Why is it called a poop deck?

We quote verbatim: “The name originates from the French word for stern, la poupe, from Latin puppis. Thus the poop deck is technically a stern deck, which in sailing ships was usually elevated as the roof of the stern or “after” cabin, also known as the “poop cabin”.

What is another name for poop deck?

Alternate Synonyms for "poop deck":

weather deck; shelter deck.

Where did they poop on old ships?

Ships of the line frequently included systems of pipes, septic tanks and even primitive forms of flush toilets.

Did the Titanic have a poop deck?

The Poop Deck was the aftermost part of the RMS Titanic. The Third Class passengers didn't have a real promenade, but the Poop Deck served as one. The Docking Bridge was elevated on this deck, and underneath it was a door leading to the Steering Gear Room. Many benches were placed for passenger use.

What is the poop deck on a ship for?

1. Poop Deck: Originating from the Latin term for a vessel's stern-side – Puppis – the poop deck is located on the vessel's stern. The poop deck is basically used by the vessel's commanding superiors to observe the work and navigational proceedings.

Why Is It Called a Poop Deck?

Why are Navy toilets called heads?

"Head" in a nautical sense referring to the bow or fore part of a ship dates to 1485. The ship's toilet was typically placed at the head of the ship near the base of the bowsprit, where splashing water served to naturally clean the toilet area.

Why are sailors always scrubbing the deck?

Sailors swabbed the deck — and not just to keep it clean. The saltwater helped keep down mildew on the wooden boards and kept them swollen to reduce leaks. The crew's toilet was a hole at the bow or head of the ship. Ocean spray or a frayed rope took care of the wipe.

Why is it called a quarterdeck?

By extension, on flush-decked ships the after part of the main deck, where the officers took their station, was also known as the quarterdeck. As powered ships came into use, the term was applied to the same approximate area of the ship (although the officers stations were moved to the bridge).

Where do pirates go to the bathroom?

How did Pirates relieve themselves? In most ships there would be a place at the bow ( front end ) of the ship called the head. This was a hole in the floor to squat over. Faeces would fall directly into the sea below.

What was on C deck on Titanic?

C-Deck, also called the Shelter Deck, was the highest deck to run uninterrupted from stem to bow. It included the two well decks; the aft well deck served as part of the Third Class promenade. Crew cabins were located under the forecastle and Third Class public rooms were situated under the Poop Deck.

What is poop knife?

You cut the poop into smaller more flushable pieces then nudge it toward the hole. He believed it was normal for families to have a poop knife until one day when he used a friend's toilet and asked for a poop knife. Quite naturally, his friend was baffled and started laughing at this bizarre term.

How did sailors wipe?

As can be seen in the video below, close to the ship's head — the toilets in the bow or “head” of the ship — there was a long rope ending in a short rag that hung over the side into the water. After using the head, the sailor could then clean his backside with the wet rag then drop the rope back over the side.

What did they use for toilet paper in the Old West?

Before Toilet Paper, Corn Cobs And Newspaper Could Do The Job. As a relatively modern luxury, toilet paper wasn't available in the Old West. Alternatives included whatever was available, including grass, an old corn cob, or pieces of newspaper. Corn was a part of the diet, economy, and culture in the American West.

What is the lowest level of a ship called?

The orlop is the lowest deck in a ship (except for very old ships). It is the deck or part of a deck where the cables are stowed, usually below the water line.

What is a forecastle deck?

The fo'c's'le or forecastle is the forward deck of the ship. It derives its name from sailing ship days when the raised forward deck was known as the forecastle. This was typically a raised, castle like structure where archers first could engage enemy ships. The anchoring gear or ground tackle may be seen here.

What is the front of a ship called?

The front of a boat is called the bow, while the rear of a boat is called the stern. When looking towards the bow, the left-hand side of the boat is the port side. And starboard is the corresponding word for the right side of a boat.

Why do pirates have an Irish accent?

Why do fictional pirates always speak in this accent? Here's the standard explanation: During the Golden Age of Piracy, in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, many English pirates came from this region. Look up famous seadogs from the era, and you'll find birthplaces in Bristol, Devon, and Cornwall.

What was hygiene like on a pirate ship?

Lack of access to clean water, combined with confined living spaces, led to the rapid spread of disease. Harsh elements and inadequate nutrition further contributed to generally poor health. Baths, laundry, and oral hygiene were at a minimum, even with a somewhat surprising amount of medical resources.

Why do pirates wear red?

They particularly favored red ones, since the dye used to create this color was expensive, which meant only wealthy men owned such luxuries. Sometimes these were worn under a leather belt, other times as belts themselves. All seafaring men, be they pirate or not, liked to dress up when they went ashore.

Why do Sailors salute the quarterdeck?

Today the salute is seen as respecting the authority of the ship and the colours that are flown on the quarterdeck.

What is the captain's room on a ship called?

The captain's stateroom was the largest cabin on the ship. It featured a private bathroom or “head," complete with sink, shower and commode. The stateroom featured a single bunk, desk, file cabinet and a large hanging locker for the Commanding Officer's uniforms.

What does the Navy call a mop?

Cadillac: This is the term used to describe a mop bucket with wheels and a ringer. When sailors are assigned to cleaning duties, they prefer the luxurious Cadillac over the bucket. •

What do pirates say when they set sail?

Ahoy - A pirate greeting, or a shout to attract an attention. Something like "Hello!" or "Yo!". Arrr, Arrgh, Yarr, Gar - A common pirate terms, which are used in different situations. Avast - An order to stop and pay attention.

What is a Navy swab?

or swab·bie

noun, plural swab·bies. Slang. (in the Navy or Coast Guard) a sailor; gob.
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