Indian Govt kicks off challenge to build country’s own video conferencing app

As an alternative to the popular video conferencing app Zoom, now the Indian Government wants its own similar app developed by Indian developers. The Government is bringing this as a challenge. The winner will be rewarded a whopping amount of Rs 1 crore as a prize.

In this Quarantine days, work from home became the only option for almost one-third of Indians and for this, the government wants Indian developers to come up with an app that is safe and helps people in carrying out the work much more seamlessly. This is because the government’s primary focus is on privacy as a lot of data is exposed online when companies as well as individuals conduct meetings over such video conferring apps. Besides that, not many apps are available for that purpose and the ones which are available are always targeted by hackers.

The registration for the competition started on the government’s official website on April 13 and the last date to submit the application is April 30. The results shall be announced on July 29 and whoever is successful in creating such an app will be rewarded. Government also posted some key pointers for the app.


The pointers listed on the website are as follows:
—Should support all video resolutions and audio quality, should work in low and high network scenarios
—Should be low on the usage of power/ processor
—Should not have any external hardware dependency
—Should work on any device
—Should have chat option during the conference, even the multi people conference
—Should have sign-in and non-sign-in options to join a conference
—Should have capabilities to host multiple concurrent conferences having multiple participants in each conference

Zoom was earlier banned by Google, Tesla and the Taiwan government and also by many other well-known companies. Few days ago, India’s Ministry of Home Affairs also issued an advisory on the use of the Zoom app. They quoted that the platform is “not safe” and hence the motive of building an own app.

In response to all the allegations, Zoom had said that it is now taking safety measures seriously but there haven’t been any strong reports or statements on how they are actually dealing with this situation.

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