? Even though Jay portrays a character who served in Afghanistan (and does it quite well!), he has never been in the military himself.

Is Magnum the white knight?

Lina, after getting into the safe, finds the identity of the White Knight. It's Thomas Magnum, obviously. One of the mercenaries lets Sam and Lina know Higgins and Kumu have escaped the wine cellar. Lina orders the mercenary to find them and kill them on sight.

How long was Magnum a POW?

Military service

He was held captive by the Taliban in the Korangal Valley together with TC, Rick, and Sebastian Nuzo for more than 18 months.

Where did Magnum P.I. get his money?

He quit the Navy, got a Private Investigator's license and opened a practice in Hawaii. He was eventually hired by a world-renowned author and playboy, Robin Masters (Orson Welles), to monitor security at Robin's Nest, a huge estate on the north shores of Oahu.

What was Magnum P.I. job?

A charming rogue, an American hero and a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, Magnum lives in a guest cottage on Robin's Nest, the luxurious estate where he works as a security consultant to supplement his P.I. business.

Is Tom Selleck a Detroit fan?

Tom Selleck was a well known fan of the Detroit Tigers, after being born in Detroit after all, and a massive Al Kaline fan, and when the opportunity came for him to actually play a game Tom did not back down.

What is the symbol on Magnum P.I. ring?

The dominant motif of the ring is a "double cross", the Cross of Lorraine. The Cross of Lorraine is primarily identified as a French resistance symbol, but it's also used for many other purposes. The cross was originally used by the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages, and later by Joan of Arc in the fifteenth century.

What is VM02 Da Nang?

The VM02 Da Nang Patch refers to the Air Base in Vietnam that the US military used from 1962 – 1973. It was also seen on Thomas Magnum's cap. Seen on the popular TV show, Magnum PI. A great patch to add to your favorite article of clothing or accessory.

Did Tom Selleck get along with John Hillerman?

The actor honors the grand side of "The Great Hildini."

It's been a week since Magnum, P.I. actor John Hillerman passed away at 84, and now his costar Tom Selleck has drafted a touching tribute for Hollywood Reporter that honors his friendship with the actor who played Higgins.

How did the original Magnum, P.I. end?

That kind of stability as a naval commander (well, stable until war breaks out) is what Magnum thought would be perfect for Lily. The show ends with him walking down the beach, hand in hand with Lily, a fitting tribute to the man who decided that the life of a private investigator was a little too nuts.

Who is the MC of America says?

America Says is an American television game show hosted by John Michael Higgins and broadcast on Game Show Network. The series consists of two teams of four guessing the top answers to fill-in-the-blank survey questions.

Is Lily Magnum's daughter?

The project, from Leverage creator John Rogers and Eva Longoria's UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, will keep the fun, action-packed style of the original as it follows Magnum's daughter, Lily “Tommy” Magnum, who returns to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her father's PI firm.

Was Magnum P.I. filmed in Hawaii?

Many of the indoor scenes of Magnum, P.I. were filmed on the old Hawaii Five-O soundstage, as the network did not wish for their Hawaiian production facilities to go to waste after Hawaii Five-O ended its run.

Who owns the estate where Magnum P.I. is filmed?

The estate was purchased by Marty Nesbitt in 2015 for $8.7 million. The City & County of Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) issued a demolition permit last week.
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