Who Is Pilot Pete dating?

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan's Relationship Timeline
“Where I'm at now. I'm so incredibly happy,” he said. “I don't like to think, 'Oh, what could have been' this or 'what could have been' that.

Who Is Pilot Pete currently dating?

He proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss during the March 2020 finale, but they split after the pilot realized he still had feelings for runner-up Madison Prewett. The Alabama native, 25, and Weber ultimately decided not to pursue a relationship and he later reconnected with another season 24 contestant, Kelley Flanagan.

Are Pilot Pete and Madi still together?

No pain, no gain. Nearly two years after getting her heart broken on “The Bachelor,” Madison Prewett has found the silver lining to her “torturous” breakup with Season 24 lead Peter Weber.

Is Pilot Pete single now?

But it looks like Pilot Pete is single again. In a lengthy post on Instagram, Weber announced his breakup from Flanagan — here's what he said about the split.

Who is Hannah sluss dating 2021?

A perfect team. Hannah Ann Sluss and boyfriend Jake Funk made their relationship Instagram official just before he took the field at Super Bowl LVI — and they're already planning to go the distance.

Kelley Flanagan Reveals “Really Bad” Breakup With Peter Weber

Does Hannah sluss have a boyfriend?

The former Bachelor winner (like... ish) has been teasing her relationship for a while now, but she and NFL player Jake Funk are officially official.

What nationality is Hannah Ann Sluss?

Hannah Ann Sluss (born April 25, 1996) is an American television personality who came to national prominence in 2020, as the winner of season 24 of The Bachelor, starring Peter Weber.

How is Clare and Dale doing?

He later confirmed that they called it quits, but the split didn't last long. Us broke the news in February 2021 that they were giving it another shot. Us confirmed in September 2021, that the pair split for a second time less than one year after reconciling.

Where is Hannah Ann now?

“If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.” In April 2020, Hannah Ann confirmed on the “Off the Vine” podcast that she moved to Los Angeles and was going on virtual dates with a “mystery man” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Victoria and Chris dating?

After months of fan speculation, Chris and Victoria finally confirmed their relationship in July 2020. In a conversation with People, Victoria said, "The last few months have been really special for us. We're enjoying each other!" After DM'ing each other, the couple met at Chris' farm in Iowa.

Why did Peter and Kelley split?

“While our relationship was filled with countless beautiful memories, our relationship simply didn't work out in the end. Kelley is someone I will always have a special love for. Someone I have learned more from than she will ever understand.

Who did Peter sleep with on The Bachelor?

Hannah ended up sleeping over in Peter's brother's room when Peter texted her to come to his room, where they ended up having sex. That's when Hannah realized that the spark they once had on The Bachelor was no longer there.

Who did Weber choose to marry?

After teasing that his season is unspoiler-able, Peter Weber, 28, made his final choice on Tuesday night -- he proposed to 23-year-old Hannah Ann Sluss. She was the last woman standing after front-runner Madison Prewett, also 23, broke up with Peter during their last date in Australia.

What is Pilot Pete net worth?

However, we estimate the pilot is worth anywhere between $500,000 and $750,000. This calculation is based on his career as a pilot, his role on The Bachelor and his current living situation at his parents' house in Westlake Village, California.

Is Hannah Ann Sluss a model?

The Bachelor Nation star has even shared throwbacks of herself striking model poses as a little girl. So Hannah Ann was excited to share a major milestone she just achieved in her modeling career. The Tennessee native took to Instagram and posted some photos of herself at the Ford Modeling Agency.

Did Dale and Abigail hook up?

“They never kissed or had sex. Dale is friends with Abigail.” In a statement to People at the time, Dale seemingly responded to rumors that he cheated on Clare with Abigail by confirming the timeline of their relationship.

Is Katie and Blake still together?


Katie was previously engaged to Blake who popped the question during the Bachelorette three-hour season finale which aired in August. That did not last long though as the couple announced they had called it quits in October.

Are Abigail and Noah still together?

In a confessional, Noah debated trusting the “feeling in his gut” that he hadn't found The One just yet. As their fellow cast members celebrated at an '80s-themed prom party, the season 16 Bachelorette alum pulled Abigail aside to end their relationship.

Who does Clayton pick?

In his first night alone, two of the women vying for Clayton self-deported themselves from the show. He kept a bully around longer than we could handle. He admitted to sleeping with two of his finalists and telling all three of them he was in love, sending his eventual pick Susie Evans racing for the Icelandic exits.

Who is Hannah Anns boyfriend?

The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss Says Her Parents 'Adore' Her Boyfriend Jake Funk. Hannah Ann Sluss has her parent's seal of approval. The former Bachelor alum recently took a major step in her relationship with NFL star Jake Funk when they met each other's families. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

Did Hannah Ann and Jake Funk break up?

Sluss competed for the 30-year-old pilot's heart on Season 24 of the ABC dating series, which aired in 2020. Though Weber proposed during the finale, the pair split shortly after filming wrapped.

What is Madison from The Bachelor doing now?

Having aired in 2020, Madi still remains relevant to Bachelor Nation, still active and present within the Bachelor Nation community and on social media. Since her time on the series, Madi has not given up on her pursuit of love or her dedication to her faith.
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