Who is the smartest in Money Heist?

You can't deny the fact that Sergio and Raquel (Itziar Ituño) are the smartest pair in the whole of Money Heist. After joining the team, Raquel was able to bring valuable insight from her police force years, but she is also knowledgeable in numerous regular life skills.

Who is the most liked character in Money Heist?

Berlin is the best character in the Money Heist Tv Series because he's manipulative, smart, and no matter what always gets the job done.
  • Berlin- Berlin is the best written characters in the show. ...
  • Nairobi- Nairobi along with Helsinki are the two most lovable characters in the show.

Who is greatest in Money Heist?

1. Nairobi (Agata Jimenez) From the beginning, Nairobi is the most solid member of the crew. When minting the money in such a way that it can't be traced, even the hostage she puts in charge of the printing press says she was the best boss he's ever had.

Is professor in Money Heist a genius?

Sergio is highly intelligent and meticulous. He appears to be very determined to pull off the greatest money heists in history, after planning for it for several years.

Who is smarter Professor or Berlin?

Without a doubt, the most intelligent character in Money Heist is most obviously The Professor. Though he thrives off the help of Berlin, Lisbon, and Palermo in terms of making the plans, The Professor is the mastermind behind each heist as he is able to contemplate every detail of the utterly complex crimes.

Money Heist Top 10 Most Smartest Characters Ever Explained In Hindi | The Intelligent Characters

How smart is Berlin?

Although he was shown to be quite psychotic, Berlin was quite intelligent, controlling and manipulating hostages with ease and getting them to help them in the heist.

Who is the least liked character in Money Heist?

1. Arturo Roman. No one can be as hated as Arturo. One of the longest characters of the show who is still there since the first season is an idiotic maniac.

Who is villain in Money Heist?

Gandia and Arturo, two of the biggest villains on Money Heist, weren't even in the second half of Season 5, but their negative energy could still be felt as the series came to an end.

Which season of Money Heist is best?

Season 2

The second season of Money Heist was genius, period. We see the best of the Professor's ideas and counterattacks. It was during this season that we also see Raquel Murillo in full action. From Moscow's extremely tragic death to the iconic Bella Ciao, the season has it all.

Who has the most fan base in Money Heist?

Money Heist: 10 Most Popular Cast Members, Ranked By Instagram Followers
  1. 1 Úrsula Corberó (22.8M followers)
  2. 2 Jaime Lorente López (14.2M followers) ...
  3. 3 Miguel Herrán (13.8M followers) ...
  4. 4 Alba Flores (11.9M followers) ...
  5. 5 Álvaro Morte (11.6M followers) ...
  6. 6 Pedro Alonso (8.9M followers) ...
  7. 7 Esther Acebo (6.1M followers) ...

Is Money Heist a true story?

The premise of Money Heist involving the Professor and his ragtag team of idiosyncratic robbers who carry out the dangerously ambitious 11-day heist is purely fictional, bereaved by the creative ingenuity of the showrunner Alex Pina. However, the show does derive certain elements from real life.

Can kids watch Money Heist?

Brutally violent drug drama is terrific, not for kids.

Which episode is interesting in Money Heist?

1 Bella Ciao Marks The End Of The First Heist (9.4)

Bella Ciao is the second part's finale and one of the most emotional episodes of Money Heist. Directed by Jesus Colmenar and Alex Rodrigo, Bella Ciao portrays the police's failure to apprehend the robbers.

Was Arturo a bad guy?

He is the show's consistent de facto villain outside of the police, since he tends to cause even more problems for the bank robbers than he's worth. And throughout his time on the show, Arturo made several questionable decisions that range from shocking to downright disturbing.

Is Berlin a psychopath?

Personality. Berlin is believed to be arrogant, narcissistic, and deemed to be a psychopath by his fellow crew, but he is shown to be extravagantly elegant, professional and charming.

Who do you hate most in Money Heist?

Money Heist fans despise two characters from the show the most: Arturo and Gandia. While Arturo has received his share of hate since the first season, Gandia has been getting hate for killing Nairobi in Money Heist season 4.

Does Tokyo like Professor?

The Professor was the first person that Tokyo meets in the crew, and was the one who saved her from spending her life in jail. Throughout the series, Tokyo has shown to greatly admire and respect The Professor, even going so far as to call him her 'guardian angel'.

Who is better Professor or Berlin?

Professor made Berlin the leader because of his strict quality when he deals with the plan. We love both! But people never want to admit Berlin over professor! As people are waiting for season five of Money Heist, the sources say Netflix will release it at the end of year 2020 or the next year.

Who is smarter L or light?

L Lawliet is smarter than Light Yagami, in fact, he's the smartest character in Death Note. L's IQ may be lower than Light's but his deduction skills, planning and eye for detail far surpass Kira's. He did find out Kira's identity without any hints or leads.

Is Berlin the most loved character in Money Heist?

Berlin isn't only significant for the whole story, but he's also the fan-favorite part of the gang! Without any doubt, he's the most discussed character since "Money Heist" rose to fame, and this fact didn't change even when season five came out.

Are Denver and professor Brothers?

They are brothers. Season 3 is out and Episode 3 confirms that their mother also had the same degenerative disease as Berlin.

How does Money Heist end?

La Casa De Papel or Money Heist ends on cops faking the gang's killing inside the bank. But as soon as the robbers' “corpses” are loaded in vehicles, all the members come together to celebrate the victory of the heist.

Who is the 17 year old in Money Heist?

María Pedraza Morillo (born 26 January 1996) is a Spanish actress, dancer and model who gained worldwide recognition for her roles in the series Money Heist and Elite.
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