Which Thor is the strongest?

Old King Thor is one of the most powerful variants of the character. When Old King Thor merged with the Phoenix Force, becoming Old Phoenix King Thor, his powers greatly multiplied. This solidified him as one of the most dangerous beings in Marvel.

Is Thor the strongest in the Avengers?

Thor is by far the strongest member of the original team considering he is the literal God. He gained a major boost in power following the events of Thor: Ragnarok after losing Mjolnir and learning that his hammer wasn't the source of his strength.

What is the strongest version of Odin?

Odin is the most powerful of the Asgardian gods. Possessing the massive energy source called the Odinpower, or Odinforce, Odin's physical abilities are augmented, including superhuman strength, lifting up to 75 tons, superhuman durability, and regenerative powers.

What is Thor's ultimate form?

"Ultimate Thor" is the alter-ego of Thorlief Golmen, an anarchist who discovered he is the reincarnated form of the Norse warrior Thor. The "Ultimate" redesign of the character reduces the number of Thor's powers, and reduces the character's reliance upon his hammer, Mjolnir, as a source of power.

Who is Phoenix King Thor?

Old King (Phoenix) Thor Features

As Old King Phoenix Thor, Odinson fought the most powerful version of Doom ever. He spent years gathering the powers of all the Prehistoric Avengers, becoming even more powerful than the almighty God Emperor Doom. That guy collected the powers of the entire Beyonders race.

The Strongest Form of Thor You've Never Heard About!

Is Rune King Thor stronger than old King Thor?

Thor's own vast power, combined with Odin's, and the power of Rune magic. While Old King Thor definitely has power and experience, Rune King Thor just simply has more raw power and versatility.

Who is Rune King Thor?

Rune King Thor is an all powerful version of Thor who is able to tap into the power of the Odinforce, an infinite source of energy. In the comics, to become the Rune King, Thor had to go on a journey that involved three steps: Sacrifice, gaining knowledge of the past, and gaining knowledge of ancient runes.

Which Avenger can defeat Thor?

Beta Ray Bill, a warrior alien, bests Thor in battle one time. As a reward for his strength, Odin creates a new hammer known as Stormbreaker for Bill. Bill subsequently fights alongside Thor, the Avengers, and Fantastic Four during an engagement on Earth in battle with Surtur.

Is Beta Ray Bill stronger than Thor?

Though the reason for their toughness does vary. For Beta Ray Bill, he was designed that way and has multiple factors for being that way. Meanwhile, Thor has the power of an Asgardian and Mjolnir to back him up. Believe it or not, but Beta Ray Bill is just a tiny bit more durable than Thor.

What is Hulk's strongest form?

Marvel: 10 Most Powerful Versions Of The Hulk
  1. 1 World Breaker Hulk. The World Breaker Hulk is arguably the most powerful because he did exactly what his name says.
  2. 2 The Immortal Hulk. ...
  3. 3 Kluh. ...
  4. 4 Red Hulk. ...
  5. 5 Green Scar. ...
  6. 6 Maestro. ...
  7. 7 The Professor. ...
  8. 8 She-Hulk. ...

Can Odin lift Mjolnir?

This search takes her to Asgard where she discovers Odin in the Norse kingdom's armory alone with the hammer nestled in its proper resting place. Even though the All-Father commissioned the creation of the hammer, he is unable to lift Mjolnir, cursing his own enchantment as he himself isn't worthy enough to lift it.

Who would win Odin or Zeus?

So the fact that Thor was able to hold his own against Zeus speaks volumes, and I think is good enough evidence to say that between Odin and Zeus, Odin is more powerful than Zeus, perhaps even more than just "Slightly more powerful."

Is cosmic Thor the strongest Thor?

Thor Herald Of Galactus

Thor Herald Of Galactus This is easily the most awesome power-up Thor has ever received. Formally, he is the best Avenger, the most powerful deity in all of Marvel's Pantheons, and the strongest Herald ever to represent Galactus.

Is Hulk stronger than Thor?

When only taking the powers each character displayed in the first Avengers into consideration, Hulk comes out on top as the strongest Avenger over Thor. While this may not be the case in the current MCU, Hulk proved that he is more powerful than Thor multiple times throughout the iconic film.

Who is the strongest Marvel?


Over 3000 years old, Hercules, the son of Zeus, is considered the physically strongest character in the entire Marvel universe. He is stronger than both Thor and Hulk, and once pulled the entire island of Manhattan which weighed 99,000,000,000 tons.

Can Thor beat Thanos?

The Asgardian Son of Odin was extremely close to ending Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. After gaining the powerful weapon Stormbreaker, Thor becomes the wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. Stormbreaker is capable of killing Thanos outright, and only Thor is currently worthy of wielding it.

Which is stronger Mjolnir or Stormbreaker?

Although Stormbreaker and Mjolnir have very similar properties and powers, Stormbreaker is the most powerful weapon wielded by Thor so far. The obvious reasons are that Stormbreaker is the physically larger weapon out of the two, and not to mention that it is an axe, which could well be more dangerous than a hammer.

Could Goku lift Mjolnir?

Few people are worthy to wield Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, but Dragon Ball's Goku fits the bill, thanks to a raft of similarities between the two heroes.

Who can lift Thor hammer?

For unexplained reasons, Thor remains the only one able to lift the hammer in this universe despite Odin never shown enchanting it with the "worthy" spell. Mjolnir will return in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) with Jane Foster as Mighty Thor wielding a reconstructed version of the hammer.

Who is stronger Thor or Iron Man?

Thor beat Iron Man easily. Iron Man was basically powerless against the God of Thunder. Thor stopped short of beating Iron Man to death, but he made sure that Iron Man knew that there was nothing he could do to Thor if Thor pressed the issue.

Who is fastest avenger?

1 Sentry Can Move At Speeds In Excess Of Light Speed

He's good at everything. He's at or near the top in every area a superhero can be powerful in.

Can Rune King Thor beat Odin?

Honestly, no. It will be a really tough one for Thor though still, he will ultimately lose this one. Old King Thor(he had the Odin force) almost got defeated while fighting an old and low-fed Galactus. He had to use the All-Black the necrosword to make the devourer accept defeat.

Can Rune King Thor beat Hela?

Rune King Thor is at least twice as powerful as Odin, he erased Mangog from existence. Hela would be nothing to him. Hell even normal Thor in the comics has a good chance of beating her, nevermind Thor with warriors madness or Odin force.

Who can beat Rune King Thor?

TOAA, TOBA, The Living Tribunal, Molecule Man, The Beyonders, Lifebringer Galactus, Eternity, Infinity, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Oblivion.
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