Who is India's most popular cricketer?

1. Virat Kohli is the most popular Indian Cricket player
  • Virat Kohli is the most popular Indian Cricket player. ...
  • As the former captain of the Indian National Cricket team, Virat is one of the most popular Indian cricket players, with over 182 million Instagram followers and 46 million Twitter followers.

Who is India's No 1 cricketer?

After naming Rohit Sharma as Test captain for upcoming series against Sri Lanka, Chetan Sharma, Chairman of All-India Senior-Selection Committee said that Rohit Sharma is the no. 1 cricketer in India.

Who is the most popular cricketer?

1. Sachin Tendulkar. Despite retiring from cricket last year, Sachin Tendulkar remains the sport's most popular figure in Facebook terms anyway, with a staggering 22.6 million fans.

Who is India's top 10 best cricketer?

Top 10 Most Successful Indian Cricketers of All Time
  • Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma is an Indian cricketer who is currently one of the most successful Indian cricketers of all time. ...
  • Virat Kohli. ...
  • M.S Dhoni. ...
  • Virendra Sehwag. ...
  • Sachin Tendulkar. ...
  • Rahul Dravid. ...
  • Saurav Ganguly. ...
  • Anil Kumble.

Who is God of IPL?

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma wins our vote for the god of IPL.

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Who has more fans in cricket?

Though retiring from cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is still one of the most popular cricket players in the world. He is the most followed cricket player on Facebook, having over 22.6 million followers.

Who is role model in cricket?

If there is a perfect role model in international cricket, he is none other than Virat Kohli, a man who is born to rule world cricket.

Is Rohit better than Kohli?

According to IPL stats, Virat Kohli is a better batsman in IPL than Rohit Sharma because Virat has greater runs than Rohit and Virat has also more centuries in IPL than Rohit. IPL Stats in which Virat Kohli is better – IPL runs, IPL batting average, IPL fours, IPL centuries, IPL fifties (Draw), IPL highest score.

Who is best Virat or Rohit?

Virat Kohli certainly holds the edge over Rohit Sharma when the overall numbers of both these willow wielders are scrutinized. Kohli has scored 596 runs more than Sharma in the IPL in spite of playing 11 innings lesser than the Mumbai Indians' skipper. Also, Kohli averages 6.48 more than Sharma as well.

Who is the God of bowling?

Sachin Tendulkar has made all the records to his name in batting. With this, he, as a bowler, has successfully defended 6 runs twice in the 50th over.

Who is 2 God of Cricket?

2- Fastest cricketer to reach 5000 runs in… More. ODIs.

Who is cricket king?

The king of cricket in India is undoubtedly Virat Kohli with over 23000 runs across all three formats in international cricket.

Who is better Sachin or Bradman?

Bradman has a higher top score, Bradman's 334 versus Tendulkar's 248 not out. In Wisden's ranking of top players of all time, based on their rating system of all innings, Bradman was the clear leader above Tendulkar.

Who is best batsman in India?

Virat Kohli, a right-handed batsman, has been called the best batsman in Indian cricket history.

Who is no 1 Test captain?

#1 Graeme Smith, South Africa - 53 wins

Smith is the only captain to lead a team more than hundred times in Test cricket.
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