Who is Cassius in red rising?

Cassius was born to one of the most powerful and wealthiest families on Mars. He had a twin brother Julian and they were the youngest of the children of Tiberius and Julia. Cassius is also Tiberius' favourite son.

Is Cassius alive Red Rising?

He died after fighting for the people, which is true to his character and proved he never lost his heart.

Who is Mickey in Red Rising?

Mickey is a Violet, and a Carver who was responsible for Darrow's transformation into an Iron Gold, and Evey's wings. He is a known member of the Sons of Ares. Pierce confirmed that most Violets have 5 fingers per hand, and Mickey added extra to himself.

How tall is Cassius Red Rising?

As a lowRed, he had dull red hair and red eyes and was 5'4" tall.

What happened Cassius face?

In Golden Son, Cassius attempts to use his new relationship with Virginia to hurt Darrow, but he is soon after beaten badly by him and publicly humiliated in a duel. Cassius loses his arm in the duel and loses face before the Sovereign. His entire family is later massacred, and Darrow is blamed for it.

Red Rising - Lore/Society

Is Titus a red?

Titus uses the word "bloodydamn" and Darrow pieces together and realizes in shock that Titus is also a Red.

Does Roque betray Darrow?

Roque loses faith in Darrow, believing him to not care for his friends and to hide his true intentions. He betrays Darrow after discovering him to be a Red, and condemns Darrow to captivity and torture.

Is Sevro in Dark Age?

Dark Age. Some time after returning from Venus, Sevro and Victra received a ransom demand for Pax and Electra from Sefi who had manage to aquire them after their escape from the Syndicate.

Does Darrow end up with Mustang?

At the end of the novel, they are fully reconciled and Virginia reveals to Darrow that they have a son together whom she named Pax.

Who is Volsung FA?

Volsung Fá is the leader of the Ascomanni. We first meet him in Dark Age. We find out later in the book that he is a Gorgon who works for Atlas au Raa, according to Xenophon, and is supposedly the father of Ragnar Volarus and Sefi the Quiet.

Who is Karnus?

Karnus is forceful, sadistic, and adheres to the Gold social culture that holds strength, achievement, and martial prowess above all else. He looked down on his siblings, especially Julian, whom he found unworthy of the family name and of their mother's love.

Who is Quinn in Red Rising?

Quinn was a Praetor and a loyal follower of Darrow. She was Darrow's classmate in House Mars and becomes one of his advisors at The Institute. Darrow finds her to be one the fastest runners he's ever met.

Does Darrow tell Mustang he's a red?

Darrow tells Mustang.

Well, he doesn't tell her, but he gives her the holo of his carving and lets her watch it.

What was Darrow's gift to the Jackal?

He pulls a short gold baton up from his lap. With the press of a button, the baton extends to a scepter. One with the skull of a jackal overtop the pyramid of the Society. I had it commissioned for him more than a year ago.

Who is Darrow's wife?

Eo, Darrow's wife whose hanging for treason ignites his desire for revenge against the Golds. Nero au Augustus, the ArchGovernor of Mars who orders Eo's execution. Virginia au Augustus, daughter of the ArchGovernor and leader of House Minerva at the Institute.

Is Sevro alive?

Sevro is killed, and his body is brought along. When they arrive, they see that the Jackal is there as well as Aja.

What does Omnis vir lupus mean?

Omnis Vir Lupus - Everyone a Wolf.

What are howlers in Red Rising?

The Howlers are a group led by Sevro au Barca. They were initially formed during Darrow's year at The Institute, and consisted of the lowDraft "dregs" of House Mars.

Was EO pregnant in red rising?

Darrow only finds out about Eo's pregnancy during a meeting with Harmony two years later, much to his grief. This revelation is what refuels his desire to bring down The Society.

Who is the Jackal red rising?

Adrius au Augustus, better known as The Jackal, is the second son of Nero au Augustus, Mustang's twin brother, and a Gold of the Martian house Augustus.

Where is Luna in red rising?

Locations. Silene Manor, one of the homes of the Sovereign.

What is a Primus in red rising?

Primus. The Primus is the leader of their house, and is determined by the merit system.

What is the House Mars red rising?

The Institute is an elite school for the children of Gold Society members the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown. The House Mars Institute Ring features the wolf head symbol of House Mars. The members of House Mars are known for being fiercely aggressive players in the war game against other students.

How old is Darrow in iron gold?

Iron Gold picks up a decade after Morning Star ends. Darrow, now 33 years old, is wary from years of war. His wife Mustang is Sovereign to the society, and their ten-year-old son is starting to feel the neglect of his always-absent father.

What was in the box at the end of Golden Son?

When handing Darrow the box that contains the mask, Roque poisons him with a needle and lets him know that he knows who he really is. The Jackel is in on it too and many of Darrow's friends are killed including Arcos and Victra. Roque shows Darrow what is really in the box…
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