Why do woodworkers use Festool?

Festool is your specialist for all applications involving wood. Whether sawing, routing, sanding, planing or, of course, dust extraction –for every application that demands absolute precision when working with wood, Festool has for decades offered the ideal power tool with tried-and-tested quality and versatility.

What is so special about Festool?

So what makes Festool so good? We believe it's because Festool has focused on creating high-performing tools that are robust, reliable and precise. Their numerous innovations, like their dust extractors and cordless options, put Festool in a league of their own.

Why is Festool out of stock?

Basically, Festool has been hit hard by COVID-related shutdowns and have been unable to keep up with demand. Festool's products are all manufactured in and distributed from Germany, which has been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19.

Does anyone besides Festool make a Domino joiner?

If you are on a budget and cannot justify the expense of a Festool Domino, then the Triton Duo Dowel Jointer may be an option for you. But be warned, it may take some modification on your part before you use it. Also be warned, it is not really a comparable tool to a Domino.

Does Makita make a Domino joiner?

Amazon.com: domino joiner - Makita.

Who makes Domino jointers?

A Festool DOMINO joiner is a power tool used to drill a mortise into two matching pieces of wood or plywood.

Are Festools worth the money?

Festool, along with Sawstop, seems to be the two power tool companies in the woodworking space that spark the most debate about cost versus value. Ask any woodworker who has purchased a Festool product (and already paid off the credit card bill) and 9 times out of 10 they'll say it is definitely worth it.

What can you do with Festool Domino?

The Festool Domino DF 500 is strong, fast, and precise.
Our customers love to use it for joinery on woodworking projects like:
  • Small furniture.
  • Cabinet frames and doors.
  • Delicate slat assemblies.
  • Face frames.
  • Seamless wood tables.
  • And more!

How strong are Domino joints?

Traditional mortise and tenon rated near the top with a breaking strength of 1444 pounds followed very closely by floating tenon at 1396 pounds The bad news is that the domino placed #14 out of 18 at a lowly 597 pounds, just above biscuits at 545 pounds.

Is festool made in China?

Festool products are primarily manufactured in Neidlingen (Germany), Illertissen (Germany), and Česká Lípa (Czech Republic). In July 2017, Festool opened its first North American production line at its Lebanon, Indiana, facility, where it produces mainly guide rails for its track-saw system.

What's new with Festool?

Festool is launching the new OF 1010 R router in August 2021. It is THE router for fine routing work – extremely versatile, precise and easy to handle, whether guided freely or on the guide rail.

Who makes Festool drills?

At this time Festool is a subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems Holding Company, but as a whole, the company remains privately owned by the family of Gottlieb Stoll. Now, Festool is a very small company, as they have well under 1,000 employees, with a revenue of 340 million Euros since their beginning.

Is Festool made in the USA?

Will all of Festool's FS Guide Rails be made in the U.S.? No. Only products sold for the U.S. and Canada will be made in North America.

Where is Makita made?

Makita. Since 1985 Makita has produced products here in the U.S.A. at a facility just outside of Atlanta in Buford, Georgia.

Can Festool Domino Cutters be sharpened?

Tool sharpening

You can easily sharpen the Festool Domino cutter with a credit card diamond sharpener. You sharpen the cutters edges freehand or by using a jig, In this blog, I explore both methods.

How far apart should Festool Domino's be?

Domino Tenon Placement Guidelines

joining boards, a typical placement might be 6 to 8 inches apart.

How wide are Festool Dominos?

The 5 mm tenons are 19 mm wide, 6 mm tenons are 20 mm wide, 8 mm tenons are 22 mm wide and the 10mm are 24 mm wide. These are approximate numbers.

Are Festool drills any good?

Like any other Festool product, the fit and finish are great, it has a robust feature set, and it's not the heaviest tool you've ever put your hands on. The performance is smooth and powerful. But like other Festool products, this drill hurts in the value department.

Where are Mafell tools made?

All Mafell timber framing tools and accessories are manufactured in Germany to the absolute highest standard. They are renowned for their unprecedented levels of performance, supreme precision and outstanding durability.

Does Festool make a table saw?

The Festool table saw 575781 splinter free cuts is ideal for a broad range of carpenters and furniture makers who are looking for maximum power, top idle engine speed, and perfect cutting depth.

Are biscuits stronger than dowels?

When done correctly, a biscuit joint is at least as strong as a similar size mortise and tenon joint, and decidedly stronger than a dowel joint.”

When was the Festool Domino invented?

What is The Festool Domino? This specialty power tool first hit the US woodworking market in 2007. Its function is to cut a mortise in a single plunge.

What can I use instead of dominoes?

3. If you don't have dominoes, use toy blocks, DVD or CD cases or old audio cassettes.
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