What should soft gamine avoid?

Soft Gamine is the result when you have a mix of yin and yang features, but with a bit extra yin.
  • SHAPE: Crisp curves with sharp edges. ...
  • Avoid: Sharp geometrics. ...
  • LINE AND SILHOUETTE: Animated, staccato silhouette. ...
  • Avoid: Geometric silhouettes.

What looks good on soft gamine?

The silhouette that a soft gamine wears should be fitted, feminine, and small. Again high necklines are best, and pants, skirts, and dresses should show a bit of ankle. Waist emphasis is also key to achieving the femininity to match the underlying yin currents that soft gamines have.

How do you know if you're a soft gamine?

Soft gamines have a mixture of yin and yang features (with a heavier emphasis on yin features). The defining characteristics are soft, rounded shapes accented by angular edges, sharp lines, and sharp edges. The result is a cute, boyish appearance.

What should gamines wear?

Therefore, gamines look best in compact, small-scale designs and shapes. Long and oversized garments will overwhelm this type. Shorter dresses and jackets, short skirts, and shorts are all better suited than long and narrow designs. Accessories are also best when they are compact and not overly big.

What are soft gamine lines?

For a Soft Gamine woman, the Yin creates soft, rounded lines, contributes to more delicate facial features and more feminine shapes. The pure Gamine has a more boyish figure and slightly sharper features. Her body is not as Yin as Soft Gamine's. The Yin element in the Soft Gamine type can be present in varying degrees.


What is gamine body type?

The Gamine body type is defined by an even combination of yin and yang opposites and is the overall combination of a sharply delicate physicality along with a fresh and spicy essence.

What is romantic body type?

romantic body type. Romantics are the embodiment of pure Yin: delicate, round and curvy. The facial features of the romantic type are also rounded and curvy. Large, round eyes, full lips, lush cheeks, slightly wide, neat nose.

Are gamines attractive?

They are incredibly attractive. Women who have a "yang" or masculine quality to their beauty are no less attractive than their more "yin" counterparts. They only appear unlovely when they're placed in a clothing context that's more stereotypically feminine than they are.

Do flamboyant gamines look tall?

However, we should remember that short stature and the mentioned facial features do not describe every Flamboyant Gamine woman. The eyes can be of medium size, the lips less full, and the height limit set by David Kibbe is as high as 170 cm (5'7”).

What is a gamine face?

The Gamine Face

In some ways similar to Natural faces in that there is a lot of variety among Gamine faces, as Gamines are defined by a mix of Yin and Yang features, which may result in a mostly Yin face, a mostly Yang face, or a mix of the two.

Are you a gamine?

Gamine body type is a combination of Yin face (feminine / soft features) and Yang body (masculine/sharp features). You have a lithe and lean body, which tends towards musculature. Your bone structure is angular, narrow, and sharp with small breasts and hips.

What Kibbe body type is Vanessa Hudgens?

Celebrities with a Soft Gamine Body Type classification: Dakota Fanning, Vanessa Hudgens, Maisie Willimas, AnnaSophia Robb, Sarah Hyland, Lucy Hale, Cyndi Lauper, Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Eartha Kitt, Reese Witherspoon, Alizée, Hayden Panettiere, Jenna Colman, Mylène Farmer, Liza Minnelli, Edie Sedgwick, Lea ...

What should a soft classic wear?

If you want your outfit to say classic and soft, it's the subtle details that will tell the story. Look for touchable fabrics, smaller prints, soft florals, lace, ruffles, soft edges, neutrals, soothing colors, subtle details, simplicity, length.

Which Kibbe type is hourglass?

YIN (soft/round): The concept of yin refers to soft edges, rounded shapes, hourglass figures, smooth lines, and flowing silhouettes. YANG (sharp/vertical): The concept of yang refers to angular structures, harsh lines, elongated silhouettes, geometric shapes like rectangles and triangles, and verticality.

Can gamines be wide?

Women with the flamboyant gamine Kibbe body type are broad and angular. They have slightly wide bones, square shoulders, and large hands and feet. Petite women in this category may have shorter hands and feet, but they tend to be square and wide.

Where do flamboyant gamines gain weight?

Flamboyant Gamine: The Flamboyant Gamine ID will tend to become stocky and more square. Excess weight usually collects from the waist down, rarely above. Their arms and legs, waist, and the hip area often become thicker.

Was Audrey Hepburn a gamine?

Audrey Hepburn was one such spirit, the quintessential Gamine. We honor her not only for her beauty, talent and style, but also for her fearless acts of humanitarian aid. She did something important with her life.

What is Audrey Hepburn style?

Offscreen, Hepburn made wearing pedal pushers and simple, unadorned tops into an art. So many Audrey Hepburn style moments made history, she was inducted to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. Casual fans know Audrey Hepburn style as the black dress she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

What is a gamine girl?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a girl who hangs around on the streets. 2 : a small playfully mischievous girl. gamine.

What are the 5 main body types?

The five main body type shapes are rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear and apple. To begin specifying your body shape, stand in front of a full-size mirror with no clothes on, or just your underwear.

What are romantic facial features?

Romantics look like themselves with half-closed eyes, a cocked eyebrow, and a knowing smile -- or no smile at all. This "come-hither" face is silly on pretty much everyone else, but on Romantics it's perfect. It looks wise and confident.

How do you know if you're flamboyant gamine?

Have a delicate bone structure with small hands and feet (in proportion to height). Have an hourglass figure with a waspish waist and curvy hips and bustline (even when overweight, the bone structure gives a more squarish shape). Be symmetrical, in body type or facial features.

What Kibbe type is Eva Longoria?

Celebrities with a Gamine Body Type classification: Audrey Tatou, Michelle Williams, Eva Longoria, Miroslava Duma, Heather Locklear, Jean Seberg and Geraldine Chaplin.
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