Why is Yuji so strong?

Yuji was gifted with superhuman physical abilities which he masterfully combines with his cursed energy. Yuji is also able to contain Sukuna with no ill effects. This enables him to harm Mahito, whose control over the shape of his soul otherwise renders him resistant to injury. Yuji using his superhuman strength.

Why is Yuji Itadori physically strong?

His own cursed technique allows him to take over human bodies, and a flashback has shown that he once possessed Itadori's mother. So he likely performed an experiment on Itadori, either as a fetus or as a baby, that made him superhuman.

How is Yuji so strong?

As a result of his immature ability to use cursed energy and his superhuman strength, Yuji created his Divergent Fist ability, which is essentially a punch infused with cursed energy; however, due to Yuji's superhuman speed, the cursed energy lags behind the punch, creating a double impact from the attack.

Will Yuji be stronger than Gojo?

Based on what we know so far, we can't really say that Yuji can surpass Gojo. As mentioned above, Yuji still has a lot to learn, and even if he reached his maximum potential, we won't know if he can surpass Gojo. It will still depend on Gege Akutami, the creator of the series.

Is Yuji stronger?

The only way to know which protagonist is stronger now is through their fight. While Yuji put up a good fight against the special grade sorcerer, Yuji was executed after Rika helped Yuta win the battle. This basically means that despite their differences and skills, Yuta is indeed stronger than Yuji.

How Strong is Yuji Itadori Now? Galaxy Crushing Power! | Jujutsu Kaisen

Can Yuji surpass Yuta?

Even after losing Rika, Yuta maintains his absurd power level and Gojo openly admits that Yuta could one day surpass him. He successfully defeated the rampaging Geto and was trusted by the higher-ups to execute Yuji Itadori. Yuta is currently a terrifying force of nature—and yet it still feels like he has more to give.

Who wins Yuta or Yuji?

With his weapon broken, Yuta slides back and openly admits that it was never going to be easy to defeat another one of Gojo's pupils. Yuta fulfills his duty and executes Yuji.

Who is Gojo scared of?

gojo is scared of women.

Why Gojo cover his eyes?

Gojo needs to cover his eyes because using them would tire him out too quickly. He's got something called Six Eyes, which has been passed down in his family's bloodline. This is a rare type of ocular jujutsu.

Can Sukuna surpass Gojo?

Sukuna is definitely stronger than Gojo at full strength.

How fast can Yuji run?

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Yuji is shown to have great speed and can finish a 50-meter track within 3 seconds, implying he can run at speeds of 60.12km/h (37.3mph).

Why does Yuji look like Sukuna?

In the present, Sukuna has been incarnated into Yuji Itadori due to the latter eating one of his cursed fingers, which contain his fragmented power.

What is Yuji Itadori rank?

Actually no he has no rank. He works towards one later in the manga (in Shibuya) but beforehand he technically has no rank.

How many fingers did Yuji consume?

24 where Fushiguro hands over the finger to Itadori and Sukuna eats it.

Why sukuna is interested in Megumi?

Why is Sukuna Interested in Megumi? Ryomen Sukuna is interested in Megumi Fushigoro because of the latter's Ten Shadows Technique. It has been hinted throughout the anime and manga that Sukuna wishes for Megumi to perfect his technique and get Sukuna a body due to his failure of overtaking Itadori's.

How many eyes does Gojo have?

Satoru Gojo using the Six Eyes to scan a vast area. The Six Eyes provides the user with vast perception and immense brain processing power, allowing them to precisely manipulate the sophisticated powers of the Limitless down to an atomic level.

Does Gojo lose his eye?

Gojo is typically depicted as someone all-seeing, always able to preceive everything around him, so him losnig an eye is a serious loss. When Gojo is eaten by the boss, he's also reflected in the pupil in a way that completely destroys his face, he's depicted with the pupil being a hole in his face.

Why is Toji so strong?

By eliminating all cursed energy, Toji's body was sharpened to the point where he developed a resistance to curses and was able to detect them with his highly refined five senses. This also allowed him to dominate and utilize a cursed spirit capable of storing his wide arsenal of weapons.

Is Toji stronger than Gojo?

Even the Teen Gojo who “lost" to Toji was technically stronger than Toji. After his “loss", he surpassed him by. Any future versions of Gojo, including Prequel Gojo (Volume Zero) or Current Gojo would destroy Toji in seconds.

Do they mention Yuta in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Yuta is first mentioned in Jujutsu Kaisen season 1, episode 5. When Megumi introduces the second-years to Nobara, he explains how the cursed speech user Inumaki can only speak in ingredients of rice balls.

Who is the traitor in Jujutsu Kaisen?

It's odd that Jujutsu Kaisen's traitor arc felt effective since readers shouldn't have cared if anyone from the Kyoto school betrayed anyone. It's for that reason why readers didn't flinch when they learned that Yuga Aoyama was the traitor.

Is Yuta still strong without Rika?

Yes, Rika is still with Yuta after Jujutsu Kaisen 0. As a matter of fact, the first time Yuta appears in the main Jujutsu Kaisen storyline, Rika is there with him and assists his combat in all kinds of ways. During his fight against Yuji, Rika easily manhandled him which allowed Yuta to deliver the final blow to Yuji.
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