What was the first color film to win an Oscar for best picture Gone With the Wind?

Gone with the Wind was the first color movie to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. Sidney Howard was the first posthumous winner in a competitive category (for the screenplay of Gone with the Wind).

What was the first film to win Best Picture Oscar?

The Warner Bros. movie The Jazz Singer–one of the first “talkies”–was not allowed to compete for Best Picture because the Academy decided it was unfair to let movies with sound compete with silent films. The first official Best Picture winner was Wings, directed by William Wellman.

Did Gone With the Wind Win Best Picture Oscar?

At the 12th Academy Awards, it received ten Academy Awards (eight competitive, two honorary) from thirteen nominations, including wins for Best Picture, Best Director (Fleming), Best Adapted Screenplay (posthumously awarded to Sidney Howard), Best Actress (Leigh), and Best Supporting Actress (Hattie McDaniel, becoming ...

What was the first silent film to win an Oscar for Best Picture?

Wings was the only silent film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. Wings also won the Academy Award for Engineering Effects. The event was held a full three months after the winners had already been announced.

When did Gone With the Wind come out in color?

By 1939, when "Gone With the Wind" was released, Technicolor as we know it had been around for a while and more and more movies were using color. Betty Grable would soon become known as the Queen of Technicolor.

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Which film beat out The Wizard of Oz for Best Picture of 1939?

The studios released some of its most popular and accomplished films, including the best picture Oscar winner “Gone With the Wind,” the beloved musical fantasy “The Wizard of Oz” and John Ford's seminal western “Stagecoach,” which turned B actor John Wayne into a major player.

What was the first year that the Oscars were on color TV?

In 1966 the Oscars were first broadcast in color. From 1971 through 1975, the NBC TV network carried the Awards. ABC has telecast the show since 1976 and is under contract through 2020.

What Shakespearean movie was the first Best Picture made outside the US?

Hamlet (1948)

Olivier's greatest Oscar triumph came with his adaptation of Hamlet, which earned him not only the Academy Award for Best Actor, but was also named the Best Picture of 1948. It was the first time that a film made outside the Hollywood studio system won Best Picture.

How many silent films have won Best Picture?

The first (and only) silent film to win 'Best Picture' was Wings (1927/28).
There have only been a few nominated science-fiction films before 2009 - and none of them have won the top prize:
  • A Clockwork Orange (1971)
  • Star Wars (1977)
  • E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Why didn't Clark Gable win an Oscar for Gone with the Wind?

The response selected as the “top answer” was “Because he wasn't nominated.” Well, that is just wrong. He was nominated. Regardless, he did not win – even though the film won in just about every other category in which it was nominated – a record eight Oscars overall.

Which of these Oscars did Gone with the Wind not win?

The film did not win the Best Actor Academy Award. Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American epic historical romance film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel Gone with the Wind. It was produced by David O. Selznick of Selznick International Pictures and directed by Victor Fleming.

What movies were nominated for Best Picture in 1940?

Gone With the Wind – David O. Selznick for Selznick International and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Dark Victory – David Lewis for Warner Bros.
  • Goodbye, Mr. ...
  • Love Affair – Leo McCarey for RKO Radio.
  • Mr. ...
  • Ninotchka – Sidney Franklin for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
  • Of Mice and Men – Lewis Milestone for Hal Roach Prod.

Who was the first person to win an Oscar for best actor?

The first ever Academy Award was bestowed upon Emil Jannings, for Best Actor for his leading roles in silent films The Way of All Flesh (1927) and The Last Command (1928). The first ever Academy Award for Best Picture went to Wings, a 1927 silent movie that told the story of two pilots in love with the same woman.

Who was the first person in history to win both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar?

Shaw is one of only two people to have won both an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize for Literature. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1925; the committee said that his work was “marked by both idealism and humanity, its stimulating satire often being infused with a singular poetic beauty”.

What 3 films have won 11 Oscars?

"Ben-Hur" (1959), "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" (2003), and "Titanic" (1997) each received 11 Oscars.

Which of these films won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1999?

It was March 21, 1999, the night Shakespeare in Love won the Academy Award for best picture, an honor many thought rightfully belonged to its stiffest competitor, Steven Spielberg's $70 million World War II drama, Saving Private Ryan.

When was the first Oscar given?

1929 | Oscars.org | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Did Casablanca win best picture?

Director Michael Curtiz' Casablanca (with eight nominations and three Oscar wins - Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay for Julius J.
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