Who is Sanemi's love interest?

and finally Gyomei himself (the rightful Love pillar) confirms Sanemi likes Kanae as well as confirming other ships that could/would possibly sail like Giyushino/Obamitsu. After fanbook 2 got released where Gyomei confirms Sanemi's feelings Ufotable released the Kimetsu Valentine's Day special episode on February 2021.

Is Sanemi in love with Kanae?

In fan interpretation, Sanemi is often depicted as smitten with Kanae, and too frightened to make the first move, fearing she might reject him.

Who is Muichiro shipped with?

Also Known As. MuiNezu is the het ship between Nezuko Kamado and Muichiro Tokito from the Demon Slayer fandom.

Does Sanemi like Giyuu?

Sanemi and Giyu seem to not have a very good relationship as their personalities are quite different. Sanemi with his usually loud and abrasive speech while Giyu is kept calm and quiet. The only time there is respect shown is when Kagaya is in the room.

Who is Giyu wife?

[Demon Slayer] Finally, Giyu Tomioka and Shinobu Kocho Married_1 - Bilibili.

Sanemi x Kanae Explained | Kimetsu no Yaiba Ships

Who is Giyuu in love with?

Although Giyu maintains a cold and distant stance, among all the pillars, Shinobu is the one who understands him the most and has the best relationship with him.

Who is Inosuke's wife?

At the end of the chapter, there is a picture of Inosuke giving acorns to Aoi while she smiles. It is confirmed in the Volume 23 extras that Inosuke and Aoi did eventually end up together and that they have two great-grandsons, one of which is Aoba.

Who does rengoku have a crush on?

However, as the story progresses, he begins to take a liking towards Tanjiro after meeting him again on the Mugen train.

Does Shinobu hate Giyu?

Shinobu Kocho

They have opposite personalities and initially seem to be at odds with each other. Giyu was shocked when she claimed he just had a grudge on her for saying the others hated him. Despite being at odds with each other, she is the only Hashira who Giyu has interacted with and talked to cordially.

Does Hashiras like Giyu?

She enjoys teasing others, mostly she likes to annoy Giyū Tomioka, about how no one likes him. The person who tossed out the viewpoint stating that the other Hashiras hated Giyu was Shinobu Kocho because he prevented the latter from killing Nezuko.

Is Douma in love with Shinobu?

In fanon they usually portray Douma being comically in love with Shinobu while she despises him, or they both falling in love with each other and developing a romantic relationship despite Shinobu's initial reluctance.

Is Shinobu in love with Giyuu?

Shinobu and Giyuu are not implied to be a couple, but some think the way they interact with each other is endearing in a "bickering couple" kind of way. Despite Giyuu looking serious, he has an aloof and airheaded personality that people don't like.

Who is Shinobu love interest?

Inside of Limbo, Doma, having heard and been touched by Shinobu's strong faith and belief in her comrades and fellow Demon Slayers' ability to defeat the demons and slay Muzan, seemingly begins to develop genuine feelings of romantic attraction towards Shinobu.

Who is Kanae shipped with?

SaneKana is the het ship between Sanemi Shinazugawa and Kanae Kochou from the Demon Slayer fandom.

Are Sanemi and Giyuu married?

did you like it that giyu and sanemi married to some random girl in manga | Fandom. Yes he marry someone. Sanemi and Giyu had made a HUGE mistake that no one here can forgive.

What ships are canon in Demon Slayer?

The pairing of Zenitsu and Nezuko is arguably the most popular canon ship in Demon Slayer.

How old is Giyu Tomioka?

Full name: Giyu Tomioka. Age: 28.

Who did Tanjiro marry?

Tanjiro and Kanao would eventually marry and start a family, having two great-grandchildren by the names of Kanata Kamado and Sumihiko Kamado between them.

Why is Shinobu so popular?

Demon Slayer's Shinobu Kocho is a huge fan-favorite thanks to both the manga and anime iterations of her character. This butterfly-clad fighter takes out demons with unique innovation and agility, cementing her as a vital player in the Demon Slayer universe.

Who is Tanjiro's crush?

But Demon Slayer introduced Tanjiro's main love interest briefly, and she doesn't really return until the end of the season, when she is fighting against him. His love interest that develops as the story goes on is Kanao Tsuyuri and their romance is quite adorable.

Who is Kyojuro Rengoku girlfriend?

Asuna is an excellent fighter in swordplay, which will be vital during her time as Kyojuro's wife. Asuna is also a wonderful person on the inside. She's the one who adopted the fairy Yui as a foster mother, and Asuna helped create a warm and loving household. Kyojuro can't wait to meet her.

Who did Rengoku marry?

Rengoku kyojuro marries at 18 and kohana at 19. They always travel together, but sometimes they separate by doing different missions, when those situations happen, they communicate by letters.

Who is Inosuke's crush?

Shinobu Kocho

However, it becomes clear that, after she cared for him in his injured state, Inosuke harbored affection for Shinobu, vowing to avenge her death when he learned that Doma absorbed her.

Did AOI like Tanjiro?

Aoi and Tanjiro seem to have formed a friendship. Tanjiro respects Aoi for her help and care while he, Inosuke, and Zenitsu resided at the Mansion. He also thanks her for her work and assistance, which she seems to appreciate.

Who killed Inosuke's mom?

In her final moments, she apologized to Inosuke for failing to protect him and tosses him into the river as an attempt to save his life. She was ultimately killed and eaten by Doma, who claimed to have devoured her to the bone.
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