Why did President Snow cough up blood?

Snow would poison anyone who he saw as a threat to his power, and on at least one occasion he drank from the poisoned cup himself to remove suspicion of his involvement. He took an antidote afterwards, but the poison left sores in his mouth, which were constantly bleeding. Hence the bloody coughing.

Why does Snow's drink turn red?

A: It's Blood: We'll tread lightly here, as there's some potential for big "Mockingjay" reveals. But all is not right with President Snow, and what you saw in his drink was blood leaking from sores in his mouth.

Does President Snow have tuberculosis?

If you're not watching carefully, you might miss it, but President Snow sometimes has a bloody mouth. At first you might wonder if he has some sort of respiratory condition like tuberculosis, but that's not the case.

How did President Snow get sick?

It is revealed by Finnick Odair that he poisoned his allies, as he believes that they would become future foes, but he had to drink the poison as well so that he wouldn't attract suspicion. Even though he took antidotes, the poison caused permanent sores inside his mouth that never healed.

Is Alma Coin Snow's daughter?

She met a man and had a child with him. That child was a daughter, who grew up to be President Alma Coin. Lucy Gray told her daughter about her experiences with Snow, which is one of the reasons (aside from the dictatorship) Coin hated Snow so much.

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Does President Snow have a disease?

Resulting from chronic mouth sores. Resulting from poisoning. Everything about this guy is creepy AF. It's a twisted demonstration of poetic justice that Snow had a lifelong malady related to his own barbaric actions, and that said malady ostensibly played a role in his death.

Why is President Snow obsessed with roses?

Finnick Odair later reveals that, according to Capitol gossip, Snow uses the scent-enhanced roses to hide the ever-present smell of blood that comes from his mouth sores; during his rise to power - and in an effort to keep it - Snow poisoned any potential rivals and often deflected suspicion by consuming the poisoned ...

Why did Finnick sell his body?

He also states that Snow uses victors, like when he made Finnick sell his body to wealthy Capitol citizens for high prices proving that Snow was a horrible and cruel human, which would help Katniss. Finnick waits with Katniss until Haymitch informs them the rescue party has arrived.

Why does President Snow laugh at the end?

The fact that he escapes death, even just momentarily, gives him a brief sense of getting away with some of what he's done, while his enemy, who he himself has helped turn Katniss against, takes the heavily symbolic arrow. Snow laughs after Katniss killed Coin because he enjoys the irony of the situation.

How did mags win The Hunger Games?

Mags (Lynn Cohen) was the first winner from District 4. She participated in the 11th Hunger Games, the first year they instituted the Victor's Village. Her exact method for winning is unknown, but she was adept at with a fishhook, and weaving baskets, and likely used both (fishing) skills to secure her victory.

Who does Coriolanus Snow marry?

Messalina, the one from the Stone Family, and Coriolanus were married when the ink wasn't even dry on the divorce papers, and their marriage lasted almost five years.

Is President Snow related to Katniss?

After learning of their plans to take down Snow, Tigris helps Katniss and Gale dress like Capitol citizens, but her relation to Snow is never explained… until now. In the prequel, we learn that Tigris is actually Snow's cousin.

Is Lucy Gray related to Katniss?

Either Lucy Gray or her cousin Maude Ivory could be Katniss's paternal grandmother. Lucy Gray's fate remains uncertain. She may have survived. Assuming Lucy Gray lived, she clearly never returned to District 12.

What secrets did Finnick know?

Finnick learned many secrets, including that Snow, in his rise to power, poisoned his adversaries but to divert suspicion often drank from the same poisoned cup followed by an antidote that only Snow used. Segments of the propo of Katniss and Finnick are aired. The rescue team returns safely to District 13.

What happened to Lucy Gray Baird?

Lucy Gray Baird was sent back to District 12, where she resumed her life performing with the Covey at The Hob. Snow watched, holding his breath, as she appeared on stage, introduced as being fresh back from her engagement as the Capitol.

What did President Snow do to Tigris?

Gaul who she personally disliked and was quite fearful of. At an unknown point in time years before the 74th Hunger Games, she was personally fired by Snow, the stated reason being due to her being too surgically enhanced.

Is Lucy Gray Katniss's grandmother?

I interviewed Suzanne Collins and asked about the relation between Lucy and Katniss. She revealed Lucy Gray is in fact Katniss's paternal grandma.

Is Tigris Snow's cousin?

Tigris is the cousin of Coriolanus Snow and an old acquaintance of Cressida and Plutarch Heavensbee who resides in the Capitol. She was a prized stylist in the earlier editions of the Hunger games.

Who is President Snow's granddaughter?

Erika Marie Bierman, born June 14, 2001, is an American actress who portrayed Coriolanus Snow's granddaughter in the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1.

What did Snow do to Johanna?

Johanna states in Catching Fire that she has no one left that she loves anymore. In Mockingjay, it is revealed by Haymitch Abernathy that President Snow killed them because she refused to cooperate with his plans to make her into a prostitute.

Did Finnick know Annie was pregnant?

Finnick, for his part, never knew that Annie was pregnant in the first place, and all we see of the boy is when Annie sends Katniss and Peeta a picture of their son, and they put it in their memory book.

Why did Mags kiss Finnick on the lips?

Sydneyct912 She kisses him on the lips because she was his mentor and she was going into the fog to sacrifice her life for Peeta.
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