Google Faces New Antitrust Allegation In India

Google, the tech giant is probably facing some issues in India as The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is reportedly investigating an allegation whether the company is abusing its market position and dominance in the smart TV market with its Android smartphones to stifle competition. Now, this news is coming from Reuters, and it is said that the news has been confirmed by two lawyers who are involved in the case.

Allegations were made against Google that the company is engaging anti-competitive measures by producing barriers for other developers and OEMs who were developing other customised and modified versions of Android OS for smart TVs.

The allegations were made against Google that the company restricts other OEMs from utilising full Android that includes Google Apps and services and also forked Android where developers could tweak several things. This means for TVs with Fire OS; Google doesn’t allow to use Play Store and other useful Google Apps.

Two antitrust lawyers, Purushottam Anand and Kshitiz Arya filed this case and have confirmed it. But neither of them spoke on record about this investigation. However, one of the sources mentioned by Reuters, said that CCI had asked Google to submit its written response to the allegations raised against it, but Google has asked for more time. A Google spokesman refused to comment on this.

Few months back, there were another allegation against Google to the CCI that the company is using its dominance and market position to unfairly promote its UPI payments solution app, Google Pay. And FYI, this latest allegation is the fourth major antitrust allegation against Google in India.

Source: Reuters

Via: Beebom

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