Why are HomePods sold out?

HomePod is now sold out at US Apple Store, after it was discontinued three months ago. Apple announced that it was discontinuing the original HomePod back in March, with Apple focusing its efforts on HomePod mini. The product has been listed as available 'while supplies last' since that time.

Is HomePod being discontinued?

Around this time last year, Apple officially discontinued the HomePod. The original model has been survived by the HomePod mini, but there isn't a product in Apple's current lineup that fills the gap left by the 2018 model.

Is Apple coming out with a new HomePod 2021?

In that tweet, Kuo says a new version of HomePod should arrive in the fourth quarter of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023. Apple's last HomePod mini refresh was in November 2021, consisting of new color options.

What happened to Homepods?

Apple announced its first smart speaker – the now discontinued HomePod – in June 2017 at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference. It followed that up with the launch of the dinky HomePod Mini in October 2020, which was announced in new colours in October 2022.

Will Apple bring back the HomePod?

The next Apple product in its smart speaker category is coming, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter. If that comes as a surprise to you, I can't blame you. After all, the first HomePod arrived quite some time ago, February 2020, to be precise.

Why Apple Discontinued HomePod

Will there be a new HomePod in 2022?

Most tech analysts tip the HomePod 2 release date for 2022. In a Bloomberg (opens in new tab) piece, for example, reporter Mark Gurman claimed that "before the discontinuation of the larger HomePod, the company had been working on an updated version for release in 2022".

Is the HomePod worth it?

While Apple took a while to launch its first smart speaker, the HomePod was worth the wait. Yes it's taken even longer to launch a smaller, cheaper model, but the HomePod Mini is, if anything, even more impressive. For a speaker this small and this inexpensive, its audio performance is startling.

Is Apple discontinuing HomePod mini?

We are focusing our efforts on HomePod mini. We are discontinuing the original HomePod, it will continue to be available while supplies last through the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Is the HomePod mini discontinued?

We are focusing our efforts on HomePod mini. We are discontinuing the original HomePod, it will continue to be available while supplies last through the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Are HomePod minis worth it?

Though it doesn't possess the amazing sound quality of the original HomePod, the HomePod mini is a good smart speaker, and is better than the original in other ways. With last week's release of three additional HomePod mini colors, I thought it was a good time to revisit some of the best HomePod mini features.

Will HomePod be updated?

The AirPods, AirPods Pro and HomePod are on a different update schedule, with Apple waiting around 2.5 years to update its AirPods, and with the HomePod being a first-generation product, we don't yet know how long Apple plans to wait between releases - especially given the discontinuation of the original in March 2021.

Can Spotify Play HomePod mini?

The HomePod Mini will also work with Spotify. We hope you found this Spotify HomePod tip valuable and can now enjoy your favorite songs and playlist on your Apple speaker! Spotify AirPlaying works on your HomePod, Apple TV, and other compatible devices.

Does HomePod mini work with Sonos?

You need to add the Sonos speakers to the Apple HomeKit app, I guess the Hue lights are there already because of the Hue Bridge. Then you can voice command the HomePod saying ie „Siri, play the music in the living room. “ Siri then will play the actual title also on your Sonos system.

How many HomePods can you have?

Before you ask, you can't pair three HomePods together, although you can have more than two HomePods (i.e. a pair and a single HomePod for example) in the same room controlled via the same zone in the Apple Home app. You can find more tips and tricks in our best Apple HomePod tips and tricks feature.

Can you play Spotify on Apple HomePod?

You can play any sounds from your Mac, Spotify and more, over AirPlay to your HomePod - but you'll need to dive into your System Preferences. From there, choose 'Sound' and choose your HomePod as the device for sound output.

How many HomePods can you connect to Apple TV?

You can connect one or two HomePod speakers to Apple TV 4K to enjoy room-filling stereo sound. When you set up a second HomePod as a stereo pair, you get true stereo sound and a more immersive sound stage for your home theater.

Can HomePod be used as TV speakers?

If you want to use two HomePod mini or two HomePod speakers, create a stereo pair, then assign the stereo pair to the same room as your Apple TV in the Home app. Turn on your Apple TV. You'll be asked if you want to Use HomePod speakers as Apple TV speakers.

Are 2 HomePods worth it?

The Bottom Line

But the reason two HomePod minis are worth considering for this purpose is that they do sound quite good for their size, and they integrate really well with your iPhone and Siri.

Which is better Apple HomePod or Alexa?

Our Verdict

The Apple HomePod and the Amazon Echo Gen 4 are both excellent speakers for voice assistants, but the Apple is more versatile overall. Out-of-the-box, the Apple has a more balanced sound profile, and it has a better soundstage. It supports Apple AirPlay, while the Amazon supports Bluetooth.

Can HomePod work without Wi-Fi?

From now on, you can use your HomePod without the need for a WiFi connection. You just have to use the playback app on your iPhone or iPad, press the AirPlay icon to send it to the HomePod, and you will see how despite not having WiFi the speaker will appear among the options.

How many HomePod Minis can you pair?

You can create a stereo pair with two HomePod mini speakers or two HomePod speakers. (You can't create a stereo pair with a HomePod mini and a HomePod.) To create a stereo pair, both HomePod speakers need to be assigned to the same room.

Does HomePod mini support Dolby Atmos?

Best answer: Unfortunately, the HomePod mini does not currently support Dolby Atmos. If you want to add Spatial Audio to your home theater, you should look for the original HomePod or a compatible soundbar.

Is Siri coming to Sonos?

Siri support is also coming to Sonos' devices. The company is adding AirPlay 2 support in July. With voice request using iPhones, Users can ask Siri to play songs from Apple Music on Sonos' speakers.

What is airplay2?

AirPlay 2 adds the ability to stream music to multiple audio devices all at the same time. You could use it to call up a song on your iPhone and play it in multiple rooms simultaneously, or pick and choose which AirPlay speaker to stream to.

Can Sonos and HomePod work together?

The answer is, yes, Sonos speakers can in fact work with HomePods, the only condition is the speaker must be AirPlay 2 compatible. If it is indeed AirPlay 2 compatible, the pairing up of Sonos with Homepod is fairly simple and intuitive.