Who is the father of Alicia's baby in Money Heist?

Germán. Germán was Alicia's husband, and father of her child. At the time of the Bank of Spain Heist, Germán had passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Is Berlin Alicia's husband?

Berlin is Alicia Sierra's husband. We all know that Berlin was suffering from a mysterious disease. In season 4, Alicia reveals that her husband, German, died of cancer.

Is Alicia and Tatiana the same?

Alicia and Tatiana are the same

Despite Sergio warning Berlin about revealing it all to her, Berlin trusted her. Also, since the way Alicia handled the negotiations with The Professor, as if knowing his minutest move beforehand, it won't be wrong if both the women turn out to be one.

Does Alicia Sierra have the baby?

In the end, Alicia rode off into a brand new life with her newborn and money in the bank — precisely what the former police inspector deserved.

Who had a baby in Money Heist?

Part 1. At the time of the heist, Mónica was pregnant with Arturo Román's child. At the start of the heist she is in the storage facility with Arturo. She had just told Arturo she was pregnant, and the two got into an argument.

Money Heist Alicia Sierra (Birth Scene)

Is Alicia Professor sister?

They explained: “Alicia is much older and the only real similarity they have is the hair. “However my theory is that they are actually sisters. Tatiana, upset with the Professor for letting Berlin get killed, has decided to get revenge against the gang by recruiting her sister to help her.

Is Arturo Cincinnati's father?

Cincinnati is a character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by child actor Luca Anton. He is Mónica Gaztambide's son and is being raised by her and Denver, his step-father. His biological father is Arturo Román, who had an affair with Mónica shortly before the Royal Mint of Spain heist.

Was Najwa pregnant during Money Heist?

Najwa Nimri is the breakout star of Money Heist, with some fans even going as far as to want a spin-off for her character. Alicia was an immediately recognisable character, as she was eight months pregnant for two seasons of the show.

How does The Professor escape Alicia?

Meanwhile, Professor is really emotional and has locked himself inside the washroom. Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) takes the advantage of that situation and tries fleeing. She opens one of the lockers and empties the clips of a gun. She takes the car and flees the scene.

What did Alicia give to Rafael?

This stand-off is called off when Alicia gives Rafael a note from The Professor, which convinces him that it is best to hand over the gold and work with the gang of thieves, rather than against them.

Is Tatiana Berlin's wife?

Tatiana is the ex-wife of Berlin. During their marriage, Tatiana fell in love with Berlin's son Rafael.

Who is Alicia Sierra?

Alicia Sierra is the main antagonist of the third and fourth seasons of the Netflix series, Money Heist, and a supporting anti-heroine in season 5. Alicia was a police inspector working with the Spanish Government and the CNI to locate and arrest The Professor and the rest of his gang.

Why was Alicia Sierra fired?

In Part 4, Episode 8, she pins all accusations against her on Colonel Tamayo and the Spanish Government. She is fired from the police department, and Tamayo orders a search for her.

How did Alicia's husband died in Money Heist?

Alicia Sierra

Germán was Alicia's husband, and father of her child. At the time of the Bank of Spain Heist, Germán had passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Is Tatiana and Alicia the same person in Money Heist?

The Girlfriend Experience | Season 1 Official Trailer | Amazon Prime. Possibly because Professor knows that it is dangerous that she knows inside details of the heist plan. It could be suggested that Alicia is an older version of Tatiana and that the two characters are actually the same person.

Is Professor Berlin's son?

A new Money Heist 5 clip has confirmed that Rafael is Berlin's son. The confirmation has led to numerous fan theories. Money Heist 5 confirms Rafael is Berlin's son.

Does Alicia betray The Professor?

After they appeared to form an unlikely alliance in volume 1, Alicia Sierra betrays the Professor and attempts to escape the storm drain. Eventually, the Professor catches up with Sierra and their allegiance is put to the test again as they both find themselves hunted by Colonel Tamayo's forces.

Who does Denver end up with?

Denver also got a romantic ending. After sharing a kiss with Manila, Denver changed his mind and decided to stick with Stockholm. One of the show's final moments was a romantic kiss backlit by the sun between the two of them as Manila happily watched.

What happens to Tatiana in Money Heist?

Berlin suffered a major heartbreak in the past. During a flashback in volume 2, we learn that Tatiana divorced him. At the height of his emotions, Berlin followed Tatiana to see who she was having an affair with. In a shocking moment, it's revealed that Tatiana was having an affair with Berlin's son Rafael.

Is Sierra pregnant?

A look at Ciara's social media

While fans think the video may have revealed her pregnancy, it appears that Ciara's social media says otherwise. The singer has been posting several pictures that may have everyone convinced that she is not pregnant.

Is Alicia Sierra pregnant?

However, a new popular theory sweeping through the fandom could change the entire face of the future and past of the show's narrative. This theory suggests that Alicia Sierra isn't actually pregnant and she is just using her appearance as a way to disguise herself as a double agent for the gang.

Did Denver and Monica have a baby?

The pair successfully escaped and headed to Asia after the heist with Mónica taking on the name of Stockholm. As they spent the years travelling, they raised Stockholm's son, Cincinnati, together, with Denver taking on a fatherly role.

Is Arturo sterile?

Reddit user TheHippyDragon's pointed out that in the show, Arturo had confessed that he was infertile and that his other kids were a result of artificial insemination.

Who is the father of Denver in Money Heist?

Denver was one of the robbers participating in the Royal Mint of Spain heist alongside his father, Agustín Ramos (Moscow).